In the Footsteps of Little Crow

In the Footsteps of Little Crow The history of Little Crow and the war between the US and Dakota Indians over territory in Minnesota

  • Title: In the Footsteps of Little Crow
  • Author: CurtBrown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • The history of Little Crow and the 1862 war between the US and Dakota Indians over territory in Minnesota

    One thought on “In the Footsteps of Little Crow”

    1. I never had heard of this war in Minnesota that was being fought at the same time the Civil War was. In the beginning the Sioux had the upper hand because the fort was so scarcely attended. Once reinforcements were sent the Indian loss was a far gone conclusion. When Lincoln was apprised of the illegal trying and hanging of those Indians involved in the fighting, he sent word that only those who had directly massacred the settlers were to be hanged. He also said that if he lived long enough, he [...]

    2. Very much worth the read but also heartbreaking how we treat each other when there is something we want that the other has.

    3. Obviously meticulously researched. Amazing eye witness accounts of how events transpired and what was said. I liked that perspective of both the Indian and settler ancestors was given. It's heart-breaking to be reminded of how inhumanely the Dakota were treated in the time preceding the conflict. As a Minnesotan I learned about the Dakota conflict in history class and I was surprised some of the details we learned in class were omitted -- these include the scene when the condemned men's names we [...]

    4. I'm envious of the explained process of writing this book. What a great project. And I appreciated the way Curt Brown and his team methodically worked through the era as well as the region - visiting all of these areas and reimagining the way they might have appeared 150 years ago. That said, on occasion the dramatic story and the woeful chapter in Minnesota's history lacked the kind of care and personal interest I wanted. It read like a Star Tribune book project setup to commemorate the largest [...]

    5. Certainly not of the caliber of Dee Brown's "Bury My Heart Wounded Knee" but a great account of Minnesota's Dakota War told with uncomfortable clarity and accuracy. As with all confrontations between the early European settlers and the native Americans, it begins with lies, deceit and dishonor and ends in tragic slaughter. Yet another excellent account of a disgraceful period in our history. A great read especially during these times of debate over immigration. At least those that are now arrivi [...]

    6. A quick and comprehensive peak into Minnesota's early history.Even though I grew up in southern MN and went to college in Mankato, I had no idea about the terrible events that transpired shortly after Minnesota became a state.

    7. Anyone who read the Little House on the Prairie books (and is now older than 12) needs to read this as well. I also recommend that folks read the introduction by the editor managing the project--she describes their standards for reporting and editing this story. Great journalism at work.

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