The Aristocats

The Aristocats Relive Walt Disney s th full length animated feature in this beautiful hardcover page classic storybook that accurately captures the movie magic and places it right into a child s hands With ev

  • Title: The Aristocats
  • Author: Walt Disney Company
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Relive Walt Disney s 20th full length animated feature in this beautiful, hardcover, 96 page classic storybook that accurately captures the movie magic and places it right into a child s hands With every turn of a page, adventure unfolds to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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    2. AristoCats by Tom McGowan, Tom Rowe and… seven other writers I loved the AristoCats! However, it was…thirty years ago… Cartoons were meant to be for children, when I was a little boy. Now, it seems this is the level of the American president.A man who states with pride that he does not read and needs everything on one page, which must include references to…himself. Otherwise, his goldfish attention span will just make him lose interest.Alas, as many comedians point out, Trump is not an o [...]

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    4. Not much of a story, I was a just in 2nd grade when my dad bought me loads of Disney story books (which are no longer in my possession).I really liked it as a kid. Now when I look back, I probably only read it only because there were cats in it, the singing kittens specifically (I can sing and play "Scale and Arpeggios" from memory, but that was in the movie). Back to the book no big, life-changing plot here. (view spoiler)[ snobbish and pampered kittens and their mum who learned from living in [...]

    5. The Aristocats has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was little girl. The book goes right along with the popular film. The images look as if they are scenes taken out of the movie itself. The book is an easy read, for all ages. The Disney Golden Books are classics, and I highly recommend reading any, or all of the books in the collection. The Aristocats is all time favorite of mine and I'm sure it could be a favorite of anybody else who takes the time to read the short story. It is ab [...]

    6. This is not a bad book interpretation of the Disney movie. It would be hard to capture all the excitement from the songs, but the book does a good job telling the main story, and the illustrations are delightful.

    7. The version we have is from the Storybook Collection and it's a really nice version. Stays true to the cartoon but doesn't have a lot of 'could be scary' parts in it for the younger children that you read to. But it doesn't take out any of the good parts of the book.

    8. This was a great book when I was little. I loved everything to do about cats and the adventure was so fun

    9. It was a fun read simply because I read it with my little sister. I didn't pay much attention to the structure or ideas. The review is solely subjective :)

    10. I remember loving the characters in this tale as a child. Interesting story that at the time was fairly unique.

    11. I don't remember a lot about the book, but I went through a phase where I was obsessed with this movie, so I'm sure I was obsessed with this book as well for a while.

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