The Shadowed Onyx

The Shadowed Onyx Join dejected seventeen year old Joy Christianson on her journey to hope and healing as she leaves a dark world behind and moves into Diamond Estates a home for troubled teens This brand new novel fo

  • Title: The Shadowed Onyx
  • Author: Nicole O'Dell
  • ISBN: 9781616265595
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Join dejected seventeen year old Joy Christianson on her journey to hope and healing as she leaves a dark world behind and moves into Diamond Estates, a home for troubled teens This brand new novel for teen girls will not only entertain, but also promises to capture your heart and challenge your faith.

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    1. The book was a awesome book. and i really learned a lot from it. Remember there is always a bad wolf and a good wolf. who wins ? The one you feed. Before i read this book i was feeding the bad wold kind of with depression. But now i am completely back to serving God i am feeding the good wolf with joy and happiness and peace.

    2. Joy Christianson lives in the sleepy Nebraska town of Ogallala. Last week, Joy went to visit her best friend, Melanie, and instead found her body. She had committed suicide, and now Joy wants to know why (and, really, who can blame her?). Joy has also had to deal with breaking up with Austin, her friend since childhood and boyfriend for the last year. Joy has also lost her faith, although her Down syndrome cousin, Beatrice, tries to remind her about right and wrong in her own innocent way. Now J [...]

    3. The Shadowed Onyx is a YA Young Adult fiction novel… which if you have followed my book reviews you know is not my standard. I was curious when I read the back and it mentioned; Friend’s Suicide, Witchcraft, and Depression. All things that seem to be more of an issue with today’s teens. With my girls so young it is easy to forget sometimes that they will be teenagers before I know it, but I feel that staying on top how things may influence them later is an important part of a parents job [...]

    4. I loved the other two books in Nicole O’Dell’s Diamond Estates series—I will try to review them soon—but this one was simply my favorite. I can’t exactly describe it; the storyline and characters were written so amazing. One thing I can say about this book is it is definitely written for an outreach—no girl, after reading this, will ever be tempted to get into witchcraft. Nicole O’Dell portrays the whole ordeal in perfect matter; she writes fiction with such a real feel, the feelin [...]

    5. Teenager Joy Christianson always was the life of the party, but all that changed when her best friend committed suicide. Now all Joy wants is to reconnect with Melanie. She wants to know WHY. She needs closure. When some of her new friends tell her how she can find these answers using a Ouija board, Joy is torn between thinking it’s a game and being creeped out, but she can’t resist the lure.She slips deeper into the occult as she seeks meaning in her life. The old answers from her parents a [...]

    6. When I say this book is captivating, I really mean it. Normally, ebooks have to be of a certain standard for me to even finish the book. And for some reason, the ePub version of this book crashed my BlueFire reader app repeatedly, so I had to read this on my computer. Yet, I finished reading it in one go (even through my Detective Conan anime!)The Shadow Onyx follows Joy, whose life unravels after she finds her best friend's body (her best friend committed suicide). She gets deeper and deeper in [...]

    7. Reading The Shadowed Onyx has made me glad that I went back and brought Books #1 and #2 as if they are anything as good as this one then I am certainly in for a treat of a time as The Shadowed Onyx really made me think about how easy it is to be influenced by the outside world and backslide from Christ , Church etc especially if something terrible has happened in your life and you are searching for the answers on why it happened and how it happened. In The Shadowed Onyx, we meet 17yr old Joy who [...]

    8. The Shadowed Onyx~ A Diamond Estates Novel ~By Nicole O'DellWhen 17 year old Joy Christianson's BFF Melanie commits suicide, Joy's life spirals out of control. When Joy is betrayed by her best friend and her boyfriend, she is hurt. But a life-long friendship is worth more than a boyfriend, so hours later Joy seeks out Melanie only to discover her friend has ended her life because of remorse.As Joy struggles to come to terms with Melanie's death she begins dabbling various aspects of occultism an [...]

    9. Title: THE SHADOWED ONYXAuthor: Nicole O’DellPublisher: Barbour BooksDecember 2012ISBN: 978-1616265595Genre: Young Adult/witchcraftTeenager Joy Christianson always was the life of the party, but all that changed when her best friend committed suicide. Now all Joy wants is to reconnect with Melanie. She wants to know WHY. She needs closure. When some of her new friends tell her how she can find these answers using a Ouija board, Joy is torn between thinking it's a game and being creeped out, bu [...]

    10. The Shadowed Onyxby: Nicole O'DellWow, I laughed, I cried, I was fearful, and became peaceful. This book churned up a lot of emotions. Joy Christianson is living the perfect teenaged life. She's active in her church, has an amazing boyfiend and a great best friend. Then her life falls apart--her best friend makes a move on her boyfriend in Joy's living room. When Joy calms down she goes over to Melanie's house to talk it out. She finds Melanie has taken her own life because she couldn't face the [...]

    11. What I LovedThis was my favorite Diamond Estates book. It was dark, yes, and Joy had a lot of things to recover from. She lost her best friend and her boyfriend simultaneously. There are two more deaths (members of her family) in the book that tore me up. She moves, of course, to Diamond Estates and has to find her way in that new environment. She does get involved with things she both doesn't understand and knows she should shy away from.But the ending was completely beautiful. I don't want to [...]

    12. Nicole O'Dell is a master at creating flawed characters and giving them heartfelt tragedies behind their actions.The Shadowed Onyx while not my favorite book in the Diamond Estates series, was enjoyable and thought provoking never the less. Joy is a girl struggling with depression after her best friend commits suicide. Along the way she gets wrapped up in the occult and has to learn to overcome her mistakes. Reading about Joy's struggles and what she went through really intrigued me. She wasn't [...]

    13. Joy is having a tough time dealing with her best friend’s suicide. She’s looking for answers. And when some friends suggest she call on a spiritual guide, that guide appears in the form of a white wolf. At first, the wolf comforts Joy, but the longer they are together, Joy comes to learn that the wolf will not tolerate prayer to Jesus. The more Joy wants to reclaim her faith in God, the more the wolf attacks her life. Her only hope lies with the staff at Diamond Estates, but if they can’t [...]

    14. This book is definitely about LOSS. Throughout the story, Joy has suffered a tremendous loss w/the loss of her best friend. She can't understand why, but her search for answers leads her down a dark road. A road that will lead her towards the world of spirits & the occult. Once she finds herself there, she finds it hard to get out.Anyone who has suffered a loss & goes searching for answers, I feel can relate to Joy. As well as sometimes finding ourselves going down a path we want to get [...]

    15. I loved this book just as much as the other two! O'Dell delivered again - I wasn't bored with the story because she gave us an entirely new, wonderful character to get to know over the same story. I don't know how she manages to keep me interested despite the same story. Joy's problem? After her friend's suicide, she starts hanging around with friends who get her into the spirit world. Her story is scarier than the others because of that connection, but it is very interesting; not to mention eye [...]

    16. This is book three in the series titled Diamond Estates. I have not read the others but will as soon as I can! This is considered a teen novel and series but even an adult will enjoy the story. There is depth to the characters and the real life situations draw you into the story. You cannot help but cheer on the young lead characters! I gave this book 5/5 stars. I liked the writing style as it was easy to read without being simplistic. I thought the characters were intriguing and really helped t [...]

    17. The Shadowed Onyx couldn't get to me at all. It was dull and dry and quite boring. And I don't see how a Christian book has to revolve around spirits and the not-quite-dead and so forth for the first half or so. And why does every book have to be wrapped around some tragedy? As if the characters couldn't possibly exist without being struck with something horrible in their lives. Anyway, I seriously can't continue reading. I understand sadness and pain and loss, but I don't understand suicide (ev [...]

    18. I've been waiting for this final installment in the Diamond Estates series, and The Shadowed Onyx did not disappoint.As in the other books in this series, the main character faces some tough life's circumstances with an unexpected but believable response. The themes of the occult and dark spiritual activity kick up the intensity in this story.

    19. I read this book first as a stand alone as I did not have the previous book in the Diamond Estates series and then I went back and read the other 2.Wow, for those who enjoy a good YA book with some variety than I recommend this series.I gave the shadowed onyx 4 stars, it is well written and a great series for teens.

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