Cowboy with a Cause

Cowboy with a Cause I d apologize for kissing you but I m not all that sorry Dancer Melanie Brooks had escaped small town Oklahoma giving up the country for Broadway s bright lights Yet after her mother s funeral calle

  • Title: Cowboy with a Cause
  • Author: Carla Cassidy
  • ISBN: 9780373278053
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • I d apologize for kissing you, but I m not all that sorry Dancer Melanie Brooks had escaped small town Oklahoma, giving up the country for Broadway s bright lights Yet after her mother s funeral called her back, her own health issues forced her to stay Now her tenant, too hot for his own good Adam Benson, is giving her a reason to dance again But has a killer set his I d apologize for kissing you, but I m not all that sorry Dancer Melanie Brooks had escaped small town Oklahoma, giving up the country for Broadway s bright lights Yet after her mother s funeral called her back, her own health issues forced her to stay Now her tenant, too hot for his own good Adam Benson, is giving her a reason to dance again But has a killer set his sights on her, too Adam knows a little something about fresh starts As for his beautiful neighbor, he doesn t see a wheelchair he sees a woman who understands But as the heat grows between them, he can t avoid the feeling that than her big city past haunts her and that danger has been lurking, waiting to strike.

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    1. Well, I liked the romance part of the book :) The suspense was horribly terrible Adam moves in with Melanie, a cranky young woman in a wheelchair who is mad at the world. He needs a place to stay, even though he doesn't know if it will work living with her, especially because he finds her incredibly attractive Melanie is a former dancer, now forced to a wheelchair, with a sick leg. She's always in a bad mood, and can't really come to terms with her life.She likes Adam, but doesn't want to do any [...]

    2. I loved the cover of this book, Cowboy with a Cause. It really is lovely.I just wish that I had been as satisfied with the story. The summary had drawn me in:"I'd apologize for kissing you, but I'm not all that sorry."Dancer Melanie Brooks had escaped small-town Oklahoma, giving up the country for Broadway's bright lights. Yet after her mother's funeral called her back, her own health issues forced her to stay. Now her tenant, too-hot-for-his-own-good Adam Benson, is giving her a reason to dance [...]

    3. I love the idea but it was poorly executed. If you're going to try to write an empowering story of a woman in a wheelchair finding love, there shouldn't be the constant doubt and insecurity about what she can and can't do because she can't walk. Right up until the last scene, it's all about her not feeling like she can live how she wants to because she can't walk. At times, it was really offensive.Adam interfered so much in her life too soon in my opinion. This wasn't suspenseful to me and who e [...]

    4. Cowboy with a Causeby seasoned Romantic Suspense author Carla Cassidy , was a terrific, enthralling addition to her Cowboy Café series. Once again, you will salivate over a deep thinking, drop dead gorgeous Hero, and admire her strong, courageous heroine. Beautiful, passionate and talented dancer Melanie Brooks, at eighteen, packed up her small town life in Oklahoma to pursue her life-long dream of becoming a successful dancer in New York. She had succeeded, but all her dreams died following th [...]

    5. Why would a freebie be the 3rd instalment in a series? I find that slightly weird. Especially in a series when some "mystery" provides a common framework.Anyway that was not the main reason for this rather poor rating. And despite the remaining suspense, I'm sure I won't read the remainder of the series.I did not manage to like the characters. I should have grieved for the heroine, former Broadway dancer now stuck in a wheelchair. But I really could not when all she did for the past months, outs [...]

    6. This is the third book in the Cowboy Cafe series by Carla Cassidy. I am tempted to give this book 2 stars simply because I thought it was the last book in this series and I expected to get closure on the unresolved issues from the previous books in the series. But apparently it's not. There must be at least one more book in the series but I haven't seen anything about it. This book features Adam Benson, brother to Nick Benson from the previous book, The Cowboy's Claim, and Melanie Brooks. Adam m [...]

    7. This is romance meets murder mystery. The romance is between Melanie and Adam. In high school, Melanie made it clear that once she graduated she was heading to New York to be a dancer and that's exactly what she did. Years later she came home to care for her dying mother and ending up staying as she lost her dreams of being a dancer when an accident puts her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Needless to say, she's very bitter.Adam has had some tragedy his sister has died and his brothe [...]

    8. Melanie is a heroine I can really get behind, a woman of strength and vulnerability, and fully 3-dimensional. I also appreciate reading about a physically disabled heroine, as it’s a refreshing change from the majority of books. I was reminded somewhat of the character of Stephanie in the film ‘Rust & Bone’, as both women are quite suddenly disabled and have to adjust to their new circumstances.The hero, Adam, was interesting as well, though I did not find his character quite as compel [...]

    9. Being a woman in a wheelchair there were times I completely understood how Melanie felt regarding how she thought people saw her and even how she saw herself. Her views on the future with or without romance also struck a chord. But there were other times I really wanted to shake her and yell "snap out of it!". Adam tried his best to get her out of her funk and thankfully it did happen, it just happened to late for me. Add in the fact that the plot also involves two murders that have been dragged [...]

    10. This would have been a DNF if I didn't need the setting (Oklahoma) for a reading challenge!I could not connect with the characters, and aspects of the plot were not plausible. The heroine, Melanie, is in a wheelchair and is certain that the hero could not really love her, so she "protects" her heart by resisting him to a degree that is tiresome. Just skip this one.

    11. This book is great! Small town dancer and good looking cowboy and romance and murder!! Love the main characters, Melanie & Adam. Melanie being a strong woman in a wheelchair, thinking she had nothing to give Adam, a cowboy with his own problems. Plus an obsessed murderer out to kill Melanie makes for a very good read!! Love Carla Cassidy's books!!

    12. Two-haiku review:She's in a wheelchairCowboy becomes her boarderStrange things happeningBoth of them damagedDidn't really engage meI'm not quite sure why

    13. The usual romance stuffI found nothing new. Cheesy romance. Damsel in distress but too headstrong to admit it. Hero saves the day. Villain hell-bent on revenge.

    14. Cowboy with a Cause is the third book in Carla Cassidy's Cowboy Cafe series and features Adam Benson and Melanie Brooks.Coping from a tragic past and striving to stay sober, Adam Benson is on a lookout for a place to stay when he comes across the only house with a vacancy.Melanie Brooks had come to the small town of Grady gulch from New York to nurse her ailing mother but after her mother's death and an accident she is now confined to a wheelchair with all her dreams of becoming a dancer shatter [...]

    15. Very good book. Melanie is back in her hometown. She had been planning to leave again after her mother's funeral but she ended up staying because of her health issues. She has spent the last seven months holed up in her house feeling sorry for herself. But she really needs the money that renting out the top floor of her house would bring in, so she rents it to Adam. She has resigned herself to being alone for the rest of her life, but suddenly she has an intense attraction to Adam to deal with. [...]

    16. An okay read. It didn't really have much going on though, so it was boring at times (many times!). I didn't really like Melanie. I get that her dreams of dancing were over but come on! All her self pity"I'm a helpless cripple!" was just so annoying! Adamwas Adam. I didn't really feel connected to any of the characters. It did seem weird that the story starts off talking about the 2 killings, yet nothing becomes of that case. Instead something new is brought in.Questions/Comments:The town the cha [...]

    17. Cowboy With a Cause by Carla CassidyI would like to start this review by asking a question – was my book missing pages? We go through a lot in this book and when we finally get to what should be the ‘happily ever after’ we actually get nothing! Not even an epilogue to explain what may have happened to this couple. I understand that this is part of a series and there is a new book coming out this summer, but still…I really don’t like to be kept hanging.While this story could have been a [...]

    18. I first picked up Cowboy with a Cause because the blurb and the cover caught my attention. Carla Cassidy was a new author to me (and I'm always on the lookout for new favourites!) and the Romantic Suspense line (like the old Silhouette Intrigue) is one of my go-to Harlequin series. Unfortunately, Cowboy with a Cause didn't live up to expectations. The characters were flat and Melanie's "poor little cripple" routine became old very quickly. (view spoiler)[Especially during the final scene when he [...]

    19. Adam Benson arrives in Grady Gulch, Oklahoma, looking for a change. With his brother newly married and himself newly sober (2 months and counting), he needs a place of his own. What he finds is a room to rent from a lovely wheelchair bound former dancer named Melanie Brooks, who has given up the lights of Broadway due to her health. She’s also mourning the recent death of her mother. She feels judged by everyone in town because of her being wheelchair-bound, but the reader slowly comes to real [...]

    20. This was a very inspirational book that really touched my heart.Melanie was a professional dancer until an accident happened and she was forced into a wheelchair. Life as she knew it ended. For 7 months she never left her house. She had a friend that came by a few times a week to clean. She had her groceries delivered. She didn’t talk to anyone unless she had too.All that changed when she rented the top part of her house out to Adam. Slowly Adam made Melanie see that the only limitations she h [...]

    21. Actual rating is 3.5 - 4.OK, I’m going to rant a little bit here. I HATE it when an author/publisher or whoever the deciding power is puts a book that falls in the middle of a series available to readers FREE when the first books in the series are regular price. I suppose it's a nice treat for followers of the series, but I take advantage of Freebies more to introduce myself to an author's writing. It’s a small pet peeve, but I believe it’s legitimate. What makes it worse is that (at least [...]

    22. Melanie Brooks has a dream to become a successful dancer and yes she has attained her dream with lots of hard work, but when her mother becomes ill she returns to Grady Gulch to take care of her. Melanie knows that with a diagnosis of cancer her time with her mother will be short and it was. After her mother's death she is trying to get the house in order so she can put it on the real estate market when she falls down into the basement. Her injuries are not severe, but unveil a disease that will [...]

    23. I got this free from .From the synopses I thought this book would be quite different. I ended up not being too bad. The heroine is just recently in a wheelchair. She is bitter and is mad at the world and everyone in it. She came back into her small home town to care for her mother who also recently died.Adam, the hero, is a recovering drinker. He doesn't consider himself an alcoholic because he doesn't crave the stuff. Ok well you did drink yourself to oblivion for a year but whatever. He decide [...]

    24. Cowboy with a Cause by Carpa Cassidy 4 STARSAdam Benson is making some changes in his life. He wants to find what he wants and where to go. Adam is dealing with his brother in prison for attempted murder.His other brother got married and now as a baby. So he is going to rent a room in town.Olive Brooks has been hiding in her house since she came back after her Aunt's funeral.She was going to sell it but after beeing in a wheel chair her careeer as a dancer was over. She needs to rent the top flo [...]

    25. 1. Cowboy with a Cause, Carla Cassidy (September 2016 owned ebook) Meh. Not bad, not great. Our heroine, Melanie was a professional dancer who returned to her small hometown in Montana to nurse her mother. Shortly after her mother passed away and as Melanie made plans to sell her house and leave own, she developed a neurological condition that left her paralyzed in one leg and wheel chair bound. With disability checks as her only income, she put out a for-rent sign, and Adam, the putative cowboy [...]

    26. Broadway Dancer Melanie Brooks has returned home when her Mother became ill. She planned on returning to New York after her Mother's death. But an accident and illness of her own has forced her into a wheelchair. She now has to come to grips with giving up her true passion of dancing and teaching dance. She decides to stay in her home town of Grady Gulch and rent out the upstairs rooms.When the only person to inquire about the room for rent is Smoking Hot Adam Benson, Melanie feels she has no ch [...]

    27. This is a very nice Harlequin romance, with a bit of suspense thrown in. Melanie is a former Broadway dancer who lives in her small hometown in Oklahoma after suffering a disease that will keep her in a wheelchair. She is bitter and secluded and has given up on having any sort of fulfilling life. Adam rents the upstairs from her and has had some trauma of his own. We learn about his sister's death and his brother's imprisonment, which were apparently the subjects of previous books in this series [...]

    28. Adam Benson is making some changes in his life. He has been working his family's ranch but one of his brothers is doing that now so Adam wants to figure out what he really wants to do instead of ranching. He decides to move into town so when he sees a rental sign in the window of a house, he goes to check it out. The house belongs to Melanie Brooks who was a dancer in New York but health problems put her in a wheelchair so her dancing career is over. Melanie came back to town for her mother's fu [...]

    29. Contemporary handicapped professional dancer finds love when she goes home to small town Oklahoma and runs a boardinghouse until there is a mystery of someone trying to kill her.Dancer Melanie Brooks is in a wheelchair and stuck in her mother's hometown house where she can only live on the ground floor so it makes sense to rent out the top to someone else, but she never would have thought that her new tenant was going to be rancher Adam Benson because he has a huge house and ranch just outside o [...]

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