Flip Flap Body Book

Flip Flap Body Book The Flip Flap Body Book is an ingenious inte ractive guide combining three titles in one Fold out flaps on each double page cleverly demonstrate simple actions or r eveal cross sections

  • Title: Flip Flap Body Book
  • Author: Alastair Smith
  • ISBN: 9780746033623
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Flip Flap Body Book is an ingenious inte ractive guide combining three titles in one Fold out flaps on each double page cleverly demonstrate simple actions or r eveal cross sections

    One thought on “Flip Flap Body Book”

    1. My son and I read this book as part of Sonlight's P3/4 core. The book covers the topics of nutrition and digestion, five senses, and pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn babies. The explanations and descriptions are perfect for 3 and 4 year olds. The only part I took issue with was that some terms, like anus, were used, but then other terms were given unscientific names, like "food tube." I would have preferred for just real terms, especially for body parts, to be used throughout the book. My son [...]

    2. An essential home school library resource, this book is a favorite. Fun illustrations and captivating flip out pages introduce preschoolers to three topics of interest to which they will want to return repeatedly as they get older:* What Happens to Your Food?* How Do Your Senses Work?* How are Babies Made?The first two sections were excellent and stimulated discussion and discovery for children.Of course, parents will be concerned about section 3 "How are Babies Made"? We found this to be an age [...]

    3. We've read the What Happens to Your Food? section and parts of the How Do Your Senses Work? section.I both love and hate this book. It has good illustrations and good information, but seems a bit dumbed-down at times. For example, we read about "hearing" today. From a book we read yesterday we learned that sound goes in the ear canal to the eardrum, hits the hammer, the anvil, the stirrup and then the cochlea, then the information is passed on to the brain. Both 9-yr-olds understood this and the [...]

    4. I Love Usbourne books. They are simple and accurate. They can help teach the tough stuff in a direct and clear way. This book is no different. As a mother who advocates knowledge about even the tough stuff (like body parts, functions, etc) this is a great way to help the young child learn without all the giggling and embarrassment. Start young and simple and it won't be so difficult when they are older. Teach proper names and functions and this book can help!

    5. I do not remotely like this book. I was excited about the prospect, but the terminology used is ridiculous and I am not a fan. Maybe I'm picky, but I think using the word spit over saliva is vulgar. Then I think calling it a food tube is just wrong and would bring it down further than need be. Why not say esophagus when you are going to say intestines and anus? I'm having to edit and annotate so much while reading it. I knew coming into this one that there would be a bit of controversy in the en [...]

    6. This book illustrates some basic body functions. What happens when you eat? What are the five senses? Where do babies come from? It makes them very easy for preschoolers to understand with simple text and illustrations. I thought the flip flaps would be toast in our household, but so far they've held up pretty well.

    7. Love this book for littles. Great early intro to science. Three main chapters: food's journey, senses, and growing a baby. Engaging illustrations and fun lift the flaps. My kids love this book and pull it off the shelf all the time.

    8. this is an awesome book for explaining some key things to kids: How are babies made, what happens to your food, and how do senses work. My kids loved this book. The pictures are great and informative.

    9. A junior health-science text. Covers nutrition, the GI tract, the senses, reproduction, etc in a simple straightforward way. Emerson was very intrigued. I would like to buy this book. Max collection.

    10. A gentle introduction to three aspects of the body for young children, this book gives an overview in simple terms to digestion, senses, and reproduction. The brightly colored pictures and flaps to lift on every other page add to the attention getting aspect of this book.

    11. This is a really fun book that teaches basic body science at a pk and early k level. All three sections conclude with a quiz.

    12. Great for young children who ask their parents where baby's come from, what are germs, and kids who don't want to eat their veggies.

    13. One of my preschooler's absolute favorite books. It does a really good job of explaining, with words & illustrations, the body's functions.

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