All For Love

All For Love How long does it take to fall out of love Contemporary Romance Liz falls in love with Quinn the moment they meet in college He professes to love her too She begins to think about the future but his

  • Title: All For Love
  • Author: Ann Swann
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 320
  • Format: None
  • How long does it take to fall out of love Contemporary Romance Liz falls in love with Quinn the moment they meet in college He professes to love her, too She begins to think about the future, but his past rips them apart What Liz does next impacts the rest of their lives, but she feels it is the only way she does it all for love.

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    1. This is my second time reading an Ann Swann Novel. First was ‘The Phantom Pilot’ - written for the young minds. I had thoroughly enjoyed reading it and so I had certain expectations from this book too.‘All for Love’ is a story of a woman called Liz Rose. At a glance she has everything that one could ask for. A respectable career as a teacher, friends, a married and settled daughter and a handsome husband – she has it all. Its only when her husband dies, that her carefully put up façad [...]

    2. Unique – Intriguing – Captivating!When the local plastics plant where Liz's husband Quinn works explodes, Liz's life begins to collapse around her. She begins to look back on her life and her tumultuous relationship with her husband and tries to come to terms with her past and present. ALL FOR LOVE by Ann Swann is not your average romance novel – it is a realistic journey through one woman's relationship with the man of her dreams that isn't always perfect. Through past and present scenes, [...]

    3. Romance. Just the word brings to mind the idea of rose petals, champagne, knights in shining armor, and happily ever after. But here in the real world, rose petals turn to dust, champagne gets spilt, knight's armor is scuffed and dull from battle and wear, and 'ever after' is only happy if you make it so.In ALL FOR LOVE, Liz and Quinn have a storybook romance until life comes knocking. Burdened by what is right, weighted by society's standards, and tortured most of all by themselves, this coupl [...]

    4. This book was so good. It touched on I think every emotion that I have inside of me and possibly more. This isn't your typical everyday romance novel. There are ups and downs and overall emotional heartbreak. Very well written. You can completely relate to so many situations in this book. I would recommend to anyone that likes to read books that aren't all happiness but have a great story line.Liz falls in love with Quinn the moment they meet in college. He professes to love her, too. She begins [...]

    5. Impossible to put down.I started and finished this book in less than a day. It was impossible to put down. This book isn't a fairytale romance, with a prince or even a necessarily "happily-ever-after"(although, the ending was great); this book is about real-life romance, one in which people get hurt, deeply hurt, and need to decide whether that person is still the one for them.Swann had a way of pulling me from the start. I was curious why a woman would stay with a husband she suspected of cheat [...]

    6. Liz Rose seems to have it all: a handsome husband, a happily married daughter, a career as a well-respected teacher and lifelong friends. But that’s because Liz has a mantra that will keep her smiling through everything: ‘keep faking it’. When her husband is involved in a horrific explosion at work, the carefully plastered-over cracks in Liz’s life start to show and faking happiness is suddenly a whole lot harder as she is forced to face up to past mistakes, of both her own making and he [...]

    7. Self-examination, heart-ache, addiction, infidelity, affairs, abortion, and the death of a spouse was the center of the well written plot. The moment we met Lizzie we became part of her life trying to make sense of her husband's untimely death. Left with all the doubts and the bad decisions she and her husband made to bring her at a place where she did not trust him, examine her own choices and wondering the what if's of her life. Wandering the town in a desperate attempt to connect with him. He [...]

    8. Life is complex, emotions aren’t always rational, and human beings are flawed creatures. This beautifully written novel really captures the life of one woman, Liz Rose, and all that she did for (and in reaction to) the actions of the man she loved. Swann beautifully weaves in the protagonist’s best friends and family members in a story that adeptly mirrors the maze called life.What I really liked so much about this novel, written in the first person, is that author Swann wrote a nuanced port [...]

    9. I hesitated to read this book thinking it was just another mushy love story but can say I was pleasantly surprised that it was much more then a love story. I got drawn immediately into the story as I was listening to it on my kindle while I was working. Usually when I am working and listening on my kindle, I lose most of the story and feel I have to actually read the book. But with this story it held my attention the entire time. I felt like I was Lizzie Rose, immediately identified with her alt [...]

    10. From the first gripping chapter I knew this story was not your "typical" romance book. In fact I would classify this powerful and compelling story as literary women's fiction. This is not the kind of book I prefer, because I tend to read to escape real life, but these very real, very human characters sucked me into their story, and I had to keep turning the pages to find out whether or not Liz was able to find peace. During the climactic scene I actually sweated, scared to death of what was goin [...]

    11. Liz was an amazing woman she was a widow of Quinn. Back in the day Liz and Quinn blew each others minds. As life went on things happened they broke up he married another because of a pregnancy, Liz also got pregnant but terminated the pregnancy that was all right with Quinn, This story lays out Liz and Quinns romantic life and the way she learned to "Fake It" to get along in life and after Quinn died. She had to pick up the pieces for her and her daughter Ashley after Quinn died and had to go on [...]

    12. I cried so much! It was a very hard read for me as this book deals with really hard issues. I liked the back and forth from present to past and back. It kept the story flowing. I don't know that is a romance since so much of it was about heartbreak and the many issues caused by such heartache. Still it was a very interesting story.

    13. The law of association, repercussions One woman's story of hits and misses, highs and lows, on her way to finding peace. There are many life lessons in this novel. Was meeting the man of her dreams the worst thing that ever happened to her?? Some roses have thorns They say there is no such thing as a mistake if you learn from it. I'm sure our main character, Lizzie, would agree with me, that some of us would never want to go back to being 20 again unless we could go back knowing what we know now [...]

    14. InstancesSo very many instances that become history in this read. You will definitely connect with this story either personally or you will know someone who's faced at least one of the scenarios you will walk through in this page turning book.

    15. By: Ann SwannPublished By 5 Prince PublishingAge Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 5Review:"All For Love" by Ann Swann was a awesome read. When I started reading it I wondered how this author was tie it all togetherwell she did a wonderful job with presenting to us a good read of "All For Love." This novel was such an emotional roller coaster ride that will keep you caught up in the read to the very end that will leave you wondering as well as relating to so much through the read [...]

    16. Audio Version ExperienceI was given the audio version of this book in exchange for an honest review. First I must say that Ann Swann's writing is captivating, making the reader care about her characters and the story catches your interest. As I listened I felt myself wishing I was reading the book rather than listening. The voice of the reader was too even and carried little emotion. My mental voice would have added much more emotion to the story as events unraveled. I was also listening on my K [...]

    17. Wow!! I was sucked into the book within the first few pages I could not believe how it started out.I was so drawn into Liz's character. The story of her life was amazing even with all the highs and lows.I smiled laughed and even cried while reading this Novel. As for Quinn I have to say he had my attention from the time he invaded their valleyball game. :) but as her story continues I loose that warm Quinn feeling and find myself understing the roller coaster of emotions she goes through and won [...]

    18. The first thought that struck me as I read was that her book was different from other "romance" novels. Instead, it ventured into discussions of important and sometimes controversial contemporary social issues, such as alcoholism, abortion, and suicide. Elizabeth or Liz, the protagonist. is faced with her husband Quinn's infidelities and eventual death, the appearance of his illegitimate daughter, her father's suicide, her own bout with alcohol, and her regret of having an abortion at a young ag [...]

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