The Thanos Quest: Book Two: Games and Prizes

The Thanos Quest Book Two Games and Prizes The Thanos Quest book of

  • Title: The Thanos Quest: Book Two: Games and Prizes
  • Author: Jim Starlin
  • ISBN: 9780871356826
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Thanos Quest, book 2 of 2.

    One thought on “The Thanos Quest: Book Two: Games and Prizes”

    1. The quest for the Soul Gems continueseach gem a variable of the annihilation equation Thanos has planned for the universe!

    2. Soul gems > Infinity gemsSo many stories have their beginnings in Thanos Quest. Looking forward to rereading them all!!! Jim Starlin is the best!

    3. 3.0 stars. Part 2 of a pretty good story in which Thanos (one of the more interesting "ultra powerful" characters in the Marvel Universe) begins stealing the six "Infinity Gems" from various other cosmic characters in order to make himself all powerful so that he can finally be "worthy" of being the consort of Death (who he has had the hots for forever). Decent writing, art and story.

    4. Part 2 of Thanos' quest to control all 6 Infinity Stones picks up right where Part I ended, here'smy review of it. I really enjoyed the strategy Thanos used when facing each elder as he took his journey through the galaxy for the gems. I also was excited to get a further explanation about the gems themselves and how they came into being. The end was quite interesting as his journey didn't have the outcome he expected. (view spoiler)[As Thanos went after the gems to be Mistress Death's equal and [...]

    5. Parts of this review are taken from my own of book one.Perhaps nowadays the style in which Ron Lim draws this story, with the fantastic inks of John Beatty and the painted colors by Tom Vincent, may feel outdated. Perhaps it's Thanos' own style, with the spauldrons and the gauntlets and so on. Some people who've seen this for the first time in this day and age have commented to me in that sense. Yet I mantain that, perhaps of all of Starlin's production, this and its second book are the most age [...]

    6. In which we realize: the infinity gems are, indeed, the remnants of GOD, who, out of loneliness, killed itself to create what is now. That's. . . fucking bleak. Also, Thanos just wants love, guys. Becoming god for a lady is a pretty good bet on impressing her, though, of course, Mistress Death is a little more old fashioned than that.

    7. ** Note: The Thanos Quest is published as two books, but is a single story. Starting here is like picking up a book and flipping halfway through to begin. Read Schemes and Dreams first. **"Games and Prizes" is book 2 of the 2 book story "The Thanos Quest." Published in 1990 it was a lead in to a giant crossover event in the Marvel Universe, "The Infinity Gauntlet." Thanos, servant of Mistress Death, sets out to collect the six Soul Gems (later known as the Infinity gems), each in the hands of on [...]

    8. The Thanos Quest is a story told in all the shapes and words worthy of the epic genre, wielding grandeur with excellent prowess and bearing similitude even to the classic sagas in the Greek mythology (but again, which grand plot written in modern times wouldn't?). Thanos obsession puts himself in the mixed archetypal figure of the anti-hero/protagonist villain seeking the ultimate prize, leading to Herculean quests and interesting encounters that prove Thanos to be one of the greatest characters [...]

    9. Aww. Thanos just wants some love.He's an interesting character, really. Okay, maybe he's got this over-the-top scheme of getting the whole universe under his control, but that's just because he wanted to be someone's equal (Mistress Death)--which didn't work, because he practically became more than a god after collecting the Infinity Gems. His impressive ingenuity, cunning and pragmatism also set him apart from a lot of villains.Very decent story and art. A good prequel for The Infinity Gauntlet [...]

    10. The prologue to 'Infinity Gauntlet' as Thanos wanders the cosmos challenging the Elders of the universe and gathering the infinity gems.While it does portray the Elders, who I always liked, as a bunch of semi-competant dopes, I did enjoy Thanos out-devious-ing them and dealing with these big cosmic things.Fun bit of sci-fi and the beginning of Jim Starlin re-introducing Thanos as a major threat in the marvel universe.

    11. I enjoyed this volume much more than the first. The twist at the end actually made Thanos seem like a character you could sympathize with, even though he's a monstrous all-powerful being. It feels like a classic Greek tragedy or something, following the pattern of "be careful what you wish for."Its definitely a story written in the 80s, and feels dated in some ways, but ultimately it still resonates.

    12. The mad Titan assembles the six Infinity Gems (first named as such in this story, it turns out) - again. His goal this time: to be a worthy consort for his beloved Death. Tragically, it doesn't quite go to plan. Even more tragically, although he is a genocidal monster, Thanos responds to what some might consider 'friendzoning' much better than a lot of 21st century boys.

    13. My disappointment in the Infinity Gauntlet was quenched on this book. Loved how Thanos outsmarted all the gem holders.

    14. I loved this story. I love how strategic Thanos is. And I absolutely adored the end when he finds out what he does is almost all for naught. That add so much depth to his character.

    15. The second part of Thanos Quest, show how Thanos gains the 6 infinity gems, confronting all of their holders through the universe, and after this starts what we are waiting to get if we are reading this story. The beggining of The Infinity Gauntlet Saga, part of the bigger Infinity Saga created by Marvel for Thanos and the Infinity gems to make their mark in the comics produced by Marvel in the 90's.

    16. Brilliant way to set the stageThe story follows Thanos' quest to gain the power of all six infinity gems. It provides his motive and details his strategy to become the wielded of infinite power.

    17. Il miglior personaggio creato da Jim Starlin è certamente stato Thanos. Graficamente ispirato a Darkside di Jack Kirby, se ne differenzia col tempo per via della psicologia contorta, che in questo primo numero di due viene approfondita e chiarita in modo magistrale. Perché Thanos, innamorato della Morte, riportato in vita da essa per riequilibrare l'eccesso di vita senziente nell'universo, non è comunque mai contento. Vuole la Morte come amante, ma vuole anche essere l'unico amato dalla Morte [...]

    18. Fabulosa entega, concisa, divertida, interesante y preambulo perfecto para un evento de mayor envergadura.Aquí podemos apreciar a Thanos en todo su esplendor como personaje, haciendo gala no solo de su poder titánica, sino de una inteligencia superior a la hora de afrontar los diferentes escoyos en su cruzada por obtener las gemas del infinito. Solo el elemento cósmico y la características particulares de estos objetos celestiales son interesantes per se, pero la manera en que Thanos desenvu [...]

    19. Again, cool to get the backstory for an epic quest, but in this one Thanos solves most of his problems the same way he did with The Gardner in the first. Thanos is a cool character because he is both crazy strong, and crazy cunning, but this one felt like a re-hash of the firstEVER! The ending broke my f'n heart.Thanos was trying to get the gems to win over Mistress Death, yet he became too powerful as a consequence and she had no interest in him. I find my self oddly sensitive to his plight (co [...]

    20. ¡Excelente! La ansiedad por Avengers: Infinity War me ha llevado a investigar un poco e indagar más sobre Thanos, nuestro querido titan loco. Si aún no entiendes todo este tema de las Gemas del infinito y su origen, puedes venir a este maravilloso cómic y ¡tu fanboy/fangirl te lo agradecerá! El amor de un Titan a La Muerte y la codicia por el poder hará que el universo tiemble de sólo pronunciar su nombre.

    21. Great book. The conclusion to the prelude to the Infinity book, this book sees Thanos take on three more externals for three more games as he has to defeat them in strength, speed and smartness. This is fantastic! I loved the book and think that this two part series is better than the Infinity Gauntlet, event though many people will disagree with me.Be sure to check my review of book 1.

    22. Que Starlin bolacee todo lo que quiera, yo encantado de seguir leyendo las peripecias metagalácticas del Titán enamorado de la Muerte en busca de las poderosas -y cada vez más populares- Gemas del Infinito.

    23. In book two of "The Thanos Quest", Thanos takes on the Collector (who's appearing in the 2014 "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie), the Runner, and the Grand Master to attain their Soul Gems (Infinity Gems). And he does it all to prove his love for Mistress Death.

    24. Very interesting prelude to the Infinity Gauntlet arc. It's very 90s (and late 80s) in many ways. I enjoyed the plot, particularly the end and a few of the encounters with Elders, but some of the execution is clunky and trippy.

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