The Marigold Chain

The Marigold Chain It is the year when people who take prophecy seriously believe that the world is going to end For Chloe Herveaux twenty years old half French and practical marriage to wild unpredictable Alex D

  • Title: The Marigold Chain
  • Author: Stella Riley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It is 1666 the year when people who take prophecy seriously believe that the world is going to end.For Chloe Herveaux twenty years old, half French and practical marriage to wild, unpredictable Alex Deveril offers escape from a home she hates For Alex, it is a refuge of a different kind But while the marriage remains in name only and both, for reasons of their own,It is 1666 the year when people who take prophecy seriously believe that the world is going to end.For Chloe Herveaux twenty years old, half French and practical marriage to wild, unpredictable Alex Deveril offers escape from a home she hates For Alex, it is a refuge of a different kind But while the marriage remains in name only and both, for reasons of their own, agree to seek an annulment, other forces are gathering.England is once again at war with the Dutch and Prince Rupert, now commanding the Royal Navy, suspects that sabotage is at work within the fleet Instructed to find the arch traitor, Alex enters a dark labyrinth of intrigue where no life is safe and nothing is what it seems.Chloe, meanwhile, navigates the malice and scandal of Charles II s licentious Court and plots a course of her own aimed at financial independence But as the surprising facets of Mr Deveril s personality are gradually revealed to her, the long awaited annulment becomes a double edged sword.Absorbed in his search for a traitor, Alex spares little thought for his bride until a hot June night on the Falcon Stairs when he and Chloe stand united by tragedy.As the flames of the Great Fire sweep over London, Alex and Chloe face their ultimate test Their world is at risk their choices may save it.

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    1. I had a copy of this book in the early 1980s and remember it was one of my “go-to” reads. But it disappeared from my collection several years ago – I don’t know if I lent it to someone and didn't get it back, or inadvertently donated it to a local charity shop – but I’ve been looking to get another copy ever since. It’s been out of print, along with Stella Riley’s other titles, and second hand copies are few and far between and ridiculously expensive – so I was doing a happy da [...]

    2. I was fortunate to be given an ARC of the fabulous audio version of The Marigold Chain. Review to follow.

    3. I’ve had time to digest this lovely novel and was finally able to put my finger on why exactly it needed “digesting” in the first place, as I'd mentionedBasically, because it’s a sweet love story and from a talented writer, yet the same thing that might be its greatest appeal for others is the very thing that I needed to mull over to sort out mixed feelings. Because this is, at the core, a Francis Crawford of Lymond and Sevigny homage that, to me, wasn't done so well as it could've been. [...]

    4. Straight 'A's at AudioGals.The Marigold Chain is one of Stella Riley’s earliest published works, and, as it’s a long-time favourite of mine, I’ve been waiting not-at-all patiently for it to make an appearance in audiobook format. I first read it in the mid-1980s and loved it; for me, it ticks all the boxes. A brilliant, gorgeous, sharp-tongued hero enters into a marriage of convenience with a practical, quick-witted heroine who doesn’t take any of his crap; set that against the backdrop [...]

    5. Bailed at 25%. I have absolutely no idea what I just read. It was all a jumble of people and dialogue that didn't make a lick of sense. Am I missing something? I feel like there's part of a book missing here. The first two chapters had about as much coherency as a bunch of court jesters slapping each other with water weenies and farting glitter.

    6. What if Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond and Philippa had a baby with Georgette Heyer's Friday's Child and that baby was set in Restoration England (does that sentence even make any sense? It does to me).Seriously, this book is perfect. The gorgeous, enigmatic, quote-loving hero who keeps everyone at a distance and the pragmatic, smart, fierce heroine remind me of Lymond and Philippa (not as good as the originals, of course, but then who is) and the whole 'newly married couple adjust to each other while [...]

    7. This was a very difficult book to grade, but overall I think 3.5 stars.First of all, what I really liked. Most importantly, the hero and heroine and the chemistry between Alex and Chloe, which was amazing. He was brilliantly done, and I really admired Ms Riley for having the guts to create such a very flawed man, and for sticking to her guns in keeping him true to his character right to the very end. Though underneath it all, unfailingly loyal, Alex could be arrogant, ignorant, hurtful, spiteful [...]

    8. The Marigold Chain by Stella Riley is joining my short list of fiction with incredibly misleading blurbs that do a "hmmmm" job of actually selling the book. It's not that it's wrong, but at its heart, this thing is a romantic comedy. A romantic comedy with a heart of gold, full of spying and political intrigue, and the kind of soft spot for found family that tugs at my soul.I definitely don't get comedy from the blurb, but it's the madcap elements of this--for example, the heroine tossed in the [...]

    9. Excellent, well-researched and intelligent romance set in the reign of Charles II (1660-1685). The hero is a brilliant but bitter man who wins the heroine in a dice game (but she, being present, agrees as she considers him a better bargain than the cousin who wagered her). The heroine is the only person who can match the hero in wit and repartee; their arguments range from delightful screwball to considerably more dark and cutting remarks.The hero does resemble Frances Crawford of Lymond in many [...]

    10. Didn't do much for me. Too much political history (battles, etc.) for what I was expecting, but I like straight-up historical fiction usually, so I don't think it was the non-romance stuff that put me off.Really, for me, it was the hero. I was warned about him (wherever I found this book mentioned said something about the hero being an asshole, but maybe it was okay b/c he was an asshole to everyone, not just the heroine), but he was still too much.I just didn't think he had the redeeming charac [...]

    11. As my copies of the out of print Marigold Chain by Stella Riley has long since crumbled away due to over-reading, I was overjoyed when I saw Ms Riley would be re-releasing it (and others from her back list) on kindle. I re-read the Marigold Chain this week and thoroughly enjoyed it all over again. Set around the time of the great fire of London, the Marigold Chain tells the story of clever, determined and loyal Chloe, who is gambled away by her dissolute stepbrother. The man who wins her is Alex [...]

    12. The Marigold Chain by Stella Riley was recommended to me by a friend. The first book I have read by Riley but it certainly won't be my last. The story is set in the mid 1600's England and written splendidly by the author as to draw the reader in from page one. I was so engrossed in the tale that I read the book in one day.The story line flowed seamlessly with well fleshed out characters. The main male character Alex Deveril is a man with flaws but nothing that can't be overcome with the love and [...]

    13. Another re-read, I had the paperback edition then discovered it had been published on Kindle. I wanted to see if it had been revised as the other Stella Riley novels had.I enjoyed it, it is nice to read something easy and familiar, and I do like the characters, even though they are obviously copies of Francis and Philippa (Lymond Chronicles). I'm waiting for "The King's Falcon" to come out later in the year, and I don't suppose that Stlla Riley is going to go back to this book, but I do wonder w [...]

    14. Lightning Review:- Felt more Historical Fiction that Historical Romance -- although interestingly the romance is very much the center of the story- Takes place during The Restoration, a period very much not explored in Hist-Rom- Reckless, Brilliant, Angsty, hero Alex starts out kind of an asshole -- not in a Romance Novel Hero asshole way, just as a general asshole. But then he gets complex and has layers and you start thinking about him and you start to like him. Good, deep characterization wit [...]

    15. Again a historical romance reade only reason i actually picked up this book was because it was free on my kindle store and i was glad i did. This book had an interesting storyline - where the heroine (chloe) is won because of a bet between her nonsical brother and the charning alex. Chloe is not one to twiddle her thumbs all day and decides to start her own business which i loved because it showed modern day aspects found in todays women (yes i know shes not real) and her headstrong features is [...]

    16. 3.5 stars. I have now read all of Stella Riley's books available on Kindle & this would be my least favorite. Slightly above average but, for me, not as good as all the others. Based on other reviews, I already expected the hero to act like a jerk, at least initially. perhaps because I expected rude behavior, I didn't find him that offensive and for the most part, I liked him. I also liked the heroine Chloe. It was the story itself that bored me at times I guess. But it is Stella Riley, one [...]

    17. I first discovered this author when I picked up a copy of A Splendid Defiance back in 1985 and fell in love with Justin Ambrose. Then I found The Marigold Chain and again her magic worked but this time I discovered Alex. Wow!The working in of the Second Dutch War to create the spy story was totally engrossing and I cried when Danny died. The chase through London was really exciting and brilliantly researched - I know 'cos I've got a map of 17th century London. I just loved the whole book and am [...]

    18. Would've given 5/5 because the hero is actually flawed without having to have an overly tragic past which is a breath of fresh air in the romance world. BUT1) hero was obnoxious in that he kept quoting poetry, which was super annoying. Hero is allowed to have personality traits but, at the end of the day, I still need to fall in love with him!2) hero was REALLY stupid in the beginning in that he'd be out all day doing foolish risky and dangerous stuff out of boredom. That was not as bad as the f [...]

    19. ETA: This was not originally on my favourites shelf, but as I kept downloading it again and again when it offered on Kindle Unlimited, I realized how much I liked it, jerk H and all. I enjoyed this book. It helped that I read some reviews before I started it and therefore wasn't expecting a sweeping romantic tale. It was a complex tale, full of political intrigue, espionage, epic disasters , and a teeny bit of romance. And while the story obviously centers on the MCs, it didn't necessarily feel [...]

    20. lovely and lively romance novel set in 1666 england, obviously nodding at heyer (at convenient marriage at the very least, down to the choice of villains, and to civil contract) stylistically and plot-wise, with spying and shenanigans and the great london fire as a backdrop. chloe, a practical and reasonable half-french young woman, is staked by her asshole brother in a drunk dice game to the rich and depressed lord alex deveril and accepts, deciding him to be a lesser of two evils. from there o [...]

    21. I couldn't put this book down and read it in one sitting, and I have not yet read a Stella Riley book that has not been outstanding. She is a very talented writer. All her characters are multi-dimensional, and the heroes are amazing men--even in my imagination, I could not think up such wonderful characters. She writes with intelligence, without wordiness, but she gives just enough historical background to keep the reader informed--not bored.I hope Ms. Riley will continue to write more books.

    22. 4 1/2 Stars for this excellent story set in London during 1666.So many plot points done so well--including (but not limited to) bride won during a dice game(!), marriage of inconvenience, hero with an attitude, bright heroine who copes, treason, the plague, the great fire, viperous mistress, loyal friends, sea battles, and court intrigue.I loved our heroine Chloe, who was making the best of her marriage. She was bright, stood-up for herself when necessary, had a life of her own and made friends [...]

    23. Alex and Chloe. It's an old school romance that reminded me a lot of The Secret. A lot of history and research went into this book and while I found it well done, I found myself skimming the navel battles and spy parts that aren't my style to read. It wasn't until part three when the romance really even began. Also, I read this for kindle and there are a ton of mistakes. The punctuation was particularly bad. I know this happens when older books are converted, but if you are a stickler for these [...]

    24. Restoration Era EnglandSavored this story,notes of her books Black Madonna and Mesalliance. Main and secondary characters marvelous,wonderful storyline,grateful I discovered her books.

    25. Hey, now has this available as an ebook. I hope that means new editions of Ms Riley's other books will soon be available in that format.

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