One thought on “Careful What You Kiss For”

  1. I ALMOST throughly enjoyed this; it was well written, funny and sexy BUT the ending made me upset i don't know WHY but it just did.(view spoiler)[The WHOLE story was about Tensley and Max in what i call "do-over alternate reality". So after ALL they went through (and to be fair in "do-over alternate reality" it looked like there was almost no hope for Ten and Max), in the end Ten gets transported back to "real life"; which in my eyes renders all the emotions and feelings she experienced with Max [...]

  2. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspSarcasm at its best. What happens when you get a do over, and make a sarcastic answer? Wind up in a heap of trouble, that's what! Well, who would have thought that the do over would actually come true! Certainly not Tensley. If she knew what was going to happen, she would have come up with a much better do over optionTensley is a woman down on her luck. She's had a string of bad relationships, and there's the one that got away in the back of her mind. W [...]

  3. I just finished this story and I see good things in this author’s future. I know I’ll be waiting for the next book to come out, maybe in the same vein as this one? Ms. Daniel’s does feisty heroines really well. I loved Tensley’s “don’t mess with me” attitude. Of course, that’s exactly what got her into a bit of trouble and I had a good time watching her get out of those predicaments.Both Tensley and Max have lessons to learn and the author meshes their conflict well with a story [...]

  4. Jane Lynne Daniels’s “Be Careful What You Kiss For” is a curious concept. If you’ve ever seen the episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” where Cordelia wishes (to a vengeance demon) that Buffy had never come to Sunnydale and it creates a whole alternate life for everyone in Sunnydale, it’s a similar idea. Or consider “Freaky Friday,” but with strippers! Ha! The story is very detailed and the timelines created during the alternate universes all seemed to align properly. I liked t [...]

  5. An unexpected take on a romance novel about a woman whose life is changed when she sees a psychic. And not necessarily for the better, either. Tensley goes from a corporate executive to stripper when she does a do-over; however, some of life's biggest regrets can affect a person dramatically, and Tensley is about to find out just how much. Will anyone including Max, her high school crush, and her best friend Kate ever recognize the "new" Tensley for herself? A cute romance with some sexy overton [...]

  6. I adored this book. I loved the way the concept played out, the surprises the author wove into the plot, and the high heat level between the hero and heroine. Fun, spicy, super sexy, and made me think--loved it!

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