Four Corners Dark

Four Corners Dark A compendium of four grim terror inducing tales Four Corners Dark is like disturbing a long hidden tomb You know what you ll find has been hidden away for years and will be horrible but you can t s

  • Title: Four Corners Dark
  • Author: WilliamMcNally
  • ISBN: 9781463561857
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • A compendium of four grim, terror inducing tales, Four Corners Dark is like disturbing a long hidden tomb You know what you ll find has been hidden away for years and will be horrible, but you can t stop yourself Human curiosity demands you step into the darkness even though you may never reemerge.William McNally offers up four distinct pools of darkness, each with its oA compendium of four grim, terror inducing tales, Four Corners Dark is like disturbing a long hidden tomb You know what you ll find has been hidden away for years and will be horrible, but you can t stop yourself Human curiosity demands you step into the darkness even though you may never reemerge.William McNally offers up four distinct pools of darkness, each with its own macabre attraction In Engine Eighteen, Anna Sanchez and a scared group of Mexican immigrants put their trust in one of the human border smugglers known as coyotes Anna knows trusting a coyote is risky smugglers sometimes leave their cargo to die in the desert wastes of the border between Mexican and the United States She s willing to take that risk, but is she willing to hazard her soul Return to Nowhere tells the story of Jack Reynolds, a huckster and card cheat with a unique ability When his cheating attracts unwanted attention, Jack escapes by jumping to a different version of his life But what happens if his new life turns out to be a dead end New homes often have hidden flaws, but none as fatal as those found in The Raven Mocker Terry and Abby James have to worry about than faulty wiring or foundation cracks Their new mountain property includes the grave of a vengeful and still active witch, and she s hungry.Finally, McNally reminds us it s possible to find light even in the darkness The Spinning Wheel tells the tale of John Roberts, whose love for his son leads to a fate changing decision.Some react to the darkness with fear and panic, while others respond with bravery and self sacrifice Four Corners Dark invites you into the darkness Don t bother bringing a flashlight you ll have to find your own way out.

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    1. Engine 18 is a five-chapter story with an abrupt ending. A large group of people, among them a young woman Anna Sanchez, are on their way from Mexico to the USA. Illegally. They meet with Omar, a sinister man, and he leads them to a train depot to wait for the train to take them closer to their goal. The story is in the thirds person, but it follows Anna. She has a gun,which she already used at least once in the past, so she is not quite an innocent. From the first paragraph, where the women are [...]

    2. “Four Corners Dark” by William McNally is a collection of short stories that could not be better named. There are four stories in the book, and they each are dark, somewhat depressing, certainly melancholy tales. At the same time, they are extremely well-crafted stories. They are so good individually that I feel compelled to say something about each one. First up is “Engine 18”, a gripping narrative about a “coyote” helping smuggle desperate people across the border into the U.S. The [...]

    3. I love the art of short stories. It takes some crafting to be able to deliver in so few words. This collection has four stories that do deliver. I’m going to give just a little about each story because when you are dealing with short stories saying even a little can ruin the fun and I never want to do that. Engine Eighteen managed to be both creepy and heartbreaking. I was surprised by how quickly I made a connection with Anna and Rosa. Return to Nowhere was very neat. I loved the way each tim [...]

    4. McNally starts out with several short stories that are creepy and entertaining, but the tour de force of the collection is a novella that is the bulk of the center of the book. I really enjoyed this. The charm of a horror story is somewhat reliant on surprise, so I won't give the story away. Let it suffice to say that the story is well told. While somewhat contrived, the characters are believable and the setup is well done. The whole thing is over too quickly, but not as a result of any sacrific [...]

    5. While I wasn't impressed by the first 2 stories in this collection (Engine 18 and Return to Nowhere), the good times started with The Raven Mocker, a creepy story of witches and haunted forests, and continued with The Spinning Wheel, the story of a man's choice between a better life for himself or a better life for his son. One little note- commas were often left out in dialogue in The Raven Mocker ("Hey welcome home", "Abby wait here", etc.) and it may distract you somewhat from the storyline.

    6. The ideas were great, but the execution of them just didn't work. The writing was clunky, the dialogue was amateur and ultimately it ruined the concepts of each story. One of the best ways to figure out if dialogue is going to work is to read it out loud to yourself. If this author had done that, he would have noticed that no-one says the name of the person they are speaking to every time they speak. It just became annoying and stilted and really ruined the flow, which is a shame.

    7. It was not horror at all. The four stories were really fast paced and I found it hard to get into the plot. The characters were a bit plain, nothing really stood up about them, nothing made them unique. I think, if the plot of the stories had being worked better, it could have being good.

    8. This book is a collection of four short stories. The stories are well written and fun to read. They are not scary, just dark with a little twist. I liked "The Spinning Wheel" best because it is a touching story about a father and son. I won this book through a First Reads giveaway.

    9. Wow where to start. This book is Very well written and jus shocked me in so many ways. I was soo hooked into the book by the second short story that i couldnt put it down till i finished "The Raven Mocker". The first story kinda caught me by surprise in a sense that i kept wondering what i just read. After i finished "Engine Eighteen" I had to take a moment to realize what just happened, And wow it really left me speechless. By "Return to Nowhere" I was hooked. I liked how crazy the story was. I [...]

    10. This book contains three short stories and a novella.The short stories read like episodes of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Each is built around a clever and fantastic premise worthy of Rod Serling's attention. Unfortunately, the writing in the short stories is just too fast-paced. In each, the premise isn't allowed to develop to its full potential. I came away from each short story thinking that the idea had been great, but the story itself had left me somewhat disappointed.The novella [...]

    11. I've ownedFour Corners Dark for a while. I needed my horror fix, so I picked up this one. It's a collection of four stories. I still judge a book by the cover and I love this cover. It's simple yet chilling. It's been a while since I read a straight horror book. I'd forgotten most horror stories, especially short ones, are a bit obscure. For the most part, I enjoyed the stories. They're a fast read. Maybe too fast. I was so into them that I rushed through them. When I reached the end, I felt lik [...]

    12. Truly enjoyed reading Four Corners Dark. The cover of the book is just AMAZING. one of the best ones I have seen since a long time. Of all the stories obviously the anchor story, which is a novella, "The Raven Mocker" is very good. I wish the author had made it into a full length novel as the plot is brilliant. Of all the four dark corners in this book, I must say I found the Raven Mocker the darkest and quite scary. The plot is gripping and the author has weaved several supernatural concepts in [...]

    13. I was given a complimentary copy for review.Four Corners Dark contains 4 short stories and most definitely saves the best for last. If able to rate them separately I would have given 5 stars to the last story "The Spinning Wheel" Which reminded me of Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This way Comes complete with mysterious carnival. It was my favorite.The first 2 stories Engine Eighteen and Return to Nowhere were just ok. I felt that the endings could have been better resolved. The third story The [...]

    14. This is a collection of four short stories. My order of preference is, Return to Nowhere, The Spinning Wheel, Engine 18, then The Raven Mocker. If I had to pick an age group that this might fit with, I would say Young Adult or Late Adolescent. The stories are well thought out, but do not have the hard edge of Adult Horror. The stories vary in tone from something like the twilight zone with Return to Nowhere and The Spinning Wheel to A Dresden files thing with the Raven Mocker. Engine 18 is the s [...]

    15. I really only liked the last 2 and only the third really fell into the horror category since I really wish I hadn't wasted my time on the first 2 stories. The Raven Mocker was suspenseful since it was so unpredictable in certain ways. There were times when I thought no one was going to make it out alive but I enjoyed the twists; they kept me thinking. The last story was a little strange, especially for one character, but was more of a sweet story with strange happenings. I really just don't see [...]

    16. I really loved this book. I mean I really loved it. I thought the author really did a fantastic job writing it and in a great way it reminded me of the old Twilight Zone series I love to watch because it has those twisted plot curves that remind you of Alfred Hitchcock and Edgar Allan Poe's ability to create a suspenseful multidimensional tale that pulls you in even when it doesn't make sense in the beginning. Four Corners Dark is a great read. I wish more authors brought this kind of story tell [...]

    17. Meh. I read the first story ("Engine 18") and was not interested enough to keep going. Maybe I'm just not in a horror short story mood these days, but I think that the issue is that my tastes lean more towards Lovecraft/Sci-Fi Horror than supernatural/unworldly horror. Also, I wanted to find out more about the characters, while the author seemed more focused on plot and things happening. Not the book for me, but could be the book for someone else.Disclaimer: I received this book for free as part [...]

    18. This was a dive back into the macabre for me. I haven't read anything in this genre for a while and it was fun! It reminded me of Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe. The book is a collection of four short stories and they are full of either action and gore or intrigue and suspense.Rating: PG-13 for violence

    19. I was in the mood for horror so I thought I would give this a try. I was a little disappointed in it. Some of the stories just didn't make and sense and seemed like he hurriedly wrote them. It wasn't terribly written but I have read much better.

    20. Stories of events happening to the different characters, with very little about the characters' inner disposition, mental struggle or inner evolution. This work is scrumptious like a candy but has a low nutritional value.

    21. Good collection of creepy stories. Not scary but kind of a Twilight Zone feel mixed with a little spooky. My favorites were Return to Nowhere and The a Spinning Wheel. Very well written and will read more by this author

    22. A good little gem of a short horror story collection. A couple of the endings could have used some fleshing out, but the plots themselves were top notch.

    23. really good stories with a twist at the end of each one, never knew how they would end. I would enjoy reading more stories like these.

    24. Great read!This book has some great short stories! They are original and well thought out. Leave the lights on or the Raven Mocker will get you!

    25. This was an excellent collection of 4 horror and suspense stories. Although I enjoyed them all, The Spinning Wheel was my favorite. It was the one that will stay in my mind the longest.

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