Looking For Trouble

Looking For Trouble Country singer Jess Sparks is finally watching her star rise after shedding the weight of a thieving manager and boyfriend three years ago Jess has worked her butt off since to recover from it and

  • Title: Looking For Trouble
  • Author: Becky McGraw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Country singer, Jess Sparks, is finally watching her star rise, after shedding the weight of a thieving manager and boyfriend three years ago Jess has worked her butt off since to recover from it, and it s finally paying off, because she s on the verge of signing a big recording contract.Someone from Bowie, Texas calls and asks her to sing at a wedding reception, and sheCountry singer, Jess Sparks, is finally watching her star rise, after shedding the weight of a thieving manager and boyfriend three years ago Jess has worked her butt off since to recover from it, and it s finally paying off, because she s on the verge of signing a big recording contract.Someone from Bowie, Texas calls and asks her to sing at a wedding reception, and she agrees to do it as a final hoorah While she s performing, Jess notices a good looking cowboy in the crowd staring her down and can t take her eyes off of him either Her best friend, and band mate, thinks Jess needs to loosen up and have some fun, so she issues a dare that Jess can t refuseke him her Angel for the night.Back in Dallas, Jess discovers that her fun pays off a little too well, when the stick with the pink plus sign tells her she s a member of the elite less than two percent club they warn about on the back of condom boxes She s pregnant, and doesn t have a clue what the cowboy s name is, because honey, baby or sugar worked just fine for them that night.After the baby is born, she gets another call from the client in Bowie for an encore performance at the couple s one year anniversary party Although Jess is hesitant to accept, because she s scared she ll run into the cowboy again, who would do nothing but complicate her life, she accepts, because she needs the money.Once she gets to Bowie, Jess realizes her luck is still running in the wrong direction Not only is the cowboy there, he s the manager of the ranch, and she s going to be seeing a lot of him, because she and the band get stuck there Although she didn t intend on telling him about her little angel, he finds out, and wants to be a daddy After Jess gets to know him better, she discovers she wants the sexy cowboy to be a lot than that.Professional rodeo rider, Wade Roberts never expected his career to end with a fall from a wild horse he pulled in his last rodeo, but that s exactly what happened Luck was on his side though, when he found out the manager of the Double B Ranch in Bowie, Texas was retiring, and they hired him as a replacement.When the beautiful country singer he d had one night of wild passion with a year ago after a wedding, shows up at the ranch to play a command performance for the anniversary party, Wade is surprised She was supposed to be in the big leagues now, so he wonders what she s doing back in Bowie When Jess Sparks gives him the cold shoulder, Wade is confused, because to his knowledge, they d both been blown away by their time together, and had been on the same page the next morning, when they parted without exchanging phone numbers.The reason for her attitude becomes clear to Wade though, when he sees a car seat and toys in the back of the van she arrived in He has a daughter, and Jess doesn t want him to be a part of her life That s not okay with Wade, and he is determined to convince the beautiful songbird, that he will be a part of his daughter s life and take care of them both.Fate appears to give him time to convince her, when Jess gets hurt and the band s van burns up, but then her ex boyfriend shows up in town, representing a record company that wants to sign her Now, if she wants a contract, she s going to have to deal with the man who robbed her blind, while he managed her career Then her ex incites Wade into a fight at the bar, which lands him in jail Using the charges against Wade as leverage, the guy coerces Jess into signing with him to get Wade out of his legal trouble.Determined to make up for the mess he d made, and get Jess out of the contract, Wade enters a charity rodeo competition, with a big purse, because he knows he can win it, even though it might change his life forever, if he gets injured again.Wade isn t looking for trouble, but if he wants to keep the two angels in his life permanently, he knows he s going to have to face a hell of a lot of it to make that happen.

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    1. This was the story of Wade and Jess. Jess is a country singer who is trying to make it big in music. Wade see her performs and they connect and have a one night stand. A year later the band is hired to play at a wedding and Wade see her. She wants nothing to do with him and he notices a baby seat so he thinks she has a boyfriend. After a while he realizes that she lied and the baby is his. Then the turmoil of their relationship starts with its ups and downs. How will it end. Read the story and f [...]

    2. This was an Awesome book! At times I held my breath, while sitting on the edge of my seat. Other times I laughed, and smiled while reading this book. Yet there were times I wanted to scream or throw something I was so mad at Wade. In the end both Wade, and Jess won over my Heart, and pulled at my Heartstrings. So you can see this book brought out all kinds of emotions. The plot was really good! This is one of those books I can see myself re reading latter on.

    3. I loved Wade in this book, a great man with problems he does his best to overcome and is so believable in the process. Jess is stubborn and independant through fear and the tests this relationship endures make for another piece of witty story-telling.

    4. WonderfulA very emotional story.Well written full of suspense, intrigue, romance, great storyline.I highly recommend reading this story and the whole series.

    5. Looking for Trouble reviewLooking for Trouble is the fourth fun romantic suspense book in the Texas Trouble series written by author Becky McGraw.

    6. Looking For Trouble is the fourth book in the Texas Trouble series, and I want to say that this series keeps getting better. Jess Sparks is a country singer who performs at a wedding in Bowie, Texas, where she meets sexy professional rodeo rider Wade Roberts. The chemistry between them is off the charts, and after one night of passion, they go their separate ways. One year passes and the beautiful country singer returns to Bowie, to perform at an anniversary party, but she never expected to run [...]

    7. I like and awful lot about this one and the hero and supporting characters were all great. The real let down was the heroine! I just couldn't like her at all. Although she had gone through some pretty awful stuff she just seemed to bring most of them on herself with her rotten attitude. She came across to me like a spoilt, whiney brat who was utterly selfish and self centred and didn't deserve someone as supportive as Wade. Although he too had his problems he didn't seem to create as many of the [...]

    8. I enjoyed this book more than the last one in the series. Jess and Wade's chemistry really came through and I loved how he doted on his daughter from the moment he laid eyes on her. It made me want to cry.Bringing in the issue of postpartum depression was interesting. I did realize that is what she had but at first I thought she really was just crazy and selfish. Jess did grate on my nerves a bit at first until she got herself together. I won't say that it took away from the book because having [...]

    9. I enjoyed the story and the writing style of the author. Jess was doing her best to become a stronger person, and that her friend (Jazzie) helped to keep her in check. I like that both the main characters were given circumstances that they were both forced to overcome, which helps them ultimately relate to one another. The chemistry between Wade and Jess ran the scale between sweet and seriously hot. Overall, I found this to be a good read and will probably check out some of the other books in t [...]

    10. I don't know how Becky does it but each book keeps getting better an better. Jess has a secret an doesn't want Wade to find out. Wade is a hard working cowboy/ bull rider. He is working on a ranch as there manager. Jess is a country singer trying to make it big. They met a yr ago at a wedding, were Jess an her band was hired to sing. I love reading books that make you feel an keeps you thinking about the people in the story. I defiantly recommend this book.

    11. Good Book Must ReadThis Book Is So So Good. Jess and wade had a one night stand. When she return Wade found out about his baby, Angel. First, Hess was mess up then Wade got Mess up but in the end they got the loves of their life. Good Book. From hospital rooms to kidnapping, to hospital room again. It ended good. No cliffhanger.

    12. This book will make you have chill bumps!!!!!To have love that will make you challenge your heartBut touch your soul is unbelievable! Have you everHeard a something and it makes your heart stop beatingWill this book and its story will do that to you. Thank youBecky MaGraw for another wonderful book!!!!

    13. Such a fast paced story, from start to finish Wade and Jess spend one passion filled night together, that changes their lives forever A year later they meet up againOne heartbreak after another, will they make it out the other side?? I couldn't put this book down and read it in a day and loved every second of it!!

    14. Jess Sparks is back in Bowie but wants nothing to do with Wade Roberts. After their wild night together a year ago Jess has been on Wade's mind and he doesn't understand what the problem is. Read this great book to find out just what kind of trouble is in store for Jess and Wade. Highly recommended.

    15. She was so crazy for most of the book. I knew right away it was postpartum depression. I kinda dug it, though. I was happy she got help, finally, so she was relatively normal for the rest of the book. I liked that there was a little suspense and action. Wade was so hot!I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    16. Can not stop reading this series.This is another great book in this series. I started with book 12 and then we went back to start at the beginning. I will be broke before I finish this series but can't stop reading. The stories are all so well written and keep you interested the whole way through.

    17. Again good read!!! Jess drive me a lil insaneI get the reason for her issues but gees Wade was perfectyway after a few twists, turns and action everything worked out :-) Wade is hot, loved him n his lil bit in the rodeo as I haven't read a book with much rodeo stuff so really liked it :-)

    18. Decent novel, some very screwed up scenes. Also the author needs to learn to get her facts straight because her lawyer comments were so far off base. That was annoying.

    19. Looking for Trouble #4/ Becky McgrawLoved the entire book! McGraw gave it all to us romance, hot sex, suspense, and happy ending. Great read for new readers!

    20. Great book.This was a great book to read. Loved the highs and the lows of this story. Cannot wait to read the next book.

    21. So far it is a good story. I thought it was erotica but perhaps it is just a romance (which is still good).

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