Carla This is my best reviewed book and I think it will go down well in the US It is full of personality disorders relationships mental illness psychology and interaction as if Jim Thompson had written C

  • Title: Carla
  • Author: Mark Barry
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 436
  • Format: ebook
  • This is my best reviewed book and I think it will go down well in the US It is full of personality disorders, relationships, mental illness, psychology and interaction as if Jim Thompson had written Cuckoo s Nest.Recently released inmate of a mental instituton, brilliant physicist Jon Dexter, is under strict instructions from his psychotherapist not to fall in love HeThis is my best reviewed book and I think it will go down well in the US It is full of personality disorders, relationships, mental illness, psychology and interaction as if Jim Thompson had written Cuckoo s Nest.Recently released inmate of a mental instituton, brilliant physicist Jon Dexter, is under strict instructions from his psychotherapist not to fall in love He suffers an extreme form of BPD plus six or seven supporting conditions He moves to a small town in the middle of England and, naturally, falls immediately in love with a barmaid and conservation student much younger than he, a girl called Carla Against all the odds, the girl returns the feelings and the two develop a relationship which transcends all the limitations and obstacles Then, as it does, things begin to go badly wrong for the pair of them as other interested bodies intervene, leading to a genuinely tragic and violent conclusion Is she in danger Or is he

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    1. I started to read this book at five o'clock this afternoon, and have just finished it. I haven't done that in ages. What a brilliant piece of work.John Dexter is an extraordinarily mentally disturbed man who has done some terrifying things (many of which are, frustratingly, only hinted at), but he's also oddly likeable. You feel sympathy for him. Yes, this is a love story but it's more like a study of the type of psychological disorders attributed to Dexter. Aside from his completely absorbing c [...]

    2. Carla is a compulsive, unrelenting novel in which Mark Barry gives a human face to mental illness. It is the story of John Dexter, a 42 year old man with a personality disorder so extreme he is unable to live independently. Most of his adult life has been spent in prison, mental health facilities or being financially supported by his wealthy father. However, the novel is about so much more than that and I suspect that every reader probably takes away something different after reading it. In the [...]

    3. A ferocious tale of mental illness told with masterful wit and brutal candor:This is an extraordinary book, a ferocious story told with a mix of wit and gut punching candor, that offers an unflinching view of living with mental illness. Told in the first-person narrative of a 42-year-old man from a wealthy English family who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, the reader is taken on a wild ride with the brilliant but emotionally ravaged John as he launches, yet again, in a quest to fin [...]

    4. I found this a difficult read. Not because the writing was poor, to the contrary; it is excellent in many ways, but because I found the story both compulsive yet disturbing.Usually, when reading a book to review I read it twice, once just to take in the story and again to discover what works for me. I try to avoid spoilers, saying only if the different components of the story, the characters, the dialogue, the setting etc work as far as I'm concerned, and why.But Carla is problematic for me. Mar [...]

    5. An extraordinary story, fascinatingly and honestly narrated by John Dexter, forty-two years old and from a wealthy background. John has a history of mental illness, or more precisely Borderline Personality Disorder, and has been in and out of psychiatric care for years. The most recent being ‘three years of intense psychotherapy’ with the associated medications, some of which were experimental. Now he’s living alone in a flat funded by his father who, rather than hands on help, prefers to [...]

    6. John Dexter has an extensive history of mental illness, resulting in an ongoing struggle with everyday life. He finds himself attracted to Carla, a young barmaid at his local pub. Is this his chance for happiness or will the relationship implode, as so many have before? John is a candid and compelling narrator. You’re sitting in the snug with him and he’s pouring his heart out to you over a few pints. While he shares his history of aberrant behaviour and his intense feelings for Carla, there [...]

    7. This was interesting, especially if your into finding out what makes people tic. The author really gets into the psychology and mental health aspects of the narrator. Uniquely written and interesting read. I would recommend this book.

    8. When you can write like this then you have the right to be a pushy spokesman on behalf of Indie fiction, as the author indeed is. And Carla is everything that an Indie novel should be: unpretentious, passionate, convincing, well-informed and above all, fast-paced. The story is simple. The narrator, a man incapacitated by destructive mental issues throughout his life struggles to apply advice given to him by his psychiatric mentor in order to manage and control his obsessional love of a charming, [...]

    9. Recently released from a mental hospital, John Dexter moves to a quiet Peak District town where he lives a solitary life on an income his father provides. His story, both moving and human, is one that remains with me now. John suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, which negatively affects his relationships with women, and is unable to form any kind of romantic attachment without it turning into obsession. He spends most days drinking and friendless, until he meets Carla who he instantly [...]

    10. This intriguing novel tells the story of John Dexter, a man with severe mental health issues. John falls in love far too easily and far too quickly, his feelings too intense both for him and for the women who find themselves at the receiving end of his affections. John is a complex character; the glimpses we are given of his past account for his thirst for reciprocated attention and add a real depth to the novel. The first person viewpoint draws you in, and you find yourself alternately rooting [...]

    11. Gripping chilling and utterly compulsive Assuming you’re a reasonably well balanced person, have you ever wondered what it’s like to be clinically insane? Not barking raving mad so that everyone knows it, but quietly deranged, nursing ghastly obsessions, at times unable to think rationally? Mark Barry’s book is probably the closest you are ever going to get to understanding the mindset of such a madman. Yet John Dexter, the first person narrative’s protagonist, is somehow likeable, you c [...]

    12. Disclaimer: I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.John Dexter has Borderline Personality Disorder, quite a special case indeed, and he's recently become infatuated with Carla, a young woman working at a local pub. Well, "infatuated" is too light a word; he's fallen head-over-heels in love with her, and upon first sight, no less. See, that's one of his main issues: he falls hard and fast, and when the inevitable happens, he just doesn't have the emotional capabilities [...]

    13. I have just come up for air after reading the last page of Carla. John Dexter really does has problems and this is a reassuring read. After all, you and I would never go to those lengths and act on those impulses…would we? Love can do strange things indeed; how far would you go?John’s story is a difficult one to read at times. After several sessions in a psychiatric hospital and with a father who just wants to help…by paying someone else to help JohnJohn is back in the real world. This nov [...]

    14. I bought this book as a gift in paperback from the Indielit catalogue for my partner for Christmas and, as he enjoyed it, I decided to read it myself.Told in the first person in a clinical, factual style, within a few pages I wanted to discover more about Jonathan Dexter and how his mind worked. Mark Barry's storytelling draws the reader into Dexter's world, a place most of us can't imagine and yet, it's beautifully described and crafted so we can empathise with this character. Dexter's path is [...]

    15. This is a book that will stay with me for a long time. The mark of great storytelling for me is whether or not I can leave the characters whilst I’m reading and my emotions after I’ve finished the book. If I say that I read this in less than a day and I didn’t want it to end you get the picture. I rooted for John, I loved Carla, it made me cry and I was left feeling bereft (this is always a good thing!). The characters were wonderfully drawn and the detail of the darker aspects of John and [...]

    16. Carla is the story of a perceived mentally-ill person, John Dexter, who shares his story truthfully about his psychiatric illnesses, hospitalizations, and his obsessive love for a woman half his age. He speaks to the reader, as if writing a blog, sharing painful memories with acceptance, his writings cathartic, purging his fear. The story held my interest to the very last page and I look forward to reading more novels by this author.

    17. This first person account is incredibly personal and detailed. From the first page I was hooked. A psychological, dare I say "thriller", that made me laugh, made me cringe and made me cry. This is a book that I will read more than once. So much to take in with only one reading. Very descriptive. I could see the people and places in my mind's eye. Mark Berry has now become one of my favorite writers.

    18. Completely different from most readsYou really get into the mind of the clinically insaneThe ending is absolutely gripping

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