Looks Over

Looks Over There s nothing wrong with trying to get to know my son s boyfriend Skylar knows he s lucky to have an open minded father It s not just that Skylar and Rafael are both boys Between their families exis

  • Title: Looks Over
  • Author: Rose Christo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There s nothing wrong with trying to get to know my son s boyfriend Skylar knows he s lucky to have an open minded father It s not just that Skylar and Rafael are both boys Between their families exists a dark and turbulent past Rafael s father was the first serial killer in the history of the Nettlebush Indian Reserve, and Skylar s mother was his last victim.Skylar i There s nothing wrong with trying to get to know my son s boyfriend Skylar knows he s lucky to have an open minded father It s not just that Skylar and Rafael are both boys Between their families exists a dark and turbulent past Rafael s father was the first serial killer in the history of the Nettlebush Indian Reserve, and Skylar s mother was his last victim.Skylar is ready to put the past behind him But Skylar s future is tenuous at best Skylar is still a ward of the state, and foster care can take him away from the reservation at a moment s notice Voiceless and powerless, Skylar learns firsthand what it means to be a Native American in the 21st century And when Skylar stumbles across his father s best kept, twelve year old secret, not even Rafael can shield him from the fallout.

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    1. SUCH. A. TREAT. My heart is fullIf I had to choose one book that displayed all the characteristics of what I want in my dream man, it would be Looks Over.No, Skylar is not my dream man…he’s only 17 for goodness sake. (though I love him more than words can say!)No, I don’t mean that this book got me all hot and bothered. There is so very little of anything physical in it.No, I’m not saying I want to be living on an Indian Reservation with a husband and children one day.What I mean by this [...]

    2. This book's events are a continuity of the first's one. Skylar, as part of the Shoshone community gets enrolled in the Nettlebush school, goes to many local and non-local fairs and learns many many other things about his roots.This books is characterized by a serenity. You feel so peaceful while reading about these people. Skylar learns things that change his life forever. My heart broke for him. There were pages I couldn't read without wiping my eyes. So emotional. Rafael is so amazing. I love [...]

    3. The beautiful story continues I just love Rafael and Sky together. The author portrays their relationship so well and so lovingly. Their feelings for each other feel so natural; it is a sign of the author's skill that everything about their relationship rings true. Interestingly, this book is so perfectly drama free. Not in a way you would expect. There is drama that happens because of where the plot takes the characters but there are no silly misunderstandings or miscommunications. This is part [...]

    4. This past year has made me a cynic to romance, but boy, did Skylar and Rafael light up my heart. Their honest yet nuanced relationship, forged from shared tragedy and mutual understanding, brought all my fanboy feels to the fore. And when they kissed, well I will "show" a passage instead of "telling" about it:"It was soft when he kissed me, like homecoming, like summer linens on a taut clothesline, tossing in a summer wind. Our lips slid together, his lips warm, his breath warm, heat crackling i [...]

    5. It is rather 2, 5 stars than 3 stars.If I have to describe with one word the second book of theGives Lightseries it would be disappointment.Even Skylar couldn't save the story for me. Everything that I so loved in the first book was pushed into the background and the main focus of the story was set on the problems of the Native Americans and their lack of rights. I'm pretty sure that it is a very complicated topic and though I'm from Europe we know a lot about the history of the conquest of Amer [...]

    6. Woohoo, 5 stars and 5 ♥♥♥♥♥. Another wonderful story in the 'Gives Light' series. Rose Christo's writing is amazing, yet again there is no sex, and do I care, do I hell!! This book does not need sex, it has the awesome Skylar and Rafael, and the other brilliant supporting characters also didn't need a certain social worker who shall remain nameless, but if I ever got my hands on you, you'd really find out what the meaning of pain was!! The most disgusting thing is that the kidnapping o [...]

    7. Looks Over was another great YA book, and the second in the Gives Light series. In my opinion, the flow of the book was amazing. Rose Christo has an amazing talent for writing great stories and this is an example of how great YA can be. She has a God-given talent for writing and storytelling in general. I am one of this series biggest fans and I am so glad I found it.Something that made me smile was the fact we got more into Paul’s return. This book didn’t start off like a standalone. It was [...]

    8. I'm so sad that Sue and I have to put this on hold for now. But I simply. other issues I have with this book. What happened? Book 1 was mindblowingly amazing. ---------------------------------*hearts swells in advance* :')Buddy read with my bestie Sue. Because

    9. So, this second book (of the Gives Light trilogy) is better of worst than the first? It's worth your time reading it?My simple and direct answers are: much better, and definitively YES!After I end Gives Light I decide to go on, reading the second immediately, afraid I would forget some characterThe first books present us a lot of secondary characters, and I was really afraid I would confuses them if I wait to long.How silly I was how could someone confuses such unique characters? The story will [...]

    10. The second book in Skylar's POV continues the series. It's darker than the first, and shares stories of injustice, both past and present, that are real and painful and hard to read. It also shows a deepening but still very slow, lovely relationship between Skylar and Rafael. The slowness almost moves beyond believable, for two teen boys, but there is enough other drama in the story to let the guys go on being very, very slow in some aspects, while finding themselves amazingly in tune in others. [...]

    11. "There are only three things you need to know in life. Who you are, how the world works, and how you can change it.”Looks Over is book two in Rose Christo’s Gives Light series. A series that introduced me to two of my favorite characters in fiction—Skylar St. Clair and Rafael Gives Light. I adore them. Gives Light (book one) was a book I never wanted to leave. One of my favorite reads. Sooo….I was nervous-- *shaking in my reading boots* actually--going into this one. I was so afraid of d [...]

    12. For me to write a review, would mean I'd have to take more than a minute or two to do so. That takes away from my reading time. I need to start the third book right this minute. That's how much I loved this one. That alone should tell you.

    13. 4.5 stars I again am at a loss of words with this book. It was just as emotional and gorgeous as book one and it was so much more. Skylar and Rafael learning more about one another. Skylar learning more about his heritageI love learning the lessons right along with him. So many I had no clue about. I love how the Shoshone see the two spirits and how the boys are accepted. The angst, yes angst, that happen in this one hurt. I won't lie about that. But there is so much beauty once again delivered [...]

    14. Book 2 in the Gives Light series. This follows Skylar and Rafael over several months on the Nettlebush Reservation. The main themes are Skylar's precarious position as a ward of the state and the shocking truth he learns about his heritage. The lack of representation and self-determination for the Indians is horrifying. What the 'law' can get away with made me furious on Skylar's behalf. But despite those serious issues the book is very upbeat and romantic. We are treated to Skylar and Rafael's [...]

    15. This is probably one of my favorite YA series. It has a certain depth to it that made me actually think about things outside my safe little world. I adored everything about this story from the characters to the conflict to the resolutions. I love that even thought Skylar can't speak he's still managed to make such a great life on the reservation. An even better life than he had before. He has friends, family and people who care about him, care about his opinions. I adore Skylar for the simple fa [...]

    16. Really like these characters, I was a little irritated that (view spoiler)[ Skylar's dad doesn't know sign language (hide spoiler)]

    17. Warning: mild spoilers ahead.Looks Over Light picks up immediately where Gives Light left off. In this story, Skylar continues learning more about his people and Native Americans as he struggles with authorities over his foster care parent. An embittered social worker, resentful of being removed from Skylar's case and mistrustful of his people, files a complaint against his grandmother. Skylar finds himself removed from her care an pd placed into foster care. Through Several twists and turns, Sk [...]

    18. This is really a great read. The angst in the reservation continues and Skylar learns some really difficult truths that almost disable his thinking. As always Raf remains stoic and loyal and clearly loves his Sky. Of course him being young, means this really is a YA story but I sure hope as these two grow into adulthood we get to feel the spark that is growing. This story highlights the injustice against the Native Indian community on reservations. It certainly can get quite emotional at times

    19. Second book in the Gives Light series, and the poetic writing continues. I absolutely adore this series, and recommend it to anyone who loves a sweeping, gorgeous, timeless story of love, loss and perseverance. Warning: this series is so full of love your heart may actually burst

    20. Looks Over is the sequel to the excellent Gives Light, a story about 16-year old Skylar, whose mother (now deceased) was Caucasian and his father is Shoshone Indian. After his father suddenly disappears, he is brought to the Shoshone reservation to live with his grandmother. There, he learns about his heritage, about the tragic events that killed his mother and took his voice, and about the brooding young man Rafael who Skylar finds himself drawn to.Looks Over starts right when Gives Light ends. [...]

    21. Actual rating: 3.5 starsThis was a good sequel to Gives Light. However, I feel slightly disappointed because I loved Gives Light with all of my heart and I don't feel the same way about Looks Over. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed Looks Over. But in my opinion, it's not as amazing as the first book.I love the characters in this series. All of them have personalities and feel like real people. I especially love Skylar, he's a sweet boy and I really like reading from his POV. There's only a fe [...]

    22. The series just keeps getting better. This follow up to Gives Light just blew me away; it was both heart warming and truly heart wrenching at times. I was by turns smiling, crying, laughing and plain angry at the injustices done against these people and their children. How the government just carelessly tears these families apart with little regard to their rights and their pain is just beyond whatever words I can think of. It's a learning experience every time a read one of this books, and I fi [...]

    23. This book was literally so beautiful wow I need a minute to get my thoughts straight. Okay so going into this I was kinda scared seeing as the first one was so awesome and this is a very unpopular series and second books in a series are always less good according to most people but wow just wow. I literally don't even know what to really say about this except for PICK UP THIS FUCKING SERIES ALREADY!! and also #ProtectSkylar2k16

    24. Mulling over read this so long ago and I forgot to give it a rating o__O! Actually, I don't think I forgot, I think I rated this on Leafmarks and friggin' eh, Leafmarks is no more. So NOW I need to mull this over or read it again (which I normally never do) o__O!!

    25. TW: For racism, social injustice, and a detailed description of the Bear River Massacre. (view spoiler)[It starts in Chapter 9 "Taken Alive" when Granny gets up to tell her story and runs all the way through the rest of that chapter. (hide spoiler)]This book starts off pretty much where the first one ended, and I think that's where it drags the most. We already saw Skylar getting to know the people on the reserve and learning about his ancestors and the Shoshone way of life. Okay, he's going to [...]

    26. The story was all over the place. It read more like a series of episodes than a coherent purposeful narrative. The book promised a good plot: the father's getting to know his son's boyfriend - and i was really looking forward to the romantic development of Skyler and Rafaiel's relationship given that I LOVED the first book. Sadly, that wasn't what the second book delivered. I have to say though, it was lovely when the boys interacted, but i wish it were a little more developed, and not secondary [...]

    27. So much beauty in this unique and powerful story *.*Absolutely amazing characters, Skylar and Rafael are precious. Their love story is still growing slowly physically, but it's so incredibly real and deep emotionally speaking. I'm also enjoying the rest of the story. Native American culture is something I had never come across in my readings before and I'm totally loving it. I didn't know that children in the reservations were actually kidnapped to get them to fosters homes, which is completely [...]

    28. 5 stars out of 5 Something occurred to me just then. I thought: This is how you know somebody loves you. When you can't tie your own shoes and they don't mind tying them for you. Guest review posted by Lex on my blog on December 13, 2013. Read her review here. Lex's favorite quoteshere.

    29. I was a little bit disappointed. I loved the first book so much, but this one didn't quite do it for me. the "chat" part at the beginning is rather telling. Unlike the first book, I felt like this one was more "teenage-y" and I couldn't connect with it as much as I'd have wanted too. Still love the characters though, so I'll be sure to continue the series!

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