Jonathan Cleaned Up — Then He Heard a Sound: Or Blackberry Subway Jam

Jonathan Cleaned Up Then He Heard a Sound Or Blackberry Subway Jam A subway stops in Jonathan s apartment and out pour thousands of commuters and their litter

  • Title: Jonathan Cleaned Up — Then He Heard a Sound: Or Blackberry Subway Jam
  • Author: Robert Munsch Michael Martchenko
  • ISBN: 9780920236208
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • A subway stops in Jonathan s apartment, and out pour thousands of commuters and their litter.

    One thought on “Jonathan Cleaned Up — Then He Heard a Sound: Or Blackberry Subway Jam”

    1. One thing everyone has to admit is that Munsch has a rare amount of imagination. As for the title it's probably the strangest one I've ever seen. The art is great, not my favorite but it's great. The story is odd, I mean really odd but it is creative and enjoyable. There is some interesting things, in the story seems to poke fun at government and it's ability to function. Did anyone notice those at city hall had lunch for three hours and that they spent millions of dollars on a broken system. (T [...]

    2. Partly I love this because it's set in the Toronto I grew up in, but partly it's just the fact that it's a funny kid-and-quirky-adult-against-the-boring-old-world story, and of course the kid and quirky adult win, and I'm always on their side. I fear, however, that this book may be past its prime. What kid now knows that computers were ever the size of rooms? Even I'm a little young for that--the earliest computers I remember could easily fit on a desk, although of course I grew up knowing there [...]

    3. I love this book for its imagination and its poking fun at authority. I guess I was such a goody two shoes growing up that now every time I see evidence of children's disdain for authority -- real or fictional -- it makes me smile with both tooth and eye.

    4. This is a book about Jonathan, who has a subway station in his house. Because the station is causing quite a mess in his house, he decides to go try to get the station moved somewhere else. After the mayor ignores him, Jonathan goes and talks to the man that is doing all the work for the computer. I thought this was a cute little story about a boy taking initiative and trying to help out his mom. I also liked that it was repetitive, but something would be added on with each new repetition. Howev [...]

    5. This book has all the classic Munsch traits - an exceedingly improbable situation (subways keep opening up into Jonathan's apartment, making progressively greater and greater messes), useless adults (his mother blames HIM for the impossible mess, and at city hall he's told the routes can't be changed), and a silly solution (he bribes the man who makes the maps to move the station to the mayor's office. LOL!)It's great. Silly, fun, over-the-top, and no pretense at a moral. Plus, bonus - trains! I [...]

    6. Classic Munsch. I love this book but I do think that the computer will be completely unrecognizable to childrend the idea of it costing 10 million dollars and taking up an entire room is just so foreign to children who've grown up with ipads. Did anyone else think it was interesting that the "computer's" favourite jam was blackberry?

    7. This book was really interesting because a subway drops off unexpected passengers at Jonathan and his like puzzled about what happen. After his apartment is clean and he tries to keep it that way that's when the subway unloads a pack of people and he wants to know what the problem is so he sets off to find out. It's a good book for little kids that are interested in mysteries.

    8. This book didn't seem to be going anywhere. The ending was humorous but all in all not my favorite Robert Munsch.

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