Silenced From the winner of the Stabilo Prize for Best Crime Writer of Southern Sweden comes the second installment of the Frederika Bergman crime series A teenage girl was assaulted and raped on a midsu

  • Title: Silenced
  • Author: Kristina Ohlsson
  • ISBN: 9781439198902
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the winner of the 2012 Stabilo Prize for Best Crime Writer of Southern Sweden, comes the second installment of the Frederika Bergman crime series.A teenage girl was assaulted and raped on a midsummer s eve fifteen years ago Cut to present a man is killed in a hit and run He has no identification on him and is not reported missing The same day, a priest and his wifFrom the winner of the 2012 Stabilo Prize for Best Crime Writer of Southern Sweden, comes the second installment of the Frederika Bergman crime series.A teenage girl was assaulted and raped on a midsummer s eve fifteen years ago Cut to present a man is killed in a hit and run He has no identification on him and is not reported missing The same day, a priest and his wife are found dead in an apparent suicide.Fredrika Bergman and her colleagues are assigned to all three of the seemingly unrelated cases What is the thread of evil that connects them all SILENCED is a skillfully crafted and gripping thriller, where the casualties of one tragedy abuse the victims of another.

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    1. “Silenced” by Kristina Ohlsson, Narrated by Justine Eyre, a Dreamscape Audiobook Ohlsson has written another entertaining novel in the series featuring Alex Recht and Fredrika Bergman of the special crimes division of the Swedish police. This time there is an apparent murder - suicide. Only it turns out there are some loose ends that don’t support the initial conclusion. The police make errors taking evidence at face value versus digging into the details and asking the right questions abou [...]

    2. Silenced is a perceptively written, captivating crime thriller by Swedish author, Kristina Ohlsson. On Midsummer’s Eve in 1993 a teenage girl is violently assaulted in the garden of her family home in Sweden. Fifteen years later, a man is killed in a hit and run and a well-respected couple is found dead in a suspected murder suicide. The two daughters of the dead couple are M.I.A and Alex Recht’s federal investigation unit are trying to piece together how these two crimes are related and tra [...]

    3. There are a lot of mysteries - cozy, thriller, police procedural, law and more. For a reader like me who want an interesting and intricate plot, characters that are believable and good writing, it's always fun to find an author who is able to do all this so well. Kristina Ohlsson is one of those authors that I've added to my growing "follow" list. This is the second of her books that has been translated and published in the USA. In "Unwanted" we are introduced to the special team that has been s [...]

    4. Nakon njezinog odličnog, prvog romana "Pepeljuge" moram priznati da sam očekivala više od Ohlsson. Isto je triler, počinje ubojstvom pastora i njegove žene pa se onda, tijekom istrage, otrkiva priča oko iskorištavanja izbjeglica koji žele započeti novi život u Švedskoj. Aktulana tematika, zanimljiv uvid u neke stvari Nije loše-loše, ali onoglo je i bolje

    5. Είναι ένα καλογραμμένο αστυνομικό με έντονο μυστήριο και ενδιαφέροντες χαρακτήρες, όμως πάσχει σε έναν τομέα όπου θεωρώ ότι πάσχουν πολλά σύγχρονα αστυνομικά.Στις κλασικές αστυνομικές ιστορίες (Σέρλοκ Χολμς, Ηρακλή Πουαρό, πατέρα Μπράουν κοκ) έχουμε συνήθως ένα απλό στη [...]

    6. You need all your wits about you to keep up with the convoluted and complicated plot in this book. It starts with the gunshot death of refugee activist and his wife - was it murder/suicide or just murder? And it goes on from there with multiple interpretations of every situation. Some of these situations are easier to guess at than others but it is all very clever. Ms Ohlsson also spends time fleshing out the detectives' lives and characters by interspersing details of their personal situation w [...]

    7. Gut gemachter, spannender Krimu, der ein interessantes Thema als Ausgangslage hat - das Schleusen von Flüchtlingen.Allerdings verlässt das Buch die Genregrenzen nicht und geht nicht weiter in die Tiefe

    8. 4,5 SterneKlasse Plot, hochaktuelles Thema, sehr spannend. Bei der Auflösung war ich vom Motiv des letztendlichen Täters nicht so ganz überzeugt, aber das war wirklich der einzige winzige Wermustropfen. Generell kann man sagen, dass sich diese Reihe wirklich mit jedem Buch von Band 1 - 3 gesteigert hat ("Sterntaler" gefiel mir am besten). Ich freue mich schon auf Band 4, "Himmelschlüssel", der bereits auf dem Sub bereit liegt.

    9. Kristina Ohlsson u svom drugom romanu ponovno je okupila tim policijskih i civilnih istražitelja koji čine Alex Recht, Fredrika Bergman i njihovi kolege iz Stockholmskog policijskog odjela za teške zločine. I još jednom, ovaj tim imat će pune ruke posla.Smrt supružnika Jakoba i Marje Ahlbin, koja na prvi pogled izgleda kao ubojstvo i samoubojstvo, otkrit će čitav niz drugih kriminalnih aktivnosti i obiteljskih tajni zakopanih u sjeni života ovog naizgled mirnog i povučenog bračnog pa [...]

    10. 2 de 5 estrellas ⭐️⭐️(No está mal)Las 100 primeras páginas enganchan muchísimo, la historia promete y todo sucede a una velocidad que cuesta desengancharte de la lectura. Poco después de esas 100 primeras páginas se va haciendo densa, lenta y poco lógica.Hay muchos sinsentido, mucha pieza que no encaja, mucho que no me ha gustado.

    11. procitajto/2016/07/25/traBreivik je bio u pravu, s gnušanjem je ustvrdio bezimeni čuvar parkirališta, sasvim sporedan lik u Vallgrenovu romanu Dječak iz sjene promatrajući tamnoputog muškarca snimljenog u prolasku tim istim parkiralištem. Naravno, u društvu poput švedskog, na tako visokom stupnju razvoja, nema mjesta za klasnu, rasnu i ine netrpeljivosti rezervirane za pripadnike manje sretnih, nazadnijih zajednica, a jedini razlog uvođenju takvih likova u priču jest kako bi se ismija [...]

    12. I liked this book much better than Unwanted because it was actually hard to figure out what was going on. The plot seemed to go in one direction but the twists were actually surprising. The interactions between characters are also lighter now, even if a new member of the team creates tension with Peder, who is still as much of a hothead as he was in the previous installment. Fredrika is now softer, even if pregnancy hasn’t made her lose her edge. Alex is still a great team leader who thinks ou [...]

    13. What a disappointing ending, after being strung along for 300+ pages. It's a non ending, really, after so many of the chapters vaguely referencing characters with no names. Parts of the book were suspenseful, but the story was diminished by the fact that too many facts were with held. There's mystery and then there's vague messiness. This one was messy and disjointed. And parts were unbelievable, particularly the woman stranded in Bangkok. No one has that power and reach to mess with that much t [...]

    14. The only reason I gave this book even one star is that I did finish reading it. The characters are unbelievable, the plot and the many poor subplots are unbelievable, the writing is amateurish and disjointed.

    15. Μου άρεσε περισσότερο από το "Ανεπιθύμητο". Είχε κι αυτό πολύ ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία, με καταιγιστικές εξελίξεις, πολλές ανατροπές, αμφιβολία σχεδόν μέχρι το τέλος για τον ένοχο και αρκετή αγωνία.Επίσης, εξελίσσονται οι προσωπικές ιστορίες των πρωταγωνιστών, οπότε τους μαθα [...]

    16. Η Υπηρεσία Εγκληματολογικών Ερευνών καλείται να ερευνήσει τη δολοφονία του κληρικού Γιόκοπ Όλμπιν και της γυναίκας του Μαρίας. Πλάι στο ξετύλιγμα της ιστορίας μας ξεδιπλώνονται και οι ζωές των μελών της ομάδας. Ο αστυνόμος Άλεξ Ρεστ έχει αποξενωθεί από τη γυναίκα του, χρό [...]

    17. Another excellent offering from the newest addition to the Scandinavian crime stable following up on her exceptional debut novel Unwanted. The plot, set in Sweden, centres on the currently prevalent topic of immigration with the murders of Jakob Ahlbin, a prominent supporter of immigrants rights and his wife Marja, with the story spiralling out to include an insightful addressing of the dangers facing immigrants in their passage to a new country and a better life. Ohlsson concisely exposes the i [...]

    18. Kaltes FrühjahrEin älteres Ehepaar wird tot in seiner Wohnung aufgefunden, beide weisen Schusswunden auf, es sieht so aus, als habe der Mann zunächst seine Frau umgebracht und dann sich selbst. Die Ermittlungsgruppe soll eigentlich nur feststellen, dass es sich tatsächlich um einen Selbstmord handelt. Doch bald tauchen Ungereimtheiten auf, die aus der Überprüfung einen Fall werden lassen. Alex Recht, Leiter der Gruppe, deren Fortbestehen auf der Kippe steht, sorgt sich um seine Mitarbeiter [...]

    19. A bit slow going and far too much held back so the reader and the investigators have no hope of understanding why people involved in illegal immigrant trafficking are dying. The personal lives of the detectives were more interesting than the plot in this book.

    20. Τι να σου πει η Ματωμένη μαργαρίτα όταν έχεις διαβάσει Τζο Νέσμπο;

    21. Παραμονή της γιορτής του Μεσοκαλόκαιρου και ένα κορίτσι πέφτει θύμα βιασμού. Δεκαπέντε χρόνια αργότερα ο πάστορας και η γυναίκα του αυτοκτονούν, όπως αρχικά δείχνουν τα στοιχεία. Την ίδια στιγμή ένας άντρας ασιατικής καταγωγής σκοτώνεται σε τροχαίο. Τις υποθέσεις αναλαμβ [...]

    22. *initial thoughts*Not as good as the first book in the series (a bit heavy-handed) but still unique enough to be enjoyable and leave me interested in reading the next. I'm sure part of this is due to the narration, which is somehow soothing in spite of the subject matter.

    23. I like the idea of being bounced back & forth between Thailand & Sweden throughout story. This book opened a new door to me to recognize how refuge flee can affect his countrymen & also new society in positive & negative ways. ( 11 out of 15 goal achieved)

    24. Jag gillade verkligen första boken i den här serien om Fredrika Bergman och Alex Recht. Det här är andra boken och även den var riktigt bra. Kristina Ohlsson är otroligt duktig på att skapa berättelser som är full av spänning. Även Tusenskönor är fylld av otäcka scener och bra karaktärer.I Tusenskönor får vi följa med flera olika karaktärer vars öden flätas ihop. Ett äldre par hittas skjutna i sin lägenhet vid Odenplan, mannen verkar ha tagit livet av sin hustru och däref [...]

    25. I finished this book several days ago, but pondered what to say in a review: which is the same feeling as I had about the book when I read through it. For starters, I want to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed Ohlsson's first novel "Unwanted" and really looked forward to diving into another story of the same caliber. For the record, I offer the attention and open-mindedness to stories from foreign countries set in foreign places with a fair considerstion to the presence of so many names and place [...]

    26. I liked this even more than The Unwanted which was good. That introduced us to the police team and all their little idiosyncrasies and this one was better for knowing them all, I thought.Then learning more about them all as this investigation progressed.There were some horribly sad happenings in this story, though. However, I really look forward to the next in the series.I was very happy to see the Americanised spellings had been dropped in this translation though at odd times we still had the o [...]

    27. (Ljudbok)Den första boken i den här serien tyckte jag var mycket bra och efter att nu har läst/lyssnat på tre av Kristina Ohlssons böcker tycker jag fortfarande att ”Askungar” är den bästa men har höga förhoppningar på ”Änglavakter” som jag nu har kvar. På något vis känns det här lite som en mellanbok och att den har mer fokus på relationerna i utredningsgruppen. Hur Fredrika blir mer accepterad och hur hon upplever den kommande mammarollen, hur Peders liv sakta men säke [...]

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