One thought on “الصحوة الإسلامية بين الآمال والمحاذير”

  1. SUPERB. This is the first book of Shiekh Al Qaradawi I ever read and feels like I wanna read more. The best ever. I recommend every Muslim youth to read this. Indeed, this is for the youth to stay hold to their duty for their religion. To stay on on the path of moderation.Very rational. What I so appreciate in him is the way he adress the issues. Very open-minded with a keen understanding of the youths. Also, he never loath or condemn the extremism. Instead, he provided cause-effect and solution [...]

  2. In this thoughtful work, Yusuf al Qaradawi addresses many of the issues of what most Muslims, especially the youth (in their vulnerable years in studying their religion to solidify their purpose and identity) encounter within themselves, the Islamic tradition, and the communities that they belong to. While inevitable inner and environmental conflicts occur, for example the tendency to establish certainty in matters of religious belief and practices some eager young Muslims resort to extreme and [...]

  3. What a groundbreaking pieces. In real world, dealing with this two things is a norm, and it's never being an easy thing to do. To be in between total rejection and extremism requires us to have a really profound knowledge and correct insight on the issues.This book tells us about making choice accordingly. While the title itself talks about two options, the author brings us to another dimension of choice- by being wusto (moderate) . Being moderate, in many circumstances, is not an easy thing to [...]

  4. I thought this was a good balanced book that didn't just place blame on the so-called extremists but acknowledged that a lot of the problems going on in the Muslim world are due to corrupt leaders who imprison those who don't twist Islam to fit the leaders' whims. I thought that there were a lot of good tips here on how we should fix what we can now instead of waiting for a true Islamic leader to come to power. I don't think this is a good book for someone new to Islam because it makes mention q [...]

  5. ليت الحركات الإسلامية المتصدرة للمشهد في مصر تراجع هذه المحاضرة وغيرها من كتابات القرضاوي عن الصحوة الإسلاميةيعرض أولاً لمعنى الصحوة؛ فهي يقظة بعد ثبوت طويل. ثم يعرِّج إلى مظاهرها فهي بدأت صحوة فكر وعقل وصحبها صحوة شعور وعاطفة وصحوة سلوك وعمل، كما أنها صحوة مرأة وصحوة عالم [...]

  6. Fantastic book MashaAllah. This book explains briefly about the origins of extremists, how they behave and why they behave. It also tries to explain why their logics are shallow and void their quoted Ayah and Hadith with a better explanation. Must read.

  7. Amazing read!Shaykh Qaradawi traces the complex roots of extremism and intolerance among the youth today, providing practical remedies and cures. Very relevant in our time

  8. excellent book about religious moderation. personally it has been life altering and has changed my outlook on religious practises.

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