One thought on “Lo sai come siamo fatti?”

  1. This book made a huge impression on me when I was 5 years old. In fact, I think it is where I first learned about "the birds and the bees"--I simply read about it! To this day, I am amazed at how well the concise copy and fantastic illustrations bring to life all the major, complex body processes and structures. Maybe it is the reason I would go on to become so fascinated with anatomy, and even biology, later in high school. You really have to turn the pages to understand how well-done it is. If [...]

  2. We're still studying the human body. It will never endither will my search for a good book about the body. We've used this book for a few sections so far. And thus far it's pretty dang good. Short, simple but not dumbed down explanations. Excellent illustrations. Even a few suggestions on experiments to do.The first few pages are about babies and how they uh, get here. There are 4 small pictures of the equipment used, and one short paragraph on how it happens. We've sort of skipped over that par [...]

  3. I loved this book growing up. Too bad it's out of print now. No other educational or encyclopedic children's book I've seen comes close to this one as far as the illustrations go, they're clean, informative and cute.

  4. Have you ever wondered how your body works and why it does the things it does? This book contains lots of information about the human body. It introduces all the different parts of the body and explains their functions. It also talks about other relevant topics, such as food and nutrition, evolution, heredity, and dreams.The text is, from what I’ve read, very accurate. I took anatomy class and a lot of what I read is the same thing I learned from my anatomy professor. “The hypothalamus contr [...]

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