Saman er ein mindre aleine

Saman er ein mindre aleine Romanen handlar om fire menneske Camille Philibert Franck og Paulette som av ulike grunnar kjem til m tast Det er ein kj rleiksroman om livet om relasjonar og kokkekunst

  • Title: Saman er ein mindre aleine
  • Author: Anna Gavalda Tove Bakke
  • ISBN: 9788252169928
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Romanen handlar om fire menneske, Camille, Philibert, Franck og Paulette, som av ulike grunnar kjem til m tast Det er ein kj rleiksroman om livet, om relasjonar og kokkekunst.

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    1. Despite 1) several years spent in Indiana, 2) an unstinted enjoyment of meat, and 3) the fact that I at one time had a mustache (it was the 80’s), I am not a Ron Swanson replica. To prove this point, I read a book set in Europe. . . France, no less. And it didn’t even have one of those page-turning plots to drive it.What it did have was a plenitude of French themes. Food, especially the fine dining variety, was foremost among them. Art was another. Cultural divides of the type pitting aristo [...]

    2. This book was recommended to me by Jamie, and it was a perfect rec, thank you so much, lady.Translated from French to English, Hunting and Gathering is a character - rather than plot - driven, slice of life portrait. Somewhere within these pages, the main character finds herself at a bookstore, pouring over a collection of the French cartoonist Sempe's drawings (as I best know for his work in The New Yorker.) As I read further, I began to realize: There it is. This book is like a Sempe drawing. [...]

    3. I was worried that once I finished this book I would be filled with sadness over leaving these characters. I was sad to put it down, but the overall experience was so satisfying that I would highly recommend this book to others. Hunting and Gathering made me miss having conversations with my old roommate from France. The characters' manner of speaking is so different from Americans and refreshing. I was surprised to see American references like Shrek and Angelina Jolie here and there, but they o [...]

    4. Este libro ha sido justo el tipo de lectura que necesitaba en este momento, una historia muy bonita, real, como la vida misma, con unos personajes con una vida nada fácil, admirables. Es lo primero que leo de esta autora, pero no será lo último porque me ha gustado mucho su forma de escribir.

    5. This will sound weird, but it's true: some books don't need plots. Hunting and Gathering is a perfect example of a character-driven novel. Nothing really monumental or dramatic happens, and instead the story is supported entirely by the four main characters. They are: Camille, a cleaning lady (or "cleaning operative") who lives in a tiny apartment by herself and doesn't eat; Philibert, an aristocrat lacking social skills who lives in Camille's building; his roommate Franck, a temperamental but t [...]

    6. Maravilloso!!! Una historia llena de ironía y sentido del humor, de personajes geniales con una vida difícil. Realmente recomendable

    7. كاميل: رسامة لطيفة ذكية مثقفة نحيفة حد المرض منغلقة على نفسها غريبة الطباع تعمل في شركة تنظيف هربا من موهبتها و ذاتها.هفليبيير: طيب محتشم شهم مثقف خجول أخرق متلعثم يتعثر في خياله، ينحدر من أسرة نبيلة يعيش في ماضيها غير قادر على التكيف مع المجتمع، و بالتالي هو يعيش على بيع البط [...]

    8. This book. This book, this book, this book.*Sigh*It is lyrical in that way that only books translated from French can be. I rarely underline or highlight while reading fiction, but this book gave my pen a work out. It was just lovely. The characters were complex and well developed and sweet. They were just so sweet. It wasn't perfect, but it was just the thing. It was flawed, but still one of the best I'll read this year. The biggest flaw for me was probably Philou's character. I don't like that [...]

    9. J'essaie de trouver le mot juste mais je n'y arrive pas - le charme de ce livre est ineffable. Le retour à la simplicité narrative, peut-être? Les quatre personnages si vivantes bien que faits des croquis (c'est pas au hasard que Camille dessine)? Le je-ne-sais-quoi du tout? Elle parle de la vieillesse et de l'amour, de l'amitié et de la solitude et impressionne sans tomber en mélodrame, bien qu'elle ne se serve d'ironie non plus. La vie, c'est tout.

    10. Translated from the French -- I loved this novel about a group of isolated people who find in each other an odd kind of family. Highly recommended!

    11. I'm not great at reading contemporary novels for some reason. I think in a lot of ways I expect too much out of them, especially when I compare them to so many of their predecessors (totally unfair of me, I know, but that's how I roll). I usually see so much room for improvement, or "had this been tweaked just a bit"'s, that I wind up wondering what everyone makes such a fuss about.I don't wonder as much with this book. It's charming. It's heartbreaking in parts. It actually punched me in the he [...]

    12. 4 Estrellitas. Antes de nada me gustaría decir que éste libro no es el tipo de literatura que suelo leer, y quizás, si no me hubiesen regalado éste libro, ni lo habría leído. Vergüenza la mía, porque me lo regalaron hace tres años, y aún no lo había cogido. Por fin le he encontrado un hueco, y su lectura me ha dejado muy satisfecha.Estamos ante una novela de corte sentimental, con cierto romanticismo, pero no, no es novela romántica propiamente dicha. Es un libro sobre cuatro protago [...]

    13. It's just possible that I couldn't put this book down because I'm into avoidance tactics at the moment (avoiding the study I need to do for my 4 exams coming up in 2 weeks time), but, nevertheless, I couldn't put it down. I just loved these poor, sad people and their wonderful specialities and their struggling to find some normal type of existence. The way Gavalda brings them together is very clever, and the way she takes the flaws in their characters and weaves in a realisation about friendship [...]

    14. Tenía este libro desde hace dos años y nunca me decidía a leerlo ¡mal hecho! Es muy bonito. Las dos primeras partes son magníficas, porque no entiendes la relación entre los cuatro protagonistas del libro y las páginas vuelan entre las dudas de ¿qué le ha pasado? ¿por qué está así? ¿que tienen que ver "las churras con merinas"?(esta última pregunta parafraseando a Franck Camille me ha encantado, una chica bohemia calcadita a cómo me imagino yo a una parisina. Me gusta mucho cómo [...]

    15. درباره ى اين كتاب، دلايل زيادى دارم كه خوشحال باشم.1. خوشحالم كه ساده خوان بود، و خوشحالم كه داستانش يك جور كليشه ى نو بود.2. خوشحالم كه پر از اشتباهات تايپى و اشتباهات خود نويسنده بود ( گاوالدا نوشته بود كه كاميل دوست داشته وقتى بچه بوده، يعنى مثلا توى سالهاى ١٩٨٣ و اينا طرحى از [...]

    16. انتهت رواية (معاً) وقد كنت حقا معهم علي مدار 670 صفحة تقريباًوكأنني أشاهد فيلما أجنبياً طويلاًواعترف كان من الممكن جدا اختصارها في كثير من الأحيان ، ولكنك تنتظر وتصبر وتداوم علي القراءة لعلك تعرف إلي أين تتجه ، وفجأة من منتصف الرواية تقريباً تبدأ الأحداث تأخذ مساراً واضحاًفتع [...]

    17. I loved this book. It was translated from French, but was so beautifully written the translation was transparent to me. The characters were a motley assortment of wounded souls brought together to heal one another. A real gem. I was astounded by her descriptions of the world through Camille's artistic eyes and the ability to make you feel as though you were in the scene. She was able to make each character whole. You could picture the way they appeared to the world, but also the inner beauty and [...]

    18. This is one of the best fiction books I've read in a long time -- the emotions captured in this novel are superb. I got so caught up in this book that I felt a huge let down when it was over. The weaving of the characters lives together speaks to some of the universal struggles of human existence, family, history, loneliness, connection, love in a very real and effortless way. Simply beautiful.

    19. It was an okay read and more like a beach read: sweet, fun, and romantic. Towards the end, it simply moved far too slowly for me. I keep hearing how the movie is far better. I don’t think that I’ll be able to see that anytime soon. All in all, this wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood. One of my favorite quotes:“Our certainties never really hold water. One day you feel like dying and the next you realize all you had to do was go down a few st [...]

    20. هذا الكتاب وبالرغم من انه لا يعتبر كتاب رومانسي او قصة حب ، الا أنه يشدك للقراءة ويكون من الصعب ان تتركه ، فأنه يجمع بين اربع شخصيات تائهة محطمة النفس وشبه فاقدة الأمل بالحياة ، ولكن عند التقائهم ببعض يعالج كل منهم جروحات الآخر بدون أن يقصد لأن كلا منهم تصرف بانسانيه وتجرد عن [...]

    21. I don't mind books that are essentially character studies. The things is, to enjoy them I have to like the characters. Ok, I did like 3 out of 4 of the main characters I loved, loved, loved Philibert. What can I say? I have a weakness for stuttering history buffs, apparently. I liked Paulette and Camille (most of the time) but I just couldn't care about Franck. He was really a jerk. His foul mouth got on my nerves too. The first word in every sentence doesn't have to be an expletive, Franck dear [...]

    22. Not so good as expected. Or I am not in the right mood to enjoy it.A movie was made based on this book: Ensemble chest tout (2007), with Audrey Tautou, Guillaume Canet, Laurent Stocker .

    23. Absolutely adorable book and a good film adaptation playing Audrey Tautou for those who enjoy cinema as well!

    24. من با ترجمه خجسته کیهان اصلا ارتباط برقرار نککردم ولی کتاب رو با این وجود دوست داشتم.در ضمن گول تعداد صفحاتش رو نخورید.خیلی زود تموم میشه

    25. رواية ( معاً)كالعادةما بين صدّ وردّوملل واكتئابونيّة بالتّرك لتأتي مصداقيتي تحثّني على إتمامها رغم كل شيءوها أنا ذااا وبعد ثلاثة أشهر وست عشرة يوماً أتيت عليها وأنهيتهاماذا يمكن أن أسمّي ذلكهل يصنّف فعلي ضمن الفعل الإيجابي أم السّلبيهو مبدأ مشيت عليه أن لا أدع إتمام كتاب مه [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book until about two-thirds of the way into it when it started to get predictable and I could easily picture it being made into a romantic comedy film (which it was made into in France, unfortunately). Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater of romance or comedy or even romantic comedies. I just don't like it when they're predictable because it's formulaic and not very challenging to me as a story.It starts off with Camille, who I really did sympathize with as this waif genius [...]

    27. I started reading this with a certain amount of apprehension due to it's overwhelming popularity (anything widely and universally acclaimed usually makes me suspicious) and because of the obvious feel-good connotations. Despite this the first few chapters had me hooked, and I started to think that the book might actually be as wonderful as everyone claims. The characters are nuanced and flawed enough to feel believable (the language issues that inevitably mar all translated work are evident here [...]

    28. This book will break your heart and then mend it and repeat the cycle. All I wanted to do was read it all day - I didn't want to put it down. This is the tale of four downtrodden individuals who are thrown together by fate or random chance, whatever you want to call it, and the unlikely friendships that develop (keeping the rags with the napkins, one might say).This book makes me want to move to Paris and find three quirky roommates of my own.There are many contenders, but my favorite quote from [...]

    29. This book was recommended to me by a friend. She really loves it and spoke of it very warmly, so when she brought it back for me to borrow and read I couldn't say no. It is a very sweet story of four very different, but equally lost lives intertwining and impacting each other. There's also a bit of romance, but it's the good kind. In fact, this book is a wonderful look into the kinds of relationships that exist in the world - friendship, family, romance, be it what it may. It starts out really b [...]

    30. 4,5 estrellas para esta historia de soledad y encuentros, con más fuerza de la que parece en un principio. Me ha parecido una novela positiva, con la búsqueda de uno mismo de fondo, y la familia como eje central de todo. Si hay alguien que cree en ti, tú acabarás creyendo también en ti. Aunque tiene un toque dramático, es una historia de personajes, de buenas acciones, de la necesidad de ser queridos y de las historias que cada uno de nosotros lleva consigo.Opinión completa: millibrosenmi [...]

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