Double the Trouble

Double the Trouble Professional rodeo team roper Karlie Upton is done with arrogant testosterone soaked cowboys and she s done with the rodeo Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she d jus

  • Title: Double the Trouble
  • Author: Becky McGraw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Professional rodeo team roper, Karlie Upton, is done with arrogant testosterone soaked cowboys, and she s done with the rodeo Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she d just broken up with, Karlie heads for Bowie, Texas to see if her old friend Cassie Bellamy needs help with her new horse operation Her identical twin sister, and roping partnerProfessional rodeo team roper, Karlie Upton, is done with arrogant testosterone soaked cowboys, and she s done with the rodeo Worn out from traveling and battling with the abusive bull rider she d just broken up with, Karlie heads for Bowie, Texas to see if her old friend Cassie Bellamy needs help with her new horse operation Her identical twin sister, and roping partner isn t happy about Karlie leaving her high and dry, but Karlie can t stay, and she can t tell her sister why she s leaving.Karlie knows her ex will probably come looking for her, because not only did she leave, she took his meal ticket with her, a fifty pound slack jawed bulldog named Sarge, who he got five thousand dollars a month to care for from his crazy grandpa s estate When she reaches the city limits of Bowie, Karlie receives a welcome she didn t expect Not paying attention to her speed, Karlie had let Freddie , the hot rod Lincoln she d had since she was sixteen, have his head, and he didn t like to go slow He liked to blow the stripes off of the road, since she d souped him up in automotive class in high school So, the first person she met in Bowie, wasn t the one she went there to see, but he was easy on the eyes nonetheless The handsome deputy gave her a lecture and a ticket that would empty her pocketbook Then after she tried to bargain her way out of the ticket, he arrested her and threatened to send Sarge to the pound Karlie knew she would have enjoyed the frisking, but when the hot lawman took her dog into custody, he crossed the line, and Karlie showed him she wasn t known as the Wild Child in the pro rodeo circuit for nothing Her impulsive nature yet again lands her in a heap of trouble, but it also gives her a reason to see the good looking lawman again, when she cuts a community service deal to fix his police car Karlie s not looking for a relationship with any man, her ex may have soured her for life on those, but she sure could go for a little romp in the hayloft with the tall, dark and handsome deputy sheriff But then she finds out he has issues, deep dark issues, which meant he was a fixer upper Karlie knew she was in trouble then, because if there was one thing she had a problem avoiding, it was projects From cars to men, the they needed fixing, the they interested her.Bowie s Chief Deputy, Gabe Kelley, had never encountered a woman like the red hot redhead he stopped for speeding, while filling in for his patrolman on traffic duty Sitting at the city limit sign, minding his own business, almost dozing off, because he was so bored, Gabe was jolted out of his lethargy when a black Lincoln went past him doing at least one ten.When he finally caught up to the sassy redhead, she gave him lip, then he gave her a hefty ticket, and a stern warning about driving through his town recklessly He never expected the beautiful cowgirl to proposition him to get out of the ticket He was so shocked, he arrested her, then called the dog pound to come get her ugly dog The next thing Gabe knew, he was laying on his stomach on the hot Texas roadway, hogtied, and mad as hell, watching the hotheaded woman drive off leaving him there He was going to get untied, and when he did, there would be hell to pay, and the one paying it would be Miss Karlie Upton It might take him a while to find her, but he would, if it was the last thing he ever did One way or another, Gabe was going to teach the bratty woman he wasn t a man to be messed withif it took spanking her shapely ass to drive that point home Gabe would have to be careful though, because, although he liked his women with a little edge, he knew this beautiful redhead had enough of it to cut his throat Her ex is after her, and the only thing standing between the rough bull rider and her is Gabe, and this guy is playing for keeps, but then so is Gabe.

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    1. This book starts off with a huge unguessable surprise and continues in that vein to the very end. Surprise, excitement and unpredicatable fun right to the epologue.The main characters Karlie and Gabe are fun, well rounded and hot. They each have a sack of troubles to deal with but they are also given intellegence and other abilities to do just that.Look alikes.s there are a set of twins and a set of matched syblings but do not predict what that means. You would probably guess wrong. Karlie has b [...]

    2. I am becoming so addicted to Becky McGraw's western romance books. I can't get enough. This was Gabe's story. He meets a feisty redhead named Karlie. She is a twin, she has a sister. She leaves her high and dry at the rodeo to get away from her abusive boyfriend, Jake. She is friends with Cassie so she heads for her ranch. She gets hired on as a horse trainer and hopes Jake doesn't find her. She meets Gabe who is a Deputy Sheriff in Bowie and they have an instant connection. Like all romance thi [...]

    3. Another great read from Becky. Gabe and Karlie's book is just as exciting as the other plenty of awful and wonderful things happening to the two main characters. Gabe is a bit of a mean pig sometimes and although Karlie is hell on wheels she didn’t need the abuse he gave her she got enough with Jake the snake 🐍. I love hearing from some of the other characters from the stories before this and can’t wait to read more from this series especially Tommy and Katie loved Dixie

    4. Double the Trouble reviewDouble the Trouble is the third fun romantic suspense book in the Texas Trouble series written by author Becky McGraw.

    5. Absolutely greatI found this story delightful and also emotional.Beautifully written, great characters, action , suspense , laughs .I really enjoyed reading this story.

    6. Double the Trouble is the third book in the Texas Trouble series, and I loved it. Becky McGraw is one of my favorite authors, I just love her cowboys. This book is the story of Karlie Upton and Gabe Kelley. Karlie was a professional rodeo team roper, with her twin sister, Katie, but she had to give it up when an old flame made it impossible for her to stay. Karlie is considered the wild child of the two, and some of the things she did, had me laughing out loud. I really felt sorry for poor Gabe, [...]

    7. This one was good. I enjoyed it, but not as much as the last one.I laughed my butt off at the opening when they met, but the chemistry between Karlie and Gabe just wasn't there for me throughout most of the book. Towards the end it got a little better and I was satisfied I suppose.I was also happy to see that, although there was danger and suspense, it wasn't the roller-coaster ride the first two books put me on. I was surprised by the little bombshell that got dropped because I totally didn't s [...]

    8. Awesome storyWhat a great story. Gabe is working as a deputy and sitting in his cruiser when he sees a car driving exceptionally fast. When he pulls the car over he is surprised to find a beautiful woman driving. What he doesn't realize is that his life is about to change. Karlie is running from an abusive boyfriend and coming to see if she can help her friend out on the ranch. The author did a good job with their story and there are many things that Gabe and Karlie go through and must face to r [...]

    9. My heart went out to Karlie. Oh I love Freddie. Karlie was a strong women that found the wrong guy. He has broken her an now she is find her way back. I love stories that grab my heart. I couldn't put this book down. When I wasn't reading it I was thinking about what was going to happened. I love books like this. Some I can relate to as well. It is a must read. Oh an I would love to have my qon Freddie :-)

    10. In spite of the editorial issues with the previous 2 books in the series, I gave the series one more shot with this book. And this is where the series and I parted ways. I didn't find the heroine to be believable and details in the story made me feel like the author didn't really do her research. Also, once again, the lack of good editing took me out of story way too often.

    11. Another good one in this seriesAnother good one in this seriesThis is such A great series of books. They could be read individually, but why would you want to when they are so good. You just want to keep reading and also revisit some of the couple's from previous books. each book has adventure. trouble, love and lots of Hot Sex.

    12. "Double the Trouble" (Texas Trouble Book 3) by Becky McGraw is a fantastic read! I loved Karlie and Gabe's story. This book is packed full of hot cowboys, lawmen, passion, action, drama, humor, interesting and entertaining characters, and so much more! I can't wait to read more of this series! Highly recommend to all fans of cowboys, lawmen, romance, and action.

    13. Gabe has his demons, so when he meets Karlie the sparks fly Two people that have been dealt a bad hand, connect instantly Their journey will have you shedding a tear and will also have you at the edge of your seat I started reading this series, not knowing what I was in for But fell in love with them, I have read the first 3 in four days. now onto the next one!!

    14. Really good untilI really enjoyed this entire story. The characters are multi-demential and the plot is very good with action and excitement. All was great up until the end when our lady suddenly looses her backbone. I don't want to spoil the story, but for me it just seemed to cave apart.

    15. Being left. Scared of relationships this book bring youInto full circle. It reminds you how you can heal and learnLove again It has surprises in it and opens your eye on howBad a relationship can end up. Great read and re read

    16. This book has all that anyone could ask for The love between the characters was written soThe reader can feel the vibes. The drama with Kaelies abuser shows just how law enforcement can be

    17. Karlie was like a fire cracker, always going off before her temper cooled & Gabe was not much better lol a lot of back n forth in this one!! Looking forward to getting to know more of the other characters also!!

    18. Double the TroubleDouble the TroubleExcellent book. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Excellent story line kept your interest and attention making it hard to put down.

    19. Double the Trouble/ McGrawAnother powerhouse by McGraw! Love this series so much! Must read for McGraw fans! Each book gets better and better!

    20. They kept saying they loved each other, but there wasn't any trust. I found that to be unrealistic and frustrating.

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