The Lesson

The Lesson In her wildest dreams spunky and impulsive nineteen year old Mary Kate Lapp never imagined herself behind a schoolteacher s desk A run in literally with the schoolteacher compels her to act as a subs

  • Title: The Lesson
  • Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780800719890
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
  • In her wildest dreams, spunky and impulsive nineteen year old Mary Kate Lapp never imagined herself behind a schoolteacher s desk A run in literally with the schoolteacher compels her to act as a substitute teacher, just as her restless desire to see the world compels her to apply for a passport just in case The only thing of interest to M.K in the sleepy AmishIn her wildest dreams, spunky and impulsive nineteen year old Mary Kate Lapp never imagined herself behind a schoolteacher s desk A run in literally with the schoolteacher compels her to act as a substitute teacher, just as her restless desire to see the world compels her to apply for a passport just in case The only thing of interest to M.K in the sleepy Amish community of Stoney Ridge is the unexplained death of a sheep farmer that coincided with the arrival of a mysterious young man into the community Frustrated that no one takes the crime seriously, she takes matters into her own hands Unfortunately, as tends to be the case for M.K she jumps headlong into trouble.Centered on one of Suzanne Woods Fisher s most loved characters, this is the story fans have eagerly anticipated The precocious M.K is all grown up well, almost and ready to take on the world with surprising results Fisher s trademark plot twists and turns are as unexpected and satisfying as ever in this third book in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series.

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    1. Review on : amazon/review/R2VQUSGSPleasantly surprised by The Lesson! I'm pretty sure this is the third book I've read by Suzanne Woods Fisher and it may be my favorite! I absolutely loved M.K.'s character - she had me laughing a lot! I also really liked Chris's character.There were some surprises in The Lesson that made my enjoyment of the book go even higher. I also loved the mystery surrounding the unexplained death that had happened in Stoney Ridge.Even though I don't read that many Amish no [...]

    2. M.K. has grown up and is ready to set the world on fire.Or at least find a way out of Stoney Ridge.In the third book in her Stoney Ridge series, SuzanneWoods Fisher dives into M.K's story and shows how everyone - not just Mary Kate - have a lesson or two to learn about life, love and more.It's an interesting conclusion to the three book series. I'm going to be honest and say this was not my favorite story. I liked the books about M.K.'s older sisters.But like a pesky younger sibling, M.K's tale [...]

    3. I loved this book. It was wonderful to hear more of MK Lapp's story. She is a delightful character. Chris Yoder was also interesting. I listen to all I can by this author and look forward to the new releases.

    4. Title: THE LESSONAuthor: Suzanne Woods FisherPublisher: RevellJanuary 2013ISBN: 978-0-8007-1989-0Genre: AmishSometimes love shows up when you least expect it.Nineteen-year-old Mary Kate Lapp yearns for adventure, but all she seems to find is trouble. Her dreams of travel have taken a backseat to her assignment to teach school this year. Nothing exciting ever seems to happen in her sleepy Amish community.But when a sudden and unexplained death conveniently coincides with the arrival of a mysterio [...]

    5. Well, Suzanne Woods Fisher has done it again with an absolutely amazing Amish book about the Lapps, one of my favorite Amish books to read about! And this book is by far my favorite. It has everything--romance, mystery, heartache, and the undying spirit of the Amish people. If I didn't love my modern conveniences so much, I could easily turn Amish myself!!I connected with M.K. so well because I am a teacher. She was an unwlling teacher, but she discovered, as I did, how much she loved it. I love [...]

    6. What a wonderful story! I remember Mary Kate from the previous book in this series, with Rome and Julia, and it is fun to meet MK again. She is still flighty and always on the go, but life is changing for MK. Finding herself in the unwanted position of teacher, Mary Kate is finding out there is more to life than keeping order at school, there is joy in opening up the minds of her students to help them learn all they can. I loved the story, Suzanne Woods Fisher is a wonderful storyteller and this [...]

    7. I liked seeing how MK learned how to put effort into her teaching, and how she also learned to think before acting. I just wish the latter hadn't come with such circumstances. It was also intriguing to see how Chris and Jenny both reacted to their mother's situation, and there was more than one time I was silently urging Jenny 'don't do it!'. I enjoyed this ending to the Stoney Ridge Seasons series, but it wasn't as strong as either of the first two books, in my opinion.

    8. Hrmm, what can I say about this book? I’m trying really hard to reflect on this book without taking book two into account as well but it is really hard as it is a three part series. I am so discontented with the cliffhanger in The Haven and the fact that we skip years ahead in The Lesson and see an outcome (in passing really) but no hints to how things came to be. As a matter of fact—this book is about an entirely different sister so of course everything truly is in passing. I have so many u [...]

    9. Good conclusion to the series. In the first two books, The Keeper and The Haven, Mary Kaye (MK) is the trouble prone little sister. At the beginning of this book, she is now nineteen, but doesn't appear to have changed much. She is nearby when an apparent murder takes place, and believing herself to be something of a detective she wants to figure out who did it. She gets into trouble with the police one too many times, until it is made clear that she is to stay away. Taking her frustrations out [...]

    10. Mary Kate Lapp is a bit like George Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life. Filled with dreams of exotic places and all she desires is the right time to set out on her journey. But at nineteen, she's still struggling to find her place in the world. She's a bit impulsive, over-active, and what some would call a bit of a busy body. Still she sees nothing wrong with her flittering in and out of people's lives around her. Until they seem to lead to trouble when she least expects it. Yet Mary Kate or M.K. [...]

    11. Who doesn't love a GREAT Amish Contemporary Romance? Suzanne Woods Fisher KNOWS how to write them! This is the third and final book in the Stoney Ridge Series, but this book can also be read as a stand-alone book, too, in case you are wondering, and it is more of along the lines of a young adult book is back! Aka 'Mary Kate' (Lapp)! She's all grown up now at nineteen, and living her life the way she wants to, crazy and free-spirited, and trying to figure out just what she wants to do with it and [...]

    12. Suzanne Woods Fisher in her new book, “The Lesson” Book Three in the Stoney Ridge Seasons series published by Revell takes us to the Amish Community of Lancaster County.From the back cover: Sometimes love shows up when you least expect it.Nineteen-year-old Mary Kate Lapp yearns for adventure, but all she seems to find is trouble. Her dreams of travel have taken a backseat to her assignment to teach school this year. And nothing ever seems to happen in her sleepy Amish community.But when a su [...]

    13. How I have waited for the final book to the Stoney Ridge Seasons series! M.K. Lapp has been my favorite character since the beginning of the series and whose story I was most interested in reading. Suzanne Woods Fisher did an amazing job developing the character of Mary Kate Lapp. M.K. is a spunky, restless soul who longs to travel and loves to use big words. The reader is immediately drawn in by M.K.'s written thoughts and her comical persona. I loved M.K.'s detective intuition. It made her sta [...]

    14. The LessonStoney Ridge Seasons Book 3By Suzanne Woods FisherWhen Mary Kate Lapp hears a gunshot that ends the life a sheep farmer, she is determined to solve the murder. After all the police aren't as concern about solving it as she is. But as Mk hurries home to tell her father and step-mother, Fern about the murder she almost witnessed she, her scooter, and plain school teacher Alice Smuckers have a collision.All too soon MK's life is not her own when the school board, her father, and Fern deci [...]

    15. The Lesson by Suzanne Woods Fisher was my fourth read for the Amish genre. It’s an interesting genre, though probably not my absolute favorite. But that aside, this series consists of three very well-written and well-put-together books. I probably won’t read any other Amish books excepting ones by Leslie Gould (that is, if she continues to write them in first person) and Suzanne Woods Fisher since we are literary agency-mates, and I like to be a supporter of my fellow Hartliners.The story un [...]

    16. This is the third book in the Stoney Ridge Series and I think the last. I'll miss the inhabitants of the little Amish community if that is the case. Admittedly Mary Kate, the subject of this novel was not my favorite by a long shot. She truly irritated me and I suppose it is good in a way when a character really gets under your skin - but sometimes I just wanted to sit this young lady down and tell her to chill. Mary Kate, always quick to jump to conclusions does so in grand style in this tale a [...]

    17. Sometimes loves answer lies close to the horizon.Mary Kate Lapp is suddenly on the go in search of mysterious clues to a murder victim near her homestead. Her contributions are brushed off by local enforcement and noone seems to pay her much mind. Chris Yoder, quiet and always aware of his surroundings, takes protective care of his sister Jenny quite seriously. Jimmy Fisher does not fit into the typical Amish persona. But even the best made intentions can have very interesting elements indeed.Wi [...]

    18. M.K. has to be one of my favorite Suzanne Woods Fisher characters. She is spunky, bright and a tad impulsive. Longing to see the world, she is frustrated when the school board and her step-mother Fern push her into becoming a substitute teacher. When new student Jenny Yoder comes to class, M.K. is curious about her and her older brother Chris, new arrivals in Stoney Ridge. Chris begins working for M.K's father and she finds herself drawn to him even as she is curious about his past and life. But [...]

    19. THE LESSON by Suzanne Woods Fisher is an interesting inspirational Amish contemporary romance. Book 3 in the "Stoney Ridge Seasons",but can be read as a stand alone with some re-appearing characters. See," The Haven" and " The Keeper" not in order. I love this author's writing and "The Lesson" was no exception. This author draws the reader into her stories with her strong characters and interesting and intriguing plots. Follow, Mary Kate Lapp (M.K.) on a journey of discovery of herself, maturity [...]

    20. This was an amusing story about Mary Kate Lapp, an Amish girl who gets into trouble wherever she turns! She yearns for the exciting world outside of her little town when she discovers a man who's possibly been murdered. Then she accidentally hits the schoolteacher with her scooter and she's roped into taking over her classes for a few weeks. It's her worst nightmare!There's some romance as she meets a new stranger to town. Does he have anything to do with the dead man? Why is he so secretive?Thi [...]

    21. Since I was already familiar with the characters in this series, it was nice to be able to jump right into the story and reconnect with the folks in Stoney Ridge. And since I felt the previous book, The Haven, had a cliff-hanger ending, I was looking forward to seeing how Sadie's story would be resolved. But when we jump into this novel, everything with Sadie has been resolved without finding out how any of it happened!So, that was a bit frustrating, but I really like it when each book in a seri [...]

    22. The Lesson has more twists and turns than a rabbit hole, keeping readers turning pages in total suspense. I loved it! With a wide cast of familiar characters who become totally intertwined in some really creative and zany ways, this book is both heart-wrenching and fun.M.K. is almost grown up, nearing twenty years old and still feeling restless. This translates into adventures for the readers as she careens around on her scooter and takes quick action on snap decisions. Because this carelessness [...]

    23. A Great End To A Great Series!I am sorry to see this series come to an end. I fell in love with Mary Kate (M.K.) from the first book “The Keeper.” Quite frankly I will miss the whole Lapp family. They weave a special place in your heart. I found myself yearning for a family just like theirs. Yes, they had their share of problems but there was never a lack of love shining through. Their faith in God is such a strong faith and is shared freely with those they come in touch with.Mary Kate, what [...]

    24. Even if you haven't had a chance to read the first two books in the Stoney Ridge Series by Suzanne Woods Fisher (The Keeper and The Haven) you are sure to enjoy the final installment The Lesson.The first books introduced us to the Lapp family through the tales of the two older daughters, Julia and Sadie. Now the youngest daughter, Mary Kate, is growing up and facing adulthood. Unlike her stable sisters, M.K. is a flighty, mischievous girl struggling to find her own way in such a structured socie [...]

    25. The last book in the series and it was just as good as the first two. Suzanne has outdone herself! The Lesson has everything you could want intrigue, romance, humor, and lots of secrets. There's addictions, illness, and other troubles. Mary Kate must take over the school against her wishes, she's more interested in solving a murder and presents clues to the local law enforcement who in turn brushes her off.New residents are introduced in this book, Will and his sister Jenny. They have a secret a [...]

    26. This book was sooo good. I've read them all in this series and they were all great, but this one was the best by far. M.K. has always been my favorited character in this series, so I was so glad the book was about her. She is just a prococious as an adult as she was a child,she still gets in a lot of trouble. We are introduced to Chris "Yoder" in this story and my heart really aches for him and his sister's circumstances. There are some mysteries that are brought to light in this book that were [...]

    27. I haven't read the other books in the series, but I wasn't lost at all. I loved M.K. she was full of spunk, and her determination even if it was misguided was fun! I was pulled in at the first paragraph and I kept reading until I was done.Chris and Jenny's story was heartbreaking and the way that it tied into the Lapp family was even more painful.There were many Lessons in this book. M.K. doesn't want to be the teacher at the school, yet with determination, and creativity she learns how to teach [...]

    28. Diving into the world of Mary-Kate Lapp is always an adventure, even in the early novels, and now that she is grown she is even more outgoing than ever before. An amazing book to read, especially if you are entering into young adulthood.

    29. This story was full of emotions and tenderness. Suzanne once again brought laughter along with some sadness . My heart went out to Chris and Jenny and how they were searching for family and acceptance.M k and her antics were delightful and Fern amazed me. This is an excellent book

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