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  1. "I do is better than IQ",this is the tagline of this collection of some of the best ever motivational articles by Jay Vasavada.This book contains 50 articles about motivation,inspiration,dreams,success,failure,opportunity,preparations and about almost everything you need know to live your life with self-confidence, fearlessness, hard-work, determination and of course with joy. The book is divided in three sections :1. Sahas ane Shourya2. Tak ane Taiyari3. Jigar ane JindagiThese three sections co [...]

  2. A roller coster ride of motivation & inspiration. The parts I liked the most: >about the film '300', prepare for the glory. >Lisa Ray's fight against cancer. >South Africa-New Zealand test series, 1953 & the real life story of Bob-Nerisa, teenage sweethearts. ( I bet their story can bring tears in your eyelids.)Now the book: use of words, just fantastic & so balanced. It increased my vocab to a better level than before. >Ruswa Mazlumi's poem, fabulous. Lastly I wanna say, [...]

  3. પાને પાને જિંદગીની દરેક પળો માણવાનો જુસ્સો જગાવાતું પાણીદાર પુસ્તક

  4. Jay HoThe only book i always keep in my bag and carry with wherever i goat all i want to say abt this book(i dont even remember how many times i have reread the chapters again and again and still gives same positivity)

  5. Great life lessons explained in lucid manner with tons of real life experiences & examples. No preaching.I gonna read it again & again:)Great work JV.

  6. This is must have life long book in our Gujarati. Best inspiration and motivational book by any author till now. I love the way of writing by Jay vasavada sir.

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