Animal Man, Volume 2: Animal vs. Man

Animal Man Volume Animal vs Man In this second Animal Man collection when Buddy goes missing his family receives assistance from John Constantine and the Justice League Dark Plus learn the history between The Red the Green and

  • Title: Animal Man, Volume 2: Animal vs. Man
  • Author: Jeff Lemire Steve Pugh Timothy Green II Travel Foreman
  • ISBN: 9781401238001
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this second Animal Man collection, when Buddy goes missing, his family receives assistance from John Constantine and the Justice League Dark.Plus, learn the history between The Red, the Green, and the Rot Collecting Animal Man 7 11, 0, Annual 1

    One thought on “Animal Man, Volume 2: Animal vs. Man”

    1. 2.5 starsAnimal Man just isn't my thing I guess.I'm not a fan of the art, the current storyline, or Buddy Baker. There's a big crossover coming up with Swamp Thing in the next volume (and I already have volume 3), so I'm going to finish it out. And who knows? I may really like it.So Buddy and his family have hit the road in an RV, in an attempt to outrun the Rot. Not working out very well for themI got a little tired of his mother-in-law continually harping on him. But I really tired of his wife [...]

    2. Man was this hard to get through. I don't know how I could be so enthral led by the last book, and so squirmy while reading this one. Reading this made me feel awkward so often, I thought I was back at a high school dance.Some of it is the dialogue, and while my complaints about bad dialogue are well-documented, I can't quite articulate what's wrong here for me. It just feels stiff and staged, like a small-town play can feel when the local pharmacist is going though the motions self-consciously. [...]

    3. Grant Morrison is possibly the most inconsistent writer around, but he hit some serious home runs in his time. By far, Animal Man was the leader. I hated not seeing Buddy Baker used in regular continuity for so many years, though. Like Resurrection Man, I always felt like he was a seriously under-utilized character in the DCU. Jeff Lemire brought him back and removed the humor, the surrealism and the absurdist nature of the original series and injected it with the maximum amount of seriousness h [...]

    4. This surreal horror comic follows the fascinating premise of Animal Man, Vol. 1: The Hunt, with Buddy Baker trying to use his animal powers to protect his family from the forces of decay/rot/death, and the main story is still good. We get some creepy worldbuilding as Animal Man explores the realm of The Red (the force binding all animal life), and there's some good tension as different supporting characters find themselves in serious danger. We get some more insight into the balance of power amo [...]

    5. In doing some catchup on DC Comics events (somehow they seem less mundane than Marvel's) I find myself enjoying a D list character such as Animal Man for the first time since Grant Morrison's arguably classic run. Wile not as meta fiction as Morrison's Lemire honors much of the work done by those who came before wile crafting his original take on Animal Man. I mean lets face it. Buddy Baker is a character that only could have been created during one of two time periods in American comics. Either [...]

    6. While not a lot happens in the main story other than Buddy goes through a transformation to help fight the Rot, there is a tweaking of his origin, particularly just who gave him his powers and why. It partially works, making sense, but at the same time it feels very convenient to fit into the current narrative. There's also a reference to Morrison's run!The art is much better this time. Steve Pugh draws a nice balance between the everyday human stuff and the creatures.While I still say this isn' [...]

    7. Good gravy. This is amazing. They even managed to reference Grant Morrison's run on the 1980s "Animal Man" title, and incorporate the aliens who gave Buddy his powers into their new mythology.The only complaints I have are the new version of Zatanna and Buddy's increasingly shrill and unreasonable wife -- dagnabbit, can't we have ONE story about a family impacted by the supernatural in which one of the parents doesn't wind up becoming intransigent and illogical?Otherwise, this volume was worth e [...]

    8. I worry about this title and Swamp Thing. I really like the mythos they are setting up with The Red/Green/Rot, but inconsistent plots and subpar (but at times really cool) illustrations make me think that the duo won't have longevity. Still, I like them enough to look forward to the next issue of both.

    9. Another chapter in what has become, by far, my favorite title among the new 52. Jeff Lemire's writing continues to be eerie, evocative, and heartfelt. this second volume furthers the story of the rot and addresses some of the concerns I had heard voiced about the arc. The title ties in very closely to other "Dark" titles in N52, especially Swamp Thing. In previous iterations, the force of death, the Rot, was essential to Swampy's stories and very existence. Animal Man here almost goes out of its [...]

    10. The artwork stayed pretty consistent with the artwork of the first volume and the characterization and tone remained consistent as well. Where this volume lapses in comparison to the first is in concept.Lemire tries very hard to explain away all of the questionable aspects of the whole red/green/rot balance-of-nature scenario, and it kinda falls apart on him. There seems to be some grasping at straws going on. He tries to tie-in other characters from other titles, namely JLD, and you can see tha [...]

    11. I thought that the first volume of Lemire's Animal man was well-written, but nothing I could connect with. I'm still not sure what, exactly, was holding me back, but whatever it was has been fixed for the second volume. It wasn't the art, which was essentially the same, and which I still don't care for. There just seemed to be more human depth to the storytelling here. Because some people will feel cheated, it's important to note that the Alec Holland Swamp Thing doesn't show up at any point in [...]

    12. Jeff Lemire writes families extremely well for a comic author, and this really adds strength to this New 52 vision of Animal Man. Lemire moves Animal Man more into the realm of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, and uses a mythology from Swamp Thing with the Red, the Green, and the Rot. Meta-commentary elements are present though although moved into the this current mythology, so hints to the Grant Morrison style of animal man remain. Still the family dynamic is great, but Buddy Baker's character is not [...]

    13. Well well well, this is turning into quite the story :)The characters are certainly getting more depth, Buddy learning more about himself and his daughter and the family bonds are put to the test Oh, and of course, always nice to see Constantine and Z popping up ! ;)Ok, so conclusion: more depth, more action, more fun! Jumping into Swamp thing now and then we're getting closer to RotWorld Woohoo ;)

    14. Great story - I've always liked the concept of Animal Man and Swamp Thing (and Firestorm) being avatars. My only complaint is with some of the artwork (mainly in the first chapter). So really, a 4.5 out of 5.

    15. Another weird comic. I just find Animal Man to be very weird. The Rot was very disgusting. All of those poor animals and people. I hope they will be able to stop the Rot. I liked the cat avatar, Socks, though.

    16. "Animal Man" continues in Lemire's half-super hero, half-horror story about Buddy Baker's desperate battle to protect his daughter from the world-threatening incursion of the Rot.Knowing basically nothing of this character beyond what took place in the first volume, I still greatly enjoyed this story--which takes place solidly in the DC universe but also stands distinctly on its own. Often dark and gruesome, the story finds its core in the family dynamics of Buddy and his daughter as they are ca [...]

    17. There are so many elements here that should equal greatness but somehow it doesn't come together. The mythology that Jeff Lemire creates doesn't resonate with me. It doesn't have heart. There are some truly creepy moments and the family drama is real but the Rot/Red/Green plot doesn't all come together. The art, mostly by Travel Foreman is dark and fits the book well. Overall, the book has potential but isn't able to overcome some of the book's shortcomings.

    18. The story improved in this volume, and the art managed to get darker and creepier. I'm really excited to see where this story goes.

    19. Reprints Animal Man (2) #0, 7-12, and Animal Man (2) Annual #1 (May 2012-November 2012). Buddy Baker has learned that he isn’t the avatar of the Red and that he was only “created” as a means to protect the real avatar…his four-year-old daughter Maxine. The Rot has seized the opportunity to extinguish the new avatar while she is still young and only Animal Man stands in their way. When Animal Man is possessed by the Rot, Buddy much find a way to reclaim his body and protect his family. Pl [...]

    20. Volume 2 of Animalman is a good continuation of the main story along with two stand alone stories in the annual issue and issue zero. Starting with more of Buddy Bakers family dynamic now with his mother-in-law who is very against him being a superhero.We get a closer look at The Red. That it is a larger place not just where the totems live but a land with other creatures such as the shepherd and the guard dogs. Maxine also flexes her muscles a bit in here showing that compared to Animalman she [...]

    21. Grant Morrison made me a big fan of Animal Man. Jeff Lemire is continuing on where Morrison started, making Animal Man a weird / horror / violent / mystical comic book experience. It's been a while since I read the first volume, but I remember liking it a little bit better than this one. Lemire does a great job with moving Buddy and his family through this nightmare of rot, and the art goes well with the story. I found some pages to be a little wordy, but I guess that's somewhat necessary given [...]

    22. There you go, Animal Man, that’s the kick I was looking for. This volume was infinitely better than Volume 1 – we got to meet the crazy Red Warriors, Shepherd, some excellent Animal Man backstory (with some Swamp Thing bits mixed in, which is always a delight), and a much more appealing art style. Now, they did do some weird things art-wise, where they switched up the illustrators like, halfway through an issue which I found quite distracting (especially when it went from flat to depth and t [...]

    23. I won this book in a Firstreads giveaway. I have to say that for some legal reason.As I mentioned before, I'm generally more of a Marvel guy. I'll read Batman, some Superman, but on the whole Marvel has more characters I connect with. I had barely even heard of Animal Man when I entered this giveaway, but I am very much glad that I decided to give it a shot!Buddy Baker and his family are on the run from agents of The Rot who want to either possess or destroy his daughter, the new avatar of The [...]

    24. I love Jeff Lemire and was enjoying the rebooted Swamp Thing series. Since Animal Man and Swamp Thing's plots were so closely tied, I decided to check out Animal Man's new run. I really know nothing about Animal Man other than he functions similar to Vixen. I honestly keep comparing him to the Animal-powered person from Batman The Brave & The Bold. Are they the same person? Was that another version of Animal Man? Okay, I was curious enough that I had to research him--it was a completely diff [...]

    25. Another solid volume in this great run!I was very surprised when I found myself really enjoying this series when I started volume 1. The story was well written and art, although it took some getting use to, has it's own unique feel. This book further builds the story of the battle of the rot. Jeff Lemire is a great writer, fast becoming one of my favourites at the moment. He really creates a vibrant world with stunning images and infectious characters, whether you love them or despise them (coug [...]

    26. I went into this without knowing a single thing about Animal Man. Yes, I accidentally checked out the second one before the first one again. So with those two things going against it, I wasn't too excited to read this graphic novel. Boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed this graphic novel for a number of reasons, the first being that I loved that Buddy Baker is a family man and that the main struggle within this novel is him fighting for his family's safety. I loved learning more about the red, the [...]

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