Fundação e Terra

Funda o e Terra Funda o e Terra tem o seu in cio no pr prio instante em que se conclui no Limiar da Funda o Golan Trevize um ex conselheiro da Primeira Funda o encarregado de uma espinhosa tarefa determinar qual se

  • Title: Fundação e Terra
  • Author: Isaac Asimov Elsa T.S. Vieira
  • ISBN: 9723818884
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Funda o e Terra tem o seu in cio no pr prio instante em que se conclui no Limiar da Funda o Golan Trevize, um ex conselheiro da Primeira Funda o, encarregado de uma espinhosa tarefa determinar qual ser o futuro do desenvolvimento Gal ctico Golan rejeita quer a anarquia de um Imp rio Gal ctico assente na tecnologia da Primeira Funda o, quer a de um Imp rio que tenFunda o e Terra tem o seu in cio no pr prio instante em que se conclui no Limiar da Funda o Golan Trevize, um ex conselheiro da Primeira Funda o, encarregado de uma espinhosa tarefa determinar qual ser o futuro do desenvolvimento Gal ctico Golan rejeita quer a anarquia de um Imp rio Gal ctico assente na tecnologia da Primeira Funda o, quer a de um Imp rio que tenta por base a feroz intelectualidade da Segunda Funda o Elege por isso, como seu modelo, o planeta Gaia, um superorganismo, uma confedera o ps quica de povos, cuja for a reside na sua unidade mental Golan est convencido de que, ao fundir se com a humanidade, o planeta se transformar num supra superorganismo apenas dedicado ao bem comum um mundo novo que designa por Gal xia.Que for a instintiva ter no entanto levado Golan Trevize a forjar esta t o extraordin ria ideia Ser que algo que prov m da hist ria antiga de outro grande mundo conhecido pelo nome da Terra Golan sente se compelido a encontrar a resposta para estas interroga es E quando descobre que todas as refer ncias Terra foram misteriosamente eliminadas da Biblioteca Gal ctica de Trantor, decide partir em busca do planeta perdido E assim que Golan e os seus companheiros de aventura, o historiador Janov Pelorat e uma mulher de Gaia, muito bela, chamada Bliss, v o viajar de mundo proibido para mundo perdido, numa ousada e perigos ssima odisseia que h de decidir o futuro do Imp rio e da pr pria humanidade.

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    1. I loved the first 3 foundation novels. But this one, and to a lesser but still significant extent, the previous one, were awful.Have you seen the first season of the tv show 24?It follows various characters through 24 straight hours of an action packed day. Jack Bauer, the main character, is doing whatever the main plot of the season is, saving the president or whatever.All the while, as filler, other things are happening. The worst of all are the ridiculous storylines following his daughter, wh [...]

    2. Foundation and Earth (Foundation #5), Isaac AsimovFoundation and Earth is a science fiction novel by American writer Isaac Asimov, the fifth novel of the Foundation series and chronologically the last in the series. It was published in 1986, four years after the first sequel to the Foundation trilogy, which is titled Foundation's Edge.Several centuries after the events of Second Foundation, two citizens of the Foundation seek to find Earth, the legendary planet where humans are said to have orig [...]

    3. At the beginning of this year part of my vague reading plan was to reread the original Foundation Trilogy then move on to the subsequent unread Foundation books that Asimov wrote during the 80s, 30 years after the last book of the trilogy, Second Foundation. I never got around to reading these later volumes for reasons that I already explained in my review of Foundation's Edge. Anyway, to cut a dull anecdote short, 80s Foundation books are just as entertaining as the original trilogy from the 50 [...]

    4. Ouch, what a disappointment. I had really enjoyed the plot and characters of "Foundation's Edge" and was looking forward to finishing up the series with this book. Most of the books in the series have their flaws, but are generally pretty entertaining. This final volume has a series of problems.The plot: There is just enough plot here for a short story. The crew is searching for earth. Why? I forget, and Asimov doesn't remind us, opting instead for pages and pages of unpleasant bickering between [...]

    5. The last of the Foundation books in order of sequence and the best book of the series. Reading about it online some people complain about the lack of an ending that satisfies questions brought up in the series but I think it ends splendidly. I also felt that we have a great conclusion to the question of why Earth and Gaia, the purpose of the Seldon plan and what the Robots were doing and why. I can't think of a better conclusion even 500 years before the end of the 1000 years "promised" us from [...]

    6. So, the weakest part of the Foundation series is that Asimov's draws his characters so thinly, they might as well be cartoons. Of course, when the story is spanning centuries and the main character is civilization itself, you don't mind so much. Unfortunately, Foundation and Earth is the worst of all possible worlds. Instead of millenia, we get a month stuck on a spaceship with three people (if you call a planetary consciousness inhabiting the mind of a sorority girl a person, that is) who in th [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book, and am in awe of the way that Asimov pulled all the threads together to link his Foundation, Empire and Robot novels. I have read many of his books and this works to about 99%, as in there are a few "temporal" anomalies in the gathering together of his novels, but so few and so minor, it doesn't really count.Sadly with 500 years to go for the culmination of Seldon's plan or whatever will be replacing it (say no more), there are no books written by Asimov himself, or w [...]

    8. I won't even read the other reviews first (I know from real life what people think of this book compared to the others in Asimov's Foundation series), but it's the only Asimov on my "Favorites" list, and as such it sorta represents the whole Foundation series to me, and deserves to represent because it's proof that a writer can finish a series with no loose ends in a reasonable amount of time SO DAMNED WELL.(The prequels, I'm not including in the Foundation series; they're optional, and I didn't [...]

    9. 4.5 StarsA good ending to the series. I really liked the extended story in Book 4-5 more than 1-3, although of course, it was built up on the latter. This book (book 5) deals with conflicting ideas of the extremes: that of oneness (groupism) and isolationism (individualism). Full of continuing mystery to the search for Planet Earth, the novel is complete adventure, as Asimov connects the series with his Robot series of titles.Somehow, although I did not find the ending excellent, it did satisfy [...]

    10. I'm about to read the prequels, but as of now, this is the worst of the 5 foundation books i've read. I'll start positive, and say I like the characters. Looking back at the first foundation book, when you may only have 50 pages with a set of characters, and that 50 pages would be almost entirely devoted to weaving a complex plot, it certainly is a huge improvement so spend basically 1000 pages with the same set of characters, almost forming a buddy-buddy situation in which I actually cared abou [...]

    11. When I read Mostly Harmless I thought it had tied up a bunch of loose ends that on reflection were better off undone. Reading Foundation and Earth wasn't quite the same but what it does is tie together the Foundation series with the Bailey series.If you've read the rest of those series you might well now scratch your head and wonder anybody would bother to do that. It's like the man who laid carpet in the bathroom and in the garage so it would be consistent with the rest of his home. It doesn't [...]

    12. When the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, one of the reviewer complaints about how the film failed to acknowledge the difference between drudgery that adds unnecessary time and doesn't advance characters versus dialogue that was about character development and furthering the plot. The scene that epitomized this involved a minute-plus segment where the camera followed two minor characters in a rowboat as they made the entire trip to shore, adding nothing and extending running lengt [...]

    13. The near impossible from Asimov: a boring book. After finding that, after all the intervening years, #4 in the Foundation series had the same spirit as the original trilogy, the damp writing, lack of decent plotting and unlearning characters in #5 are a real let-down.Three characters – councilor Golan Trevize and historian Janov Pelorat, both from Terminus, and Bliss from the sentient world Gaia – zip around the galaxy looking for Earth, its existence erased form historical records. For abou [...]

    14. Just thinking about Foundation and Earth brings a smile to my face. Does that ever happen to you? I almost wish I could repeat that experience of reading it for the first time. This book is very much my cup of tea. The only reason why I'm giving this novel four and not five stars is that reading it wasn't a life-changing experience. It was a very pleasant one and perhaps that's it. Not that it was predictable for it certainly wasn't. On the contrary, there were some nice twists and turns that ma [...]

    15. Loved this one (again), although it is always sad to read the last book in a series you love… because then what? I’ve been immersed in this universe for three months now, and I’m… Done. Sad. Yet fulfilling. Can’t wait to read it all again.This book is so much more than the last book of Asimov’s Foundation series. It works well as the last book because, despite the fact that the two Foundations of the series are not much featured in this book, there is an ending that helps the reader [...]

    16. The End.This 15 book sequence is missing only those two words. This is later Asimov and you can tell, he really learned how to tell a story by this point. I loved this book, it was easily my favourite of the Foundation books and right up there with the best Lije Baley/R.Daneel Olivaw books.The excitement of the adventure in this one really captivated me, the journey for Earth something that has been hinted at repeatedly from the early Empire trilogy right through to Trevize and Pelorat finally t [...]

    17. Asimov said in the beginning of this book that he never intended to write more foundation stories after the first 3 books. And you can tell he is just going through the motions of writing a story here. I really liked the first 3 books, which are actually all short story collections about The Foundation. But the 4th and 5th books are one long story. Asimov just does not seem to be able to write long stories, he is not able to develop characters well enough to keep you interested in them once it g [...]

    18. Foundation and Earth is a sequel to, and should be read after, Foundation's Edge. It is supposedly a continuation of the famous Foundation trilogy, written decades earlier, and so it is, but only loosely so. Trevize and his companions follow a quest in search of the legendary Earth. They visit several planets, each of which poses a threat and from which they must leave in a hurry. Eventually they do find earth by plotting the coordinates of the Spacer worlds, the first worlds to be settled by hu [...]

    19. বেশ অনেকটা সময় নিয়ে এই সিরিজ শেষ করলাম। ফাউন্ডেশন সিরিজ নিয়ে নতুন করে কিছু বলার নেই। রিভিউ লিখতে হলে অবশ্যই পুরো সিরিজকেন্দ্রিক রিভিউ লিখব সময় করে। আসিমভ ফাউন্ডেশন সিরিজ নিয়ে আরও লিখতে চেয় [...]

    20. Terribly disappointing end to an entertaining series. Supposedly smart people acting as insufferable morons, spouting some of the clunkiest dialogue I've ever read. The endless exposition could be forgivable, but to add insult to injury I was bored throughout. It is so bad that it lessens the series as a whole. I wish I'd never read it.

    21. Read in 2012Read in 2016At long last! what a magnificently profound journey the foundation universe has been! Before I review this, I must say, what a read this series is! I decided to read everything in the suggested chronological order. I had long ago already read the original trilogy and foundations edge as well as foundation and earth. but i had never read the robot stories or books, or the galactic empire novels, or prelude and forwardSo here we are. the breathtaking endeavor has sadly conc [...]

    22. Book four, written 30 years after the first three, had a rather abrupt ending, and unsatisfied questions - where is Earth? who was actively hiding it? how does it factor into history and the present day?So book five was inevitable, and it does answer the above questions. Unfortunately, it does so with a meandering plot, openly fractious characters and somewhat tenuous connections to the rest of Isaac Asimov's books - most importantly the Robots series. One major character from those books makes [...]

    23. I am so sad to see this story end. Looking back on all the books I loved the two prequels and the last two books the best. Asimov is a great story teller. I read the books not in order of publication but in order of prequels and then rest of books in publishing order. I cannot imagine anything that I can say about this book that is not a spoiler so those fans of science fiction, this series is a must read or in my case a must listen!

    24. A well-written novel that it certainly made me buy the whole series. If you like to read science fiction, the series of this book you don't want to miss.!Golan Trevize expedition was to search the earthe mythical home of the forebears, expecting to find the answer that he's been searching for, but no one could tell if indeed existed. No traces can be found even ancient writings from the past. He must prove humanity's ancestral planet or everything he believe in will be lost.

    25. Foundation and Earth (1986) is a science fiction novel by Isaac Asimov, the fifth novel of the Foundation Series and chronologically the last in the series.Plot introductionSeveral centuries after the events of Second Foundation, two citizens of the Foundation seek to find Earth, the legendary planet where humans are said to have been originated. Interestingly, even less is known about Earth than was the case in Foundation, when scholars still seem to know the location of 'Sol'.The story follows [...]

    26. “Fudación y Tierra” es la quinta entrega de la Saga de ciencia ficción “La Fundación”, y la séptima (última) en orden cronológico, publicada por Isaac Asimov en 1986. Los acontecimientos se ubican inmediatamente después de su libro anterior: “Los límites de la Fundación”, y nos sumergen en una travesía en pos del “más viejo”, el planeta de origen de la humanidad. El consejero Golan Trevize y el historiador Janov Pelorat de “Terminus”, en compañía de Bliss, una pa [...]

    27. Asimov'un önerdiği sıralamaya göre 7 kitaplık serinin son durağıydı. Ana karakter Trevize'nin kilit adam olması konusunda beni ikna edemedi. Yine de felsefesi ve kurgusuyla beğendiğim bir roman diyebilirim.

    28. I really wanted to give this book like a four, but upon further reflection I just can't. Foundation and Earth is the conclusion of Asimov's masterpiece Foundation Series (I haven't read the two prequels yet) and it takes the series in a completely new direction. Which is wonderful, and also problematic. The Seldon Plan and the Galactic Empire on which the series were founded become side notes, mentioned in parenthesis and trivial in the wake of Golan Trevize's solving the ultimate human mystery [...]

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