Below the Surface

Below the Surface Merx Tol a resistance fighter strives to balance life his empathic sense and the protection of his people under his mother s leadership Everything he desires changes the day Henessa Sar a young w

  • Title: Below the Surface
  • Author: Catrina Taylor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
  • Merx Tol, a resistance fighter, strives to balance life, his empathic sense, and the protection of his people under his mother s leadership Everything he desires changes the day Henessa Sar, a young woman presumed dead, appears among the debris of a supply truck.

    One thought on “Below the Surface”

    1. I honestly did not pay attention to anything that told me this was part of a larger piece of work. So, there was while in the beginning where I felt like I'd walked into a movie halfway through. That did not prevent me from enjoying a wonderful story. Catrina Taylor is a name I have never heard of, but after reading this, I went straight to and grabbed Change by Design (Xenonian Origins). I was pulled into this world and that is a feat since I have really been put off by the Sci-fi genre the pa [...]

    2. Some sci-fi writers, and a lot of fantasy writers load the reader with massive info-dumps to wade through before they get to the guts of the story. Catrina Taylor doesn't do that in Below The Surface. That alone made me really, really like this short story.There's little to no preamble cluttering up Taylor's writing which makes her a must for the experienced sci-fi reader. She takes you straight into the middle of a war-zone, on an unnamed planet, and bam! You're in the story.The protagonist is [...]

    3. Two and-a-half stars.Not a lot to say about this one. There is an excellent story waiting to break-out, but for me, it never materialized. The premise of the book is great for science fiction. You could say the story occurs in the very distant future or possibly a parallel universe. The problems I encountered were the following: no chapters, jumbled time lines, center line formatting and last but not least, the story ends (for the kindle 69%) through. The remaining 31% is spent on what appears t [...]

    4. I tried to stay in the flow with the characters and all the Sci-Fi action going on, but I couldn't. I wasn't interested. Nothing pulled me into the story enough to make me care.I understand the large "Hero" part that the character Merx was trying to fill, but there wasn't anything substantial to make me root for him.There was a lot going on, special powers and a war, but none of it distinctly controlled the motives for the characters or the goals they needed to accomplish. It felt a bit like rea [...]

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