Girl, Stolen

Girl Stolen Sixteen year old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of the car while her stepmom fills a prescription for antibiotics Before Cheyenne realizes what s happening the car is being stolen Griffin had

  • Title: Girl, Stolen
  • Author: April Henry
  • ISBN: 9780545390460
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixteen year old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of the car while her stepmom fills a prescription for antibiotics Before Cheyenne realizes what s happening the car is being stolen Griffin hadn t meant to kidnap Cheyenne, but once his dad finds out that Cheyenne s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes now there s a reason to keepSixteen year old Cheyenne Wilder is sleeping in the back of the car while her stepmom fills a prescription for antibiotics Before Cheyenne realizes what s happening the car is being stolen Griffin hadn t meant to kidnap Cheyenne, but once his dad finds out that Cheyenne s father is the president of a powerful corporation, everything changes now there s a reason to keep her How will Cheyenne survive this nightmare because she s not only sick with pneumonia she s blind.

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    1. I read Girl, Stolen because some bastard at my library stole Stolen: A letter to my captor (yes, the irony is not lost on me). I figured Girl, Stolen, a book of similar premise and title, would have to do. Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder, blind and sick with pneumonia, is napping in the back seat of her step-mother's Escalade when someone gets in the car and drives away. Griffin, the car thief, just reacted when he saw the keys in the ignition, not noticing the girl in the backseat until it was [...]

    2. A strong, compelling read. Henry's prose is clean and uncluttered -- she has faith in her story and she just plain tells it. We learn on page 3 that the main character is blind. We also learn that she's being kidnapped in a car-theft gone bad. I was very skeptical when I realized this was the premise. Seriously, do all blind characters have to be gorgeous young women? (I've ranted about that in other reviews.)But Henry manages, seemingly without trying, to make Cheyenne not "the blind girl," but [...]

    3. From the get go we know what we are going to get. Cheyenne is blind and is accidentally kidnapped by a young man named Griffin. Unbeknowst to him she is in the Escalade, and he is in a world of trouble to say the least. At first he just doesn't have any idea what to do with her, but his dad finds out that she is the daughter of a CEO, and a CEO for Nike at that. Cheyenne knows she has the disadvantage here. She's blind and sick with pneumonia; she is not in top fighting shape. Can she dare hope [...]

    4. As you can read from the synopsis, the protagonist Cheyenne is sick and blind. But her bad luck doesn't end there. When her stepmother, Danielle drives her to a pharmacy to get medicine supplies, she asks her to leave the key in the ignition to keep her warm. Then, when someone enters the car, she realizes from the person's micro-behaviours that he/she is definitely not Danielle. That's when reality hits - her car is stolen, and worse, she's inside it!This book is different from other books whic [...]

    5. "Sometimes people did this, closed their eyes for a few seconds and imagined it gave them insights into what it was like to be her. Only, at the end, they could still open their eyes and see."****3 stars****Girl, Stolen is the story of Cheyenne, a blind 16-year-old who is accidentally kidnapped while her car is being stolen, and Griffin, the teen kidnapper from the wrong side of town.I've never read a book told from a blind person's perspective, and even though this is written in third-person, I [...]

    6. The YA genre has not stopped surprising me. Everytime I crack a YA book I have a fear deep down inside that it'll be so childish I'll cringe. While there certainly have been a few like that most are not and this falls in the latter category. Henry's biggest feat here, in my opinion, is Cheyenne's blindess. Everything that she went through is suspenseful. Add in blindness and it throws it all right through the roof. I kept think, in almost every single situation, how scared I'd be if it was me. A [...]

    7. A book about a blind girl who gets kidnapped. Well that sounds good to me. The girl's name is Cheyenne and her kidnapper is a boy named Griffin. He didn't kidnap her on purpose but still it creates a problem.The book is in both Cheyenne's point of view as well as Griffin's. When I was reading Cheyenne's point of view I was very aware of it; it felt like I was seeing the way she would picture it in her head. When I was reading Griffin's it was the same.Cheyenne seems like a real girl. She gets sc [...]

    8. Hmm. I wasn't sure what I'd be getting when I picked this up to read. A blind girl kidnapped? How would that plot unfold? How would the characters interact? Could the author pull such difficult circumstances off?Well, in some ways April Henry excelled, but in others? Not so much.The plot was engaging and constantly moved forward. I think the circumstances were very realistic and believable, and the back-and-forth between Griffin and Cheyenne was quite intriguing.However, as far as the characters [...]

    9. Girl, Stolen by April Henry!Hmm What to say about this book? Let's start off with the base of the book. It's about a girl, she's blind, and she gets kidnapped 'accidently', I guess you could say. Once the kidnappers find out they took a girl with them, she don't know what to do. She's heard too much of their plan, and the girl is the daughter of a very rich man. The boy that kidnapped her by accident ends up, in a way, getting attracted to her. And he helps save her life and all. I won't tell yo [...]

    10. I started reading this book a little disappointed, because everything on the back cover happens, literally, in the first 1-2 pages! But, my disappointment was soon squelched by the next sections of the plot. A blind girl, who also happens to be very sick with pneumonia, is asleep in the backseat when her stepmom's car is stolen. Her abductor wants to set her free, but there are other, darker, forces leading him to do otherwise. Will she be able to form a trusting friendship with him before the u [...]

    11. I felt like this book bored me because from the novels I've read before this one, it was less entertaining. Everything happened too fast at the beginning that I felt that I wouldn't be missing out if I abandoned it. This one was recommended by a friend so anyone might like it more than I did.

    12. Name of book: Girl, StolenAuthor: April HenryPages: 213 pagesGenre: Mystery and SuspenseReading Level of book: 4.7Exposition: The novel started when Cheyenne's step mom stepped out of the car to go in the pharmacy store to fill in Cheyenne's prescriptions. Cheyenne was taking a nap in the back of the car. A boy who's in a 'business' with his dad decided to steal the step mom's car. The thing was, he didn't know that Cheyenne was also in the car. It wasn't his intentions to kidnap her, his only i [...]

    13. A sick sixteen-year-old Cheyenne Wilder is napping in the backseat of her stepmother Danielle’s car. She’s waiting for Danielle to return with her medicine to help her get over her pneumonia, when suddenly someone gets into the driver’s seat and starts the car. Cheyenne knows this isn’t Danielle from the sound of the car door closing, to the smell, and the fast speed of the car Cheyenne quickly comes to the conclusion that she has been carjacked. Cheyenne has no choice to go along for th [...]

    14. Notes:YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults and YALSA Quick PickApril Henry is a New York Times Best SellerOverview (Non Spoilery Section) This has been sitting on my self for a while and I needed a physical book to read during exams. It was just a middle of the road kidnapping novel, although I very much enjoyed the main character being blind. I also appreciated the amount of research that April Henry did during the development and writing process.***Spoilers*** and trigger listingsI really enjoy [...]

    15. This is a great book. I am pretty impressed with it. The heroine is Cheyenne. She is sixteen and has been blind for three years. She is suffering pneumonia and laying in wait for her stepmother in the back of an Escalade when a teenage boy jumps in (the keys in the ignition of an Escalade too tempting) and drives away, not realizing Cheyenne is in the back seat. Well, rather than let her go and get his own arse in trouble, he takes her home. Three unfriendly men and a possibly rabid dog await th [...]

    16. Life for sixteen-year old Cheyenne Wilder is about to get a tad bit scary and worse for her , as one day when her and her stepmum are at the chemist , their car is stolen though what happens next is that only one of them got out of the car that day. Cheyenne sick with pneumonia is curled up in the backseat and now she has been kidnapped. As the story goes on we see Cheyenne uprooted and kidnapped and left in the middle of nowhere unsure of what is going to happen next. All would be well, except [...]

    17. 4 1/2 stars. Wow this book was really good I didn't expect it to enjoy it this much I thought it would just be more the fun read it but it turned out to be great page turner.The twisting the story were amazing Cheyenne is intelligent and she's very cunning and brave and strong and independent and I loved everything about her. And I love to hate the bad guys and story they we're brutal and actually bad bad-guys.A lot of unexpected things happened in this book and I loved every part of it. It's on [...]

    18. "Girl, Stolen" had an exciting premise, but the book itself was disappointing. It lacked the tension and suspense it should have had. However, I liked Cheyenne's narration. She was a very relatable character, despite being blind, and her actions and reactions during her kidnapping were believable. Even though I liked Cheyenne, my favourite character was Griffin. He was basically a good guy despite his horrible father and being raised into a life of crime. Even though he unintentionally kidnapped [...]

    19. In reading Girl, Stolen, I was reminded of two bits of pop culture: Excess Baggage and Wait Until Dark. The first film, a pretty terrible movie starring Alicia Silverstone and Antonio Banderas, tells the story of a poor little rich girl who, in an effort to get daddy's attention, fakes a kidnapping by locking herself in a car's trunk, only to have that car actually stolen. Then she cooks up a romance and a scheme with her accidental captor. Wait Until Dark, quite differently focuses on a blind w [...]

    20. Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooCheyenne feels awful. She and her step-mother have just left the doctor's office where x-rays revealed that Cheyenne has pneumonia. Her step-mother leaves her resting in the running car while she heads into the store to pick up a prescription. It all seems simple, until a stranger slips into the front seat and steals the car.As the car thief speeds out of the parking lot, a glance in the rear view mirror reveals he has a passenger, but [...]

    21. When I first read the back of the this book I thought that it sounded super unique, therefore I was quite excited to read it, thinking it would be amazing. But (isn't there always a but?) It just wasn't my cup of tea. I think that a lot of other YA readers will enjoy this book, I think that my biggest problem is that I think that currently I am very much loving YA paranormal and anything that isn't within that genre just kinda falls flat for me.One pro of this book is that the characters are ext [...]

    22. Girl, Stolen is a contemporary realistic fictional book intended for advanced aged children. It has won the American Library Association Best Books for Young Adults, American Library Association Quick Picks for Young Award, Maryland Black- Eyed Susan award Maser List, and others. Girl, Stolen is about a car thief named Griffin accidentally kidnapping blind 16- year old Cheyenne while she napped in her stepmother's Escalade. Griffin takes her to his home and soon before she is to be released by G [...]

    23. I received this book for free as a review copy from the First Reads program. This in no way affected my opinion of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed Girl, Stolen and read the bulk of it in one sitting. What initially drew me to the book was the cover art. I really like the symbolism of the little girl covering her eyes, most of us do it when afraid, but for the heroine of the story it is something she must live with every day as a blind person. Cheyenne does find herself in a terrifying situation, [...]

    24. GRADE: B-3.5 starsResting in the back of her stepmother Danielle's car, Cheyenne is carjacked from outside a pharmacy. Griffin never meant to kidnap her, he wouldn't have stolen the car if he new Cheyenne, sick from pneumonia and blind from an accident three years prior, huddles under a blanket. When his father Roy learns Cheyenne is wealthy, the accidental kidnapping becomes a ransom situation and all bets are off.I read GIRL, STOLEN in one sitting. April Henry held my interest with this even-p [...]

    25. (ARC sent to me by publisher!)Imagine yourself being blind. Horrible enough, right? But then imagine yourself being BLIND and then being KIDNAPPED one day. How horrible is that? Well, in this book, Cheyenne Wilder has that problem and boy, is she strong. I fell in love with her instantly and I could literally not put this book down. I love, love, love it!Her kidnapper didn't even mean to kidnap her. Weird, right? Well, all he wanted to do was take her step-moms car, but she was laying in the bac [...]

    26. "Girl, Stolen" is the third YA novel from New York Times best-selling author April Henry. Inspired by the 2005 carjacking of 18-year-old Heather Wilson, "Girl, Stolen" relates the story of the uneasy alliance that grows between Cheyenne and her accidental kidnapper, Griffin.On the surface, 16-year-old Cheyenne seems like a typical adolescent girl: She loves dogs, books and chatting on the phone. She gets along with her stepmother most of the time and occasionally chafes under her father's over-p [...]

    27. I think this one had potential, in the end it just didn't work for me. It sounds like it would be interesting, right? A blind girl is kidnapped when her step-moms car is stolen. How crazy can get this story get? I love how much I learned about the newly blind. I learned a lot about how it is to adjust and a little about how it is for people who have been blind longer. And what it's like to walk with a stick. The other day I was at the mall, and a lady accidentally walked into me with her stick. [...]

    28. Man, talk about suspense. I love books that take places in a VERY short time span when they have a really really good sense of tension. April Henry knows what she's doing, tension-wise. This book begins in mid-action, and just never lets up.I really think the most important aspect of a thriller is the characters. If a character is in danger and you don't know them at all, or care about them in any way, why would you care if something bad happens to them? This book did not suffer from that proble [...]

    29. I liked how quickly it jumped into the problem. It didn't take forever to build up to the kidnapping. The ending was also eventful if maybe a little bit stretched with reality

    30. Loved it! It has a lot of twists and turns, which really makes it fun. Has a lot of suspense too. U should like it if you like mystery. :)

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