That White Girl: A Novel

That White Girl A Novel That White Girl is a fresh and hard edged novel chronicling a young woman s quest for self discovery while straddling two worlds that of her middle class Irish Catholic upbringing and her new family

  • Title: That White Girl: A Novel
  • Author: JLove Calderón
  • ISBN: 9780743287814
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • That White Girl is a fresh and hard edged novel chronicling a young woman s quest for self discovery while straddling two worlds, that of her middle class Irish Catholic upbringing and her new family the Crips, America s notorious street gang What happens when a white girl flirts with the color lines and crosses the border into gang territory, where the bullets are iThat White Girl is a fresh and hard edged novel chronicling a young woman s quest for self discovery while straddling two worlds, that of her middle class Irish Catholic upbringing and her new family the Crips, America s notorious street gang What happens when a white girl flirts with the color lines and crosses the border into gang territory, where the bullets are in part real and the rules cannot be broken JLove tells this incredible story inspired by her own remarkable life Amber, a fearless white girl, has a passion for rap lyrics and an addiction to graffiti, but her journey begins when she becomes immersed in the power and grind of gang life after holding a gun to an innocent man s head during a robbery That White Girl is a sharp and candid coming of age story, with hip hop as its backdrop, that explores a young woman s struggles and triumphs as she crosses boundaries, discovers her own limits, and finds a new way to express herself in a world divided into black and white.

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    1. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed how it talks about Amber's struggle to try and fit in with different cultures and races in a time where it was controversial for races to intermix. I think that this book does a good job showing how someone, specifically a juvenile, trys to be many different things and in a way looses a sense of self in the process. This was any easy and enjoyable story that is based off of the author's own life experiences!

    2. Thiis book wass soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo qood. ii could totally relate to it soo much cuz like amber shes a teen qoinq throuqh life struggles just like we do she gets into fights theres alot of violence in thiis book, loving, arguing, screaming, crying, anything you could name ITS IN THAT BOOK ! its starts of with amber saying how like the first month or two she already was chilinq wiith the crips and she wanted to join them so they was liike [...]

    3. I think that this book was really really good! i would recommend this book to anyone who likes books about someones life and how much your life can change in a moment or second. This book was mostly about a girl who is white but she doesn't let her skin get in the way of what he thinks is right, even though she is white she tries to act black, and how hard she tires there is always someone who tells her that just because she is white she can be on both sides. The girl, Amber makes mistakes in he [...]

    4. This book keep me on the edge of my sit. This book was based on the authors life. The character of the book is a normal young teenager who lives a normal life. But as she gets older and goes on in high school she has changes in her life.As life goes on for this teen she starts living a double life. One life is the one her mother thinks she is living, going to school and being responsible. The other, the life she is really living, the thug life. She new a boy from elementary school and he got int [...]

    5. 3.5This book started off slow, but after getting through 1/3 of the book, it finally started to pick up. This isn't your typical "urban fiction" as the main character is white. Amber is naive and decides she wants to runs the streets and joins the crips gang. The book follows her through high school, college and then a few years after college. She gets involved in drinking, drugs, graffiti, robbery and a few other crimes through high school. She finally starts to straighten up her life in colleg [...]

    6. I think that the book, That White Girl was an amazing book that dealt with gang relations, racism and discrimination. Many things have happened in this book. I think many people would relate to this book because being a type of race and moving to community where there is more than one race mixed together is difficult. Many people can over come the way that gang or racism is in the world. This book teached me that many people can overcome the racism that they are facing in their own lifestyle. Ma [...]

    7. This book is about gang life and a girl named Amber. A theme that keeps coming up in this book is that you're the one who is going to make the ultimate decision. Amber started out as a white girl who wants to be "down" with black gangs. After proving herself, she gets in but she starts to do illegal things like stealing. She also starts doing drugs and her life goes out of control. What I learned from this book is that even if you did a lot of wrong things in your life, you can still change it. [...]

    8. I read this YEARS ago in high school and don't really remember it all, but I remember thinking it was good. I will hopefully pick this up again in the future because I would really like to. I remember thinking it was amazing and that it was a quick read. I've rated it 3.5 stars out of 5 just to kind of play it safe just in case I read it again and don't like it as much as I used to. But in high school, this was THE BOOK to read amongst some of the more popular girls. Maybe because they were into [...]

    9. In this quasi-memoir, white girl Amber spends her high school days writing graffiti and hanging out with the Crips in Denver. She struggles with guilt over her comfortable home life and relatively bright future. When she gets to college, Amber studies identity politics and hangs out at the BSU. She also wonders why white people are so wack. This is a good coming of age novel about race that takes the subject seriously from a unique point of view. I'm so glad this book exists!

    10. This was a deep passionate book about a white girl who doesnt see why the colour bar of black and white exists, who rolls with people of all colour and starts finding out that prejudice works both ways. it is a coming of age novel with her finding her way in a world, asking questions and finding answers which are not always pleasing.

    11. Eh. So this is an interesting concept but the writing is pretty terrible. The slang felt forced and the book was choppy.The idea of this experience was valuable. I want to know what happened to Omar!

    12. this is a really good book that opens your eyes to the true division between the "white" and the "black". A young girl tries to overcome that border, going through alot in the process.Love, loss, death.Definitely worth a read. The truth behind this will amaze you.

    13. This is a good book for those of you who might be working with teenagers. Especially if you are interested in utilizing hip hop, discussing race and/or gender as a character building activity or leadership training

    14. Your average "coming of age" story, but relatable for me. A good read for people who see no color lines in the world, or those trying to understand other backgrounds.

    15. It wasn't that bad, it followed the life of a young girl trying to make it with a group of gang members, going through hard times with her love life, her family, and how it is in the ghetto

    16. WHAT I WAS EXPECTING:This was very definitely a first for me. I have never read anything like it and therefore had no idea what to expect. From the blurb I knew that it wasn’t going to be a pleasant story but beyond that I had nothing to go on THOUGHTS:Meh.I was a quick read, I finished it in less than 4 hours. This I think is mostly due to the fact that a great deal of the story was told through Dialogue and therefore was easy to read. It was definitely a striking story, and it was gripping e [...]

    17. this book is a great book despite some harsh material in it. it presents such irony when it tells of a girl named Amber, who's white and got affiliated in the Crips gangfore she was just friends with the members but soon decided to risk her herself when she helped them rob a 7- eleven for "night train" and other drinks and food particles. she never had to go through initiation so many other members disliked here also got involved with drinking, smoking weed and falling in love countless times wi [...]

    18. This book really was great. It opened my eyes and it got me thinking about a lot of stuff doing with race. I didn't think the book was written well as in structure-wise, but the experiences were so deep. Amber, the main character, was white and she lived in Denver. She hung out with blacks more and people would talk about her. She becomes involved with gang banging and many people questions what she is doing. Amber constantly face racial problems. During her time in her gang, she saw a lot of ba [...]

    19. To start off this book is great it has much irony. The name of the main character is Amber who is a middle class irish female. She recently got affiliated in to the Crips gang, she used to always keep touch with them but risked it all when she associated with them to rob a 7-eleven for "night train" (the semi buzzed feeling one has the day after smoking a lot of weed). Although she was now part of a huge gang she never went through initiation, due to the fact that so many members disliked her. H [...]

    20. i purely loved this book. period. it has that thing about it. not many books cross between the racelines any more. i like its old skool effect and the way the book is set . its just amazing

    21. It was a good read but I was very dissapointed in Amber alot of times, but then you realize it was all a struggle to fit in.

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