The Princess Affair

The Princess Affair Rhodes Scholar Kerry Donovan has never had anything handed to her on a silver platter As she arrives at Oxford to begin her course of study she is determined to make the most out of this latest oppor

  • Title: The Princess Affair
  • Author: Nell Stark
  • ISBN: 9781602828582
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rhodes Scholar Kerry Donovan has never had anything handed to her on a silver platter As she arrives at Oxford to begin her course of study, she is determined to make the most out of this latest opportunity But when she meets Her Royal Highness Princess Sasha, second in line to the British throne, Kerry s priorities are eclipsed by an attraction neither of them can ignorRhodes Scholar Kerry Donovan has never had anything handed to her on a silver platter As she arrives at Oxford to begin her course of study, she is determined to make the most out of this latest opportunity But when she meets Her Royal Highness Princess Sasha, second in line to the British throne, Kerry s priorities are eclipsed by an attraction neither of them can ignore Sassy Sasha is a tabloid favorite who appears to delight in scandalizing her people, but beneath her vexed public image, Sasha longs to be truly seen.Will the tenuous connection she forms with Kerry be broken by the weight of the crown Or will they find true love despite the forces endeavoring to keep them apart

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    1. A modern fairy tale, one I could relate to for a change. Just what I needed to escape the stresses of every day life. Beautifully written, (yes there are big words, get over yourselves people) and easy to imagine. Great escapist fare. I read The Princess Affair after reading Nell Stark's The Princess and the Prix, my first read of Stark's work. I needed another fix of compelling story telling.

    2. I half read and half listened to this novel. Overall I enjoyed the story but I may have liked it better if I read it all first. Being British I found the narration stereotypical, irritating and off putting and it shaped how I viewed the characters despite my attempts to avoid it. Overall a fair read but I won't be re-reading, I found it to be a little shallow, quite easy to predict and lacking a bit of 'umph' as we like to say here in Yorkshire!

    3. Going into this book knowing the premise, I was really just looking for something entertaining and fluffy. But what I found was that it really lacked the refinement it would've needed to carry itself. I wasn't expecting a life-changing work of literature, but what really disappointed me about the book was the rambling, directionless pace of the plot and the lazy writing that defined the characters. The main characters each feel like a self-insertion of the author with the added ingredients of so [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars rounded up to 4 Stars for the Audiobook.It was slow in the beginning that about 20% into it I stopped listening. I picked it up again and felt I stopped too soon and should have kept going. Or maybe I needed a break because I was bored at the time? Nevertheless, I enjoyed it much more when I started listening again and finished it relatively quickly.Sasha (The Princess) and second in line for the throne, was a bit exasperating - at times she was strong and stubborn, but most of the tim [...]

    5. Slow beginning that I mainly skimmed, but I really enjoyed it once Kerry and Sasha finally met and couldn't put it down after that.2016 reread: I loved it even more than the last time and bumped it up a star. Review here: thelesbianreview/princ

    6. I am not much of a follower of royalty, so I wasn't sure I would like this. However, I enjoyed the locations and the characters were very likable.

    7. Well this was kind of delightful. The characters were sweet and interesting and likable. The plot moved well, and the hurdles they faced felt natural to the progression of the story. This was a nice fairytale romance.

    8. After an intense paranormal series, Nell Stark returns with a sweet journey that is everything you want in a romance -- characters you fall in love with and worry over, and a happy ending. The icing is a wonderful American peek into the U.K. If you are a sucker for romance -- and I am -- you'll enjoy this tale.

    9. 3.5 star rating: it took me a little while to warm to the characters, & I thought the scenarios were just a bit too staged to be believable, but I did end up enjoying this romance.

    10. Princess Alexandra (Sasha) is second in line to the throne. Like all second children in the British Royal family she is the rebel who is determined to break the glass cage around her. She spends her time clubbing, partying and scandalizing the press. She is living a double life, hiding her true self, because she thinks it is easier and more acceptable than being honest with the world. But in reality her anger over the loss of her mother, the withdrawal of her father, and the constant need to pre [...]

    11. An easy book with great characters and an enjoyable romance, and exactly what I needed after a very angst story.It has that classic intense and instant attraction that I never completely buy, but they acknowledge it (instead of creating unnecessary angst) and it starts to feel much more genuine the more time they spend together and I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow and them becoming more comfortable around each other.Kerry and Sasha dealing with their personal insecurities and gene [...]

    12. I'm still not sure what I think of this one. On the one hand, I found the plot interesting, and the characters likable. I also quite liked the way the story was written. The love story is sweet enough (although maybe a bit too fast paced). The sex scenes are hot and the chemistry between Sasha and Kerry shows really well. On the other hand, I guess I expected more of it and wasn't particularly convinced by the modern version of the "Princess falls in love with stable boy" story. I suppose some c [...]

    13. I've read the other reviews from this book, and am aware at the diversity of the outcome this book has on each individual reader. Coming into this book, I was wary as I was not sure what my take would be once I began reading as many people pointed out both pros and cons that I've had with other literature in the past that is present in this book.With all this being said, I came to enjoy this book. Though it may not be my favorite work of lesbian fiction, it was intriguing, and kept me reading it [...]

    14. Finally, a modern twist on the classic tale of the fairy tale princess love story. If you find the royal family at all intriguing, if you ever wished you were smart enough to be a Rhodes scholar, if you ever wanted an insider's guide to London night spots (and good running paths). This is your book. Really a fun read. I especially liked the way Nell described the intimate scenes between the two characters. (As I've read more romance novels I've realized how complicated it is to write intimate sc [...]

    15. Pure, wish-fulfilling, fluff. And that's not a bad thing - anyone thinking about buying a book with the premise that a Princess falls in love with an ordinary university student pretty much knows both what they want, and what they'll get plot-wise.So this review is therefore more of a reassurance. The book is written well, and intelligently. Potentially awkward situations are handed with compassion, and there is a minimum of annoying, misplaced angst. It is a rather good example of pure wish-ful [...]

    16. "Do I dare disturb the universe? () Do you have the courage to take action, even when it might create chaos?"I think many people love the idea of royals falling for commoners. And I'm sure there are already too many of those stories focusing on straight couples, so it's nice to have this one: A queer princess falling for a commoner who's also a woman. I certainly liked it very much. It was well-written, fun, sweet, exciting, highly entertaining, with a bit of the expected drama, and likable and [...]

    17. Not badly written compared to other lesfic, and it started out quite ok. Sadly, the more it went on, the more its flaws became obvious. That being said, it might be a satisfying book for lovers of the genre. It is fantasy!romance-driven not character-driven, so there isn't much development except in terms of plot - there also isn't much of an effort for said plot to be plausible or anything - complete with the Most Happiest Ending imaginable. It isn't really worth 3 stars, but I always over-rate [...]

    18. More like 2.5 because the story and characters were damned charming, but you had to suspend disbelieve far too much and it was entirely too predictable and the characters very settled in their purpose for the story.But I just had to read this because as a child I was just fascinated with European royalty.In addition, the dialog from the British characters didn't seem particularly BE to me. Whenever I do hear a member of the royal family talk they sound more BE.

    19. This is a great book. It was captivating, I was overwhelmed bcoz of the plot twist even though twist is not that heavy. I love Sasha so much. Great book Done!

    20. The Princess Affair is the first book in the series of same name by Nell Stark from which I already read the second story, The Princess and the Prix. I don’t know what it is with me and book series, but I seem to not be able to read them in their intended order. As such, I spoiled few things from this book for myself, but I didn’t really mind knowing what kind of happy end is there for MC’s.As with the Prix, I was thrilled to read this - I mean, contemporary queer princess! I didn’t thin [...]

    21. I didn't think I would be able to suspend my disbelief to read a novel about a fictional British royal family. Not only was my inner skeptic silenced, I also found I was completely invested in the story. Using the royal family was actually a really clever construct. Everyone knows what happened to Princess Diana so one doesn't even have to use any imagination to understand the ramifications of being constantly followed and reported on by the press or paparazzi. This alone sets up strong tension [...]

    22. I like the plot but execution leaves much to be desired. It reads like an intellectual and actual masturbation. Between the pretentious language that is used throughout the story to make it look smarter than it is and characters that show more lust than love I just couldn't get into to. It's all very superficial and formulaic. And most of all it was also terribly predictable minus that one minor medical condition that was barely touched upon and the book fails to properly develop secondary chara [...]

    23. This was a really fun book. The setting and plot were original and the characters were likable with depth that isn't always found in this genre. While the two main characters fell in love a bit too quickly for my taste, they made a great couple and I thought the obstacles they both had to overcome were authentic to their lifestyles. Those obstacles did not seem contrived in the least. One of the main characters has a life altering decision to make and the way it was handled was very empowering. [...]

    24. I wasn’t expecting high literature, I just wanted to read some fluff, but this was so badly written that it was impossible to enjoy.

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