David Bowie Is...

David Bowie Is David Bowie s career as a pioneering artist spanned nearly years and brought him international acclaim He continues to be cited as a major influence on contemporary artists and designers working ac

  • Title: David Bowie Is...
  • Author: Victoria Broackes Geoffrey Marsh Christopher Frayling Howard Goodall Camille Paglia John Savage
  • ISBN: 9781851777372
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • David Bowie s career as a pioneering artist spanned nearly 50 years and brought him international acclaim He continues to be cited as a major influence on contemporary artists and designers working across the creative arts This book, published to accompany the blockbuster international exhibition launched at London s Victoria and Albert Museum, is the only volume thatDavid Bowie s career as a pioneering artist spanned nearly 50 years and brought him international acclaim He continues to be cited as a major influence on contemporary artists and designers working across the creative arts This book, published to accompany the blockbuster international exhibition launched at London s Victoria and Albert Museum, is the only volume that grants access to Bowie s personal archive of performance costumes, ephemera, and original design artwork by the artist, bringing it together to present a completely new perspective on his creative work and collaborations The book traces his career from its beginnings in London, through the breakthroughs of Space Oddity and The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and on to his enormous impact on 20th century avant garde music and art Essays by VA curators on Bowie s London, image, and influence on the fashion world are complemented by Howard Goodall on musicology Camille Paglia on gender and decadence, and Jon Savage on Bowie s relationship with William Burroughs and his fans The than 300 color illustrations include personal and performance photographs, album covers, costumes, original lyric sheets, and much Praise for David Bowie Is Perusing David Bowie Is VA Publishing, distributed by Abrams , the exhibition s catalog, with its procession of poses and costumes and weighty essays tracking the cross references to pop culture and high art, you get a sense of how much hard work it took to be Mr Bowie The New York Times The fans of 50 years or those making discoveries in retrospect will be intrigued by the accompanying book David Bowie Is that is far than a fanzine The New York Times Lends context and picks away at Bowie with such insight that it s a rare hagiography with soul Chicago Tribune Combining top notch articles on the singer actor s life and work with official images and reproductions of his fashion and associated ephemera, the hefty, mango colored book is nothing short of a treasure trove of all things Bowie a one stop smorgasbord for the eyes whose pictorials chronicle the groundbreaking star from Ziggy Stardust to Thin White Duke to Heathen and every personality in between Examiner

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    1. I can only imagine that this book is the next best thing to actually attending the V&A Bowie Is exhibition, because the love and attention given to this book is nothing short of a religious experience for Bowie fans. I found myself getting misty-eyed as I flipped through the first fifty or so pages of this gorgeous book, mostly because every bit of it - the photographs, the items, the layout design, the "Bowie Is" phrasing concept - feels completely central to the sum of the man's career, ic [...]

    2. Guardado entre os meus livros-xodó a partir de hoje, esta edição tem um trabalho visual riquíssimo em fotos, além de ensaios que abordam o papel de Bowie na música, na moda, nas artes, no cinema, na fotografia, além da questão de gênero e fecha com chave de ouro numa mesa redonda de Mark Kermode, Christopher Frayling e Philip Hoare. Não creio que esse trabalho seja apenas indispensável para os fãs de Bowie, mas também para os apreciadores das artes em geral.

    3. "Will Ziggy, like King Arthur, now remain sleeping forever or will he/she return to save mystic Albion from its enemies? Or will the 'Heroes' be found on the other sides by then? Is Major Tom still drifting? Or has he refocused and reconnected with others to overthrow the London of global capitalism?" - typically cringeworthy paragraph from the section by the curator of the V&A exhibit"The background blankness is encroaching like a freezing cryogenic wave upon the figure. It's as clinical as [...]

    4. I can't get enough books on David Bowie. This is the official catalog to the Victoria and Albert Museum's retrospective of David Bowie's presence in our culture. The text is good, specifically the one by Jon Savage who tackles the early years of Mr. Bowie, but the real star of the book are the visuals. Detailed photographs of his stage clothing, his notebooks with original hand written lyrics and his storyboards for his videos and film ideas. In essence the ultimate Bowie visual aide. The most i [...]

    5. Its a catalogue for the V&A show if we are hones.You could never read the articles (which are a mixed bag) but the pictures and the choice of material means its a fantastic reminder of the show and almost makes up for missing the show.Coffee table book yes but a very very good coffee table book

    6. "More idols than realities."--David Bowie "Up the Hill Backwards"Just Walking the DeadMusic to listen to while reading the review: David Bowie's "Where Are We Now?Confession #1: I did not read all the words in this very big, beautiful book.Confession #2: I had plenty of time to read all of them ten times over because this book is more than a year and a half overdue from the library. I have never done anything like this before, and the librarian is no doubt quite disappointed with me, even though [...]

    7. La mostra “David Bowie Is” è stata inaugurata a Londra nel 2013, e da allora è itinerante per il mondo. Nel frattempo il 10 gennaio 2016 David Bowie è morto e da maggio a novembre la mostra è approdata al Mambo di Bologna.E', a onor del vero e al di là del grado di ammirazione per l'artista, una mostra progettata e allestita benissimo. Se proprio vogliamo dirla tutta forse sono state esplorate poco le altre attitudini del musicista, soprattutto la sua carriera di attore, che, vista la r [...]

    8. I had the good fortune to attend the David Bowie Is exhibit at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and I picked this book up to take a little piece of the experience home with me. Turns out it's a lot more than that. A really thorough, thoughtful collection of images and thoughts to commemorate the wonderful life and artistry of one of my favorites. Heaven.

    9. Knap vormgegeven weergave van de rondreizende expo die startte in V&A en die ik zelf onlangs zag in het Groninger Museum. Een tiental essays schetsen een waarachtig en uitgebreid beeld van het popicoon Bowie. Prachtige foto's, zeer veel info en gedetailleerde, uitvoerige noten. De fans kunnen hier hun hart ophalen.

    10. Having seen the exhibition and read the book - if you don't get to see the exhibition buy the book. It's wonderful and informative, a truly wonderful piece written by people passionate about Bowie. Just buying the book and opening it was a treat but reading it- awesome. A truly memorable book

    11. Being a massive Bowie fan I bought this a couple of years ago and began reading it again after his death in January. It is very large, heavy and expensive book but if you are a fan it is a must for your collection. It's one you can go back to again and again! RIP David.

    12. This "review" is about the exhibition and not the book, however as the book would not exist without the exhibition it feels appropriate to post a few thoughts here as most people reading will probably be Bowie fans. So, here goes. I went to see "David Bowie Is" at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Saturday 11 May 2013. I was a massive Bowie fan in the 1970s and so was keen to see this exhibition.My friend Billy summed up the huge crowds very succinctly, "The people. All the fat skinny people, [...]

    13. Let me begin this by saying that I am not one of the people who were lucky enough to see the David Bowie Is retrospective at the V&A (the museum exhibition which this book accompanies) when it opened. Nor have I seen it in Chicago, Japan, or Australia. I have never seen that exhibition, despite my enormous wishes to. That said, this book is enjoyable on its own. It is an incredibly lovely edition, with lots of hard work clearly put into it. The photos are crisp, clean, bright and beautiful. [...]

    14. Un libro convencional para una expo que no lo es. Me decepcionó que no hubiese más vías de entrada, y más orden en la explicación entre referencias (que son dos de los puntos fuertes de la expo).

    15. A sometimes fascinating, sometimes maddenly overwritten account of David Bowie's contribution to modern culture. The photography and art work is stunning. But the writingt so much.

    16. This book is a must for any Bowie fan. It is a huge, beautifully designed book that accompanies the "David Bowie Is." Exhibition which began in the Victoria and Albert museum in London and then toured the world (including Melbourne where I couldn't travel to see it due to work and money restraints). It includes all of the costumes, photographs, original hand-written notebooks and lyrics by the man and also drawings and sketches he created for music video storyboards. "David Bowie Is" offers a re [...]

    17. 3.5 starsThe photo’s are really great, I loved seeing the original lyrics, drawings, costumes, promotional & on stage photo’s etc. It’s a gorgeous book. The text wasn’t that great though I bought it mostly for the photo’s so I wasn’t really disappointed, but I had hoped to learn a bit more about David Bowie, his music & life. I haven’t read everything, just some parts here and there when something caught my attention. the articles weren’t as interesting as I had hoped (th [...]

    18. I was totally wowed by the David Bowie Is exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago! In fact, Chicago was the only US venue for this fabulous exhibition organized by the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK. My particular interest was the costumes and movies. My favorite was the powder blue leather suit. I was amazed by the tailoring. It was superbly done! For anyone that missed the exhibition or desires a memento of their experience, this book is fabulous! And, for anyon [...]

    19. Not good. Great pics though. The written essays are in the style of the blurb you used to get on the back of albums when they were vinyl and I don't mean that in a good way. And has Angie Bowie been (virtually) airbrushed out of history? I didn't(couldn't) actually read through this but there is a bit that sticks in my mind where one of the essayists states that there was a fair share of underage groupies at the backstage of Bowie concerts as was de rigeur at the time (words to that effect I can [...]

    20. Fantastic exhibition by ACMI, and this book fairly reflects the content and spirit of David Bowie IS.The exhibition is fabulous and as taking pictures is banned, I needed to own this book.I took my protein pills and put my helmet on and thoroughly enjoyed seeing David Bowie moving like a tiger on vaseline throughout the installations and the verbaliser was a highlight too.The book has heaps of information and gorgeous glossy pictures of this tremendous influential pop artist.youtu/EPCHI_BZwUw

    21. This is the catalog for an exhibit on Bowie at the V&A in 2013. The exhibit focused on Bowie’s contributions to art with a heavy emphasis on fashion, of course. The exhibit was created in close cooperation with the David Bowie Archive (Bowie has a full-time personal archivist) and covers his childhood in the London suburbs to the present. Most interesting to me was the notion of Bowie as a reflection of suburban life, not London life. It’s a fascinating book, the art is always interestin [...]

    22. I saw 'David Bowie Is' show at the V&A in London and thought it was really interesting, although I would have liked more flesh on the bones of the exhibition (and in that respect it disappointed me a little) I did enjoy it and was glad I went. The book is a great coffee table book, as it has great photographs, which is primarily why I bought it. The costumes from Bowie's various incarnations are particularly good. The written text is o.k. but dull.

    23. A visually stunning catalogue from the "David Bowie Is" museum exhibition, which started at the V&A in London then came to Toronto's AGO. I was lucky enough to view it in Toronto and it was glorious (even for non-Bowie fans). If you weren't able to see the exhibit, this compendium is the next best thing. Rare photos, intelligent essays and a fascinating overview of a career that has impacted all aspects of culture.

    24. 4 1/2 starsOk, to be honest, I didn't have time to read everything before returning the book to the library so had to skim bits. What I did spend my time on was getting sucked into the amazingness of all the photos! I've now added this to my list of books I want to own. If you love Bowie, you will love this book.

    25. As fotografias do Bowie em suas diversas fases são incríveis, mas o texto do livro é confuso e repetitivo. Me causou a impressão de ter sido escrito por muitas mãos sem que uma revisão final tivesse sido realizada. Deste modo, fica explicado porque algumas informações são repetidas e repetidas e repetidas

    26. After a miserable failure to get into this exhibition at the MCA, I bought this epic large glossy thing of beauty. Great photographs of the memorabilia and of course the outfits. The essays which accompany the photos are really good. I've enjoyed dipping into this over the past few months and also having this large orange Aladin Sane face staring at me from the coffee table.

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