Eye of the Abductor

Eye of the Abductor Alternate cover edition can be found hereAfter serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn t commit Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason To regain custody of her four

  • Title: Eye of the Abductor
  • Author: Elaine Meece
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover edition can be found hereAfter serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn t commit, Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason To regain custody of her four year old son If the courts won t give him back, she has a backup plan Abduct him.The hotter than hell detective living above her not only finds his way into her dreams, butAlternate cover edition can be found hereAfter serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn t commit, Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason To regain custody of her four year old son If the courts won t give him back, she has a backup plan Abduct him.The hotter than hell detective living above her not only finds his way into her dreams, but also into her life As Detective Brance Stone gets acquainted with the sexy woman living in the apartment below him, he makes plans to get the lady into his bed But she makes it clear she s not looking for a relationship with him or any man That doesn t stop Brance from trying He soon discovers she s a felon hoping to regain custody of her little boy and decides to help, despite the fact that his involvement could possibly destroy his career and alienate his all cop family When a big time drug lord comes looking for Allison and the five million her dead ex husband stole from him, she has to take drastic measures to ensure her safety as well as her son s She doesn t have the money, but she doubts anyone believes her, and she has no idea who to trust any.Is Brance just another dirty cop, or will he be able to save her heart along with her life

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    1. I just loved this book. It really put me through the ringer. Poor Paige/Allison lost everything when she was wrongfully convicted of a crime that she didn't commit. Her cop ex husband the bastard took her down with him when he got busted. Allison's four month old son Nathan was sent to live with with her in laws. Now shes out and wants her son back. Even if she has to abduct him.Plan A is to get custody and plan B abduction. The thing is that she changed her name and came back to town to be clos [...]

    2. A woman desperate to regain custody of her young son returns to her hometown after being released from two years in a federal prison for a crime she did not commit. She has a new identity and will stop at nothing, including, if necessary, abduction. Her neighbor, a single, handsome detective is determined to knock her off her feet. She's attracted to him, but can't risk revealing who she is and what she is planning, besides, he's a lady's man with a different conquest in his bed almost nightly. [...]

    3. the-book-diariesAs much as I wanted to hate Brance in the beginning (such a player) I could not help but love him by the middle. I love the depth of each of the characters. Every one of them had some story behind them that made them unique. This story is a heartfelt one, especially all the mothers out there. This story could possibly have a lot of truth to it. It is so true to life that you can just see this really happening. I love the strong female characters and Allison is one right off the b [...]

    4. This was an Freebie that didn't sit on the kindle for long!I was honestly expecting this book to have a lot more sex than it did based on the cover alone.The story starts out with us meeting Allison as she is trying to catch a glimpse of her son. We then meet Brance the cop who lives in the apartment above hers.Things slowly heat up between the two and all the while Allison is trying to stay under the radar so she can save money to go for custody of her son.The story is a good one, and I honest [...]

    5. This book takes you through all of the emotions - anger, sad, happy, etc. I hated the Allison throughout most of the book, but it also made the book impossible to put down! Highly recommend this one if you are looking for a book that will keep you guessing til the end!

    6. Well, 2 1/2 stars. I finish it, but kept waiting formething. I think that some of the scenes moved too fast and i would have liked more description. Otherwise an okay story.

    7. I like the idea behind this story but I find it poorly executed. This book is in desperate need of editing and proofreading. Also there are many discrepancies in this book. At first Brance is a manwhore and straight away he loves Allison and wants to marry her. She loves him (why??) but pushes him away all the time till the end. And then there is that underlying story line between Brance and his family. I found it was completely unnecessary - it just added more heartache to Brance which I felt d [...]

    8. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS A FEW SPOILERS SO PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO SEE THEM.Allison served three years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Her deceased husband was a crooked cop who lied under oath testifying that Allison was involved. As a result his mother got custody of their now four year old son. Allison will do whatever she has to in order to get her son back. She has no intention of falling for her hot neighbor, especially knowing he's a cop.Brance is drawn to h [...]

    9. Allison spent two years in jail for a crime she didn’t commit now she’s home and she wants her son back, by legal or illegal means. Nothing and no one, not even the hunky wall banging Detective Brance Stone who lives in the apartment above her will stand in her way. Brance is attracted to his gorgeous but reserved neighbour and tries unsuccessfully to pick her up. Under different circumstances and before her life went to hell in a boat, Allison might have been tempted but Brance she knows fi [...]

    10. As much as I enjoyed reading it, this book is ticking me off. Why? Because the story's full of gaping hole. I liked the plot and the way its author writing it is quite simple and easy to read. But the story itself, there are so many moments that annoys me. The major one is Brance's dad and Dillon's apology. Seriously? Just like that? After all of those hateful things that they said to Allison and Brance? I was dying to see how they 'grovel' for forgiveness but, apparently the author decided to g [...]

    11. I needed something different so I decided to pick a freebie Eye of the Abductor by Elaine Meece. I am aware that this is going to be a bizarre sort of review so please bear with me. I liked the book; it had a really good story. It had a little of this & a little of that. Romance (check), mystery (check), drama (check), some humor (check), sexy hot man (check). I liked him & I liked her. But here is the thing you need to know before going in to it, it’s a simple book. By that I mean it [...]

    12. Had a difficult time liking Brance(and his name too) at the beginning. What a man-whorewhy was that necessary? There was enough conflict and suspense to carry the book without adding the extreme promiscuity, though I know it furthered the distrust element, surely this could have been done without making the reader basically hate the hero at first.The writer did a good job creating Brance's family drama with the parentage issue et al. I found my self crying and heartbroken for Brance several time [...]

    13. Not usually my cup of tea involving cops, ex-cons and FBI among other things but it was surely entertaining. There's a lot of romance intermingled with drama, suspicion and suspense. Also despite the racy cover there's only a couple kisses and one sex scene, nothing major. It centrers mostly in Allison's attempt to regain her life and son after a two-year prison sentence for a crime she didn't commit and her lust and passion for the upstairs neighbour cop. There's threats, attacks and even a kid [...]

    14. I've not read a lot of romantic suspense novels, but now want to read more. Not only was the plot in this book exceptional, but the characters were believable and likable. It was obvious to me that Ms. Meece did her research. Either that, or she's an ex-cop.I thought I knew what direction the plot was going, but then it took an unexpected turn. I liked that!I looked forward to my reading time every evening, and finished the book in only a few days. There were a couple of times I stayed up much t [...]

    15. Pretty good story but dang, if you judged that town in Tennessee by this book, you would think 90% of the cops were dirty, evil cheating jerks, that all the people are judgmental jerks, and churchgoers are all a bunch of fakes that approve of perjury. The bad things seemed neverending for the heroine. I thought that some of the things said/done were pretty much UNforgivable yet they were too easily forgiven in the last part. Ticked me off.

    16. It's okay. Your typical romance-thriller. Things really got quite unbelievable near the ending. Not very sexy either. I mean, I don't want them ripping each others clothes off every chapter, but only one hot scene? Come-on. Plot was okay, but like I said, a bit out there. There were numerous grammatical errors in the text. Also, the fonts in the ebook would change.

    17. Such a good read! Loved every minute of this book. I could not put it down once I started it , it was a book that held my attention the whole way through. One thing that I really liked is the book would lead you to believing one thing and have you thinking this but in the end is was not the person or people or things you thought it was!

    18. I was not sure of this book, but loved the drama. The book overall flowed very well together. The ending was perfect for this story line. I would read another book from this authorte keeper.

    19. 3.5 starsBrance was a great character, very supportive and caring. Never leaving Allison (Paige) behind. Always trusting her, and loving her. He knew there was something about her, he knew, he always knew that she would let those walls down. Great book!

    20. Really enjoyed this read. First time I have read one of Elaine's books, but won't be the last! Great story with characters you can sympathize with. Don't hesitate to read this one, it will keep you up to finish it!!

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