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  1. This was a great read. I have read a few books by this author and I am impressed with her writing Style. Simone and Seth are a couple waiting to happen from their first interaction in the book. There is romance, mystery, intrique, and a couple of overprotective Alpha men thrown into the mix. I enjoyed reading the book and look forward to many more stories from this author. Highly Recommend, 5 star read.Tasha ~ Divas of the Serengeti Book Club

  2. Loved the action and suspense packed into this romantic story. Simone was such a feisty character and Seth was just TDF. More please

  3. 'Stranded but not Alone' is the story of an ex-militia Russian male and an African American woman who's looking for a good vacation. As the title and cover portrays very boldly (You can't miss it with a 2 inch ruler), the two become stranded in the winter worn mountains by no fault of their own.This title gives you mystery/suspense and romance and the main character, Seth and Simone, whip into a loving if not fast paced tale of a middle-aged couple who have experienced the trials of life and are [...]

  4. If I had to describe this book in one word, I would choose convenient. Everything was WAY too convenient. I am not even talking about the insta-love or insta-family. They both could have been stranded alone because they were fierce. She was the child of a military man who took his kids camping. This made her the love child of Xena and MacGyver. He was ex Russian military. Add to this, all of the bad guys No spoilers but it was like a bad version of "this is your life". Not a bad book but much to [...]

  5. This is the first book I read by Cora and i was not disappointed at all. it offered a love story with suspense and mystery themes thrown in. Simone and Seth make a great couple. This is one of the first IR books I have read and I have been hooked on IR books ever since.

  6. A wonderful story of love and overcoming. Simone and Seth draw you in and you'll never want their story to end. I had a hard time putting this down! Definitely a book to read.

  7. Really enjoyed this story, two people in need of love and healing. It was a love story with a bit of danger thrown in.

  8. This was a great story. Ms. Blu can definitely entertain. The story would have been marked higher, but the grammatical errors made it too difficult to read this suspense with ease as it needs to be in order for the story to flow as it should have. There was chemistry and there was a good plot, I wish there was better editing because this could have been a 4 1/2 to even a 5 star, but I will only rate it 3 1/2.

  9. The story was very good and pulls you in right from the start. The characters Simone and Seth are drawn well, and are strangers at the beginning of the story. They meet on a bus tour in Austria. They are thrust into an adventure when their bus falls off a cliff while they're still outside looking around. They soon find that they're running for their lives,and of course growing closer together. It was a very good story, that was full of action, drama and romance.

  10. A great storyThe only complaint I can find with this book is realisation. Black women do not wash their hair as often as Sim does in this book. But other than that I liked the story.

  11. Good book Wow tons of action plus a hot Russian lover. Loved how the heroine wasn't helpless and was such a badass

  12. The story was too short. Good story line. Sim and Seth had good chemistry. Howevefr it felt the ending was rush.

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