The Lost Husband

The Lost Husband Fans of Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin are sure to fall in love with Katherine Center s most heartwarming and engaging novel yet about how even losing the most important thing in your life can help

  • Title: The Lost Husband
  • Author: Katherine Center
  • ISBN: 9780345507945
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fans of Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin are sure to fall in love with Katherine Center s most heartwarming and engaging novel yet about how even losing the most important thing in your life can help you find yourself again.After the sudden loss of her husband in a car crash, Libby Moran falls on hard times so hard, in fact, that she s forced to move in with her hyper critFans of Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin are sure to fall in love with Katherine Center s most heartwarming and engaging novel yet about how even losing the most important thing in your life can help you find yourself again.After the sudden loss of her husband in a car crash, Libby Moran falls on hard times so hard, in fact, that she s forced to move in with her hyper critical mother There, sleeping on the pull out sofa so her two children can share the guest room, she can t stop longing for the life she had So when a letter arrives from Libby s estranged aunt offering her a job and a place to live on her goat farm, Libby jumps at the opportunity But starting over is never easy With an aunt who is nothing like she imagined, a shaggy farm manager with a tragic past, a psychic at the feed store who claims to be able to contact the dead, and a bully at her daughter s school, country life isn t at all what Libby expected But it also offers her what no other place can A chance to define the good life for herself A chance to piece together the mysteries of her own past A chance, even, at love And, finally, a chance to bring herself, and her family, back to life.

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    1. It is not really what happens to you that matters as much as who you become in response to those thingsStarting over is never easy and when you are forced to make a change in your life you never wanted the stress is doubled. For Libby and her children it is time to move on and when her eccentric Aunt Jean makes her an offer she should probably refuse, Libby does not. It has been a long, tough time since her husband died but Libby wants to prove it is not really what happens to you that matters a [...]

    2. I wanted to read something a little lighter as the last several books I’ve read have been pretty intense for me. This book did not disappoint. It was a sweet, heartwarming story about a woman who’s husband passed away a couple years ago. Her and her two kids were staying with her mother and she was offered the opportunity to go stay on her Aunt’s farm and help with running the farm. The characters were likeable and it was a nice, feel good story, and when I finished I hugged the book to me [...]

    3. I received an uncorrected advanced copy of The Lost Husband by Katherine Center from Netgalley in return for my honest review.From the minute I first started reading The Lost Husband, I loved it. It was just my kind of novel, charming and quirky with heartwarming characters. However, as the story progressed, although I enjoyed the book, very much in fact, I felt there were several problems that were hard to get past.When the book opened, the reader learned that Danny, the husband of the main cha [...]

    4. I loved this book! So inspiring and heartwarming. I received a galley of this title and filed it away with my massively growing To-Be-Read pile. I remember reading Center's earlier books, The Bright Side of Disaster, Get Lucky and Everyone is Beautiful and having really enjoyed both of those books, decided to give her latest a try. In her earlier works, Center wrote about the themes of female empowerment, confidence, taking chances, starting over and personal strength. Her upcoming release, The [...]

    5. Dear Libby, It occurs to me that you and your two children have been living with your mother for--Dear Lord!--two whole years, and I'm writing to see if you'd like to be rescued.The letter comes out of the blue, and just in time for Libby Moran, who--after the sudden death of her husband, Danny--went to stay with her hypercritical mother. Now her crazy Aunt Jean has offered Libby an escape: a job and a place to live on her farm in the Texas Hill Country. Before she can talk herself out of it, Li [...]

    6. Katherine Center, the author of THE LOST HUSBAND, could easily have cut her title down to two words and called her book THE LOST. Everyone in this book seems to be stumbling along, mourning some aspect of their lives, with little true direction (except, perhaps for Aunt Jean).Three years after the death of her husband Danny, Libby still cannot seem to let go. To add insult to injury she is obsessive/compulsive about her children always imagining that the worst things possible will befall them. I [...]

    7. I liked it more than I thought I would. Certainly, I like a cute story of finding love. Nothing too cheesy or easy, though. There's the attraction portion of the story but more poignant is the life lessons about doing what's right because it's the right thing to do. Even though it's hard. And not fun. The book is about human resiliency and knowing when it's time to move on. There's a time to mourn, a time to cry but there always comes a time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, reflect on how [...]

    8. I hesitated when I first saw the premise of the book, thinking it might be a tad depressing since the main character was a recent widow. Since I have loved all of Katherine's previous books, I decided to give it a go and wasn't disappointed since her books truly seem to keep getting better and better. I was quickly immersed into the lives of Libby and her family in this small Texas town. Katherine's characters are extremely relatable and feel like old friends after just a few chapters. I was cur [...]

    9. What a great, curl up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea this read was! Aunt Jean’s goat farm is the setting for this heartwarming tale of a young widow and her struggles to reclaim her life after the loss of her husband, Danny.Libby, the mother of two adorable little kids, a son, Theodore, a.k.a. Tank, and a little girl, Abby, heads to Aunt Jean’s goat farm on Broken Tree Road in Atwater, Texas for what turns out to be a time for realigning what is important and examining what has been [...]

    10. Definitely one of the sweetest, heartwarming love stories out there! It's about learning to start a new chapter for 2 lonely hearts. It's different, filled with many important lessons and hope, that not only heals Libby, the heroines heart, but other characters in the story too, specially O'Connors.Libby is a widow and a very protective mom of 2 young kids. She portrays her role with genuine emotion. I loved the chemistry between Libby and O'Connor. The author creates great anticipation to their [...]

    11. If Brené Brown wrote fiction, this would be it. In fact, I seriously considered whether Brené could possibly be writing under the pseudonym "Katherine Center." (No way, both these ladies are far too busy! And real.)But the comparison is a good thing. The Lost Husband reads like chick lit--easy, breezy--but has a surprising depth. I'm now adding the rest of Center's books to my to-read list.

    12. This book will have you laughing & crying all in one sitting & hoping you could pack up to a seemingly easier life on a farm.

    13. Katherine Center is awesome. I’ve read every one of her books, and they suck me in like nobody’s gull-darn business. The Lost Husband was no different, ending my somewhat hum-drum streak of starting and promptly abandoning books, and I was all up in this novel from start to finish.Despite the heavy subject matter of Center’s latest, this is not a serious story. It has serious elements, absolutely, and I may have teared up a few times, but like every story penned by this author? Well, at it [...]

    14. The Lost Husband starts out with Libby living at her mothers house with her two children. They've been there for the past two years because three years previous her husband was tragically killed in a car accident. Libby and her mother don't exactly see eye to eye, so when her estranged aunt sends her a letter inviting her to come live with her on her goat farm Libby jumps at the opportunity. The transition of her old life to her new life as a cheese farmer is not easy but it does provide some go [...]

    15. Abby has been living with her hyper-critical mother for two years after an accident killed her husband and hurt her small daughter. After his death, there were many discoveries and surgeries for her daughter. Abby was left without a home so she moved into her mother's condo.Out of the blue came a message from her mother's reviled sister, her Aunt Joan, offering her rescue. The rescue came in the form of a job on her goat farm, a way to look after her kids, and a new start in life. Without knowin [...]

    16. I’ve read enough Katherine Center books (2? 3?) by now to know what I was getting before I added the book to my wish list. I like what Katherine Center gives to a book. I like her characters that seem like regular people, but are also just a little bit quirky. I like her Texas settings. I like her storylines that always involve family troubles. (Stop reading here if you don’t want any spoilers.) I like how the family always gets better by the end of the story, though the family is never tid [...]

    17. I had not read any of Katherine Center's books before, but I'll be sure to check out her other novels after reading this book.The Lost Husband follows the story of Libby, a widow with two children. Libby has been living with her mother since the untimely death of her husband. As we all know, fish and relatives start smelling after three days. Libby receives a letter from her aunt (her mother's sister), inviting Libby and her children to come and live on the farm with her. This is a beautiful and [...]

    18. I received an ARC of The Lost Husband from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.4.5 StarsI'm so glad I got the chance to read this! I loved this book. Libby has had it a bit rough in life, constantly being dragged from city to city as a child by her mother, who was more interested in getting attention from men than taking care of her daughter. This leaves her with lingering issues of abandonment as an adult. Wanting to be nothing like her mother, she learned to be responsible and caring on [...]

    19. Ever since I discovered and absolutely adored Katherine Center's, Happiness for Beginners, I knew I wanted to slowly read all of her books (and I was so happy to find out that she's written quite a few!). Thankfully, The Lost Husband did not disappoint. This is a book about loss, moving on, forgiveness, hope, love and self-growth. While I couldn't relate to having lost my husband, I could relate to being a mother, and I just really liked the main character, Libby. She was honest, real, and just [...]

    20. Libby Moran was devastated when her husband tragically died. A few years later she’s still living with her over critical mother and two children a home, job and an escape she jumps at the chance. On the farm can she find the peace she needs a allow herself to move on?I found this to be a well written heart warming story about love, loss and moving-on.

    21. Originally reviewed at Novel Escapes.The Lost Husband is a cute, fun book. This is a quick read about a serious subject matter - moving on after the loss of a spouse - yet Katherine Center carries it through with just the right amount of humour that it is not morose or morbid. A novel about loss and starting over, as well as the added trio of motherhood, romance, and a disaster of a mother are covered in this delightful tale.At the heart of this novel is a woman whose husband died tragically in [...]

    22. Yes, it is very true. I LOVE this book. It’s like Ms. Center wrote this book for me with me in mind. It is just one of the most surprising books I have read all year. After I read the first page I was a bit apprehensive on where this story would go. By page three I had a very hard time putting it down! I just fell in love with these characters and how the story was told.Three years ago Libby lost her husband and almost lost her daughter in a car accident. With no money she and her two children [...]

    23. This was my favorite Katherine Center book. I found myself laughing out loud several times while reading it. Libby is the mother of two young children. She lost her husband three years ago; she has no money so she makes the mistake of moving in with her controlling mother. Things do not go so well with that living arrangement. Libby’s eccentric Aunt Jean sends her a letter inviting her to come live with her and help on the farm. Cue all the goats. Naturally they all have names and at one point [...]

    24. This was a really good book and to be honest while I was eager to read it I did not think that I would like it and connect with it as well as I did. But you could not help but feel sucked in by the cast of characters. You had the annoying and selfish Mom Marsha, Libby the paranoid but learning to live again, her kids who were just some great kids but had some issues too. Crazy but fantastic and fun Aunt Jean and of course the "Hot Farmer" the handsome O'Connor. I have to say perhaps my favorite [...]

    25. I loved this book which I picked up without really expecting anything, after seeing a post on Facebook. The subject could be tragic, but it is dealt with in a gracious, well-balanced way. Libby has been widowed for three years, and has passed the "if only" stage and is close to accepting her loss. The challenges of day-to-day life with two children and no income prevent her from constantly dwelling on what she has lost, so there is little of the pathos which the title might suggest. I love Aunt [...]

    26. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley.I enjoyed this book. This is the first I have read by this author and I would pick up her other books when I am in the mood for something light and "feel good". Although the main character lost her husband in a car accident, this book focuses more on bouncing back and realizing what you do have and making the best out of it. I absolutely loved the names of Aunt Jean's goats and I might be secretly hoping that I have a long-lost aunt who is going t [...]

    27. I am more than a little inclined to move into the cozy funky house with Aunt Jean. And I might even agree to milk a few goats if only to exist in the magical setting this author manages to create.The writing was positively addicting (just ask the chores at my house I have ignored for the last 12 hours so I could read.) Center's dialogue made me laugh out loud on several occasions.Even the ending (so cheesy I found myself with a hankering for fondue) and the almost complete lack of anything solid [...]

    28. The Lost Husband was a feel-good, easy read. I talked myself out of giving it five stars, but truthfully, I liked so much about it and I would recommend it to my friends looking for an enjoyable, thoughtful novel. While I was reading it I thought "This is the kind of 'chick flick' I would actually like." (But of course I wouldn't like the film as much as the novel.) Yes, there a few cliche bits (and the cover art could use a re-do), but I loved the story and the positive message.

    29. This was my first Katherine Center book, and I adored it. I love the fact that she's a Texas author, but it wouldn't have mattered. This is about overcoming the trials of life, but one that leaves you inspired rather than depressed. I adored the setting (a goat farm) and wanted to milk goats with the characters (especially Jean). I saw that this book has been optioned as a movie. Oh, I do hope! I've found a new favorite author.

    30. Katherine Center has never disappointed me. I adore her books and The Lost Husband made me fall in love with her yet again. Fabulously written, lovable characters. I am crossing my fingers that there will be a sequel.

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