Pingo and the Playground Bully

Pingo and the Playground Bully None

  • Title: Pingo and the Playground Bully
  • Author: Brandon Mull
  • ISBN: 9781609071783
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Pingo and the Playground Bully”

    1. Pingo is a leprechaun who is made up by a kid named Chad. His classmates have other imaginary friends. They all go on adventures together. One of the kids, named Jeremy, has an imaginary friend named Grunt and they are bullies at first so the other kids have to hide from them. One day, the kids are trying to prove who the best imaginary friend is. To see who is best, they plan a competition. Pingo comes in second at every competition. Each of the other imaginary friends wins once. Then Grunt is [...]

    2. Cute story about imagination, inclusion, kindness, and how even though everyone is different, each have good qualitites.

    3. I really like the simple, but important message here - so much of how we perceive things lies in how we react to them. This is one I'll read to my classes.

    4. Pingo is back and this time, he must confront the bully and his mean imaginary friend! It is a good story to show children one healthy way to confront bullies. The illustrations and coloring are so vivid and fun. I like the first Pingo better; maybe because that is when we are first introduced to Pingo and get to know his sly side. It is still good to see his imaginative, kind side and I recommend this one. I am hoping Brandon & Brandon will continue making more.

    5. There are a lot of books being published about bullying and the effects of it. What I loved about this one is the imagination involved and the extra twist involving thinking one is better than someone else and how that can lead to a different kind of bullying, even among friends. Chad and his imaginary friend, Pingo, spend recess playing with their friends, Gary, Tiffany, and Dustin along with their imaginary friends. They avoid Jeremy though and his imaginary friend, Grunt, because he bullies t [...]

    6. I was so excited to review this new picture book from author Brandon Mull. This is his second book in this children's picture book series. I also was happy to have another book about being friends and not bullying. I teach second grade and this book is about second graders. The illustrations are so bright and colorful, done by Brandon Dorman. The story is so engaging as it starts by talking about the children and their imaginary friends playing on the playground. They are having fun until the pl [...]

    7. Enter to win a copy at littleredreadsChad and his imaginary friend Pingo are now in the second grade and things are heating up on the playground. It's a battle of the fittest, smartest and toughest imaginary friend--a competition to prove who is best. And poor Pingo keeps coming in second. He's not a fan of competition which only proves who is best at certain things. Plus the kids and their imaginaries have a problem on their hands with the bully Grunt and his keeper Jeremy.Pingo steps in to sav [...]

    8. In a world where bullying never seems to end, books like Pingo and the Playground Bully can make a difference. The simple message it suggests shows all who read it a solution to the ever-present not-so-imaginary monster lurking in the shadows of our society.The art, done by Brandon Dorman, is colorful, imaginative, and enticing. The coupling of the great message with uniquely expressive artwork makes for a delightful masterpiece of a children's book. Pingo and the Playground Bully is a picture b [...]

    9. Pingo and the Playground Bully is a positive example of how imagination can be used to teach children about bullying and how to avoid it altogether. Chad and his imaginary friend Pingo as well as his other friends and their imaginary buddies are playing at recess when Bully Jeremy and his imaginary bully friend try to prove that they are better than the others. Chad uses his imagination and he and Pingo invite Jeremy and Grunt to play with them and take an adventure down the imaginary amazon riv [...]

    10. This book really address the issue of bullying well - as well, as the concept of feeling superior to others. The use of imaginary friends set it apart from other books in this text set and Pingo teaches all the kids a lesson, including Jeremy's imaginary friend, Grunt. Pingo reacts with kindness and warmth towards those who are bullying Chad and it really portrays a very strong example of how kids needs to learn to handle bullying situations. I loved the illustrations - they are bright, colorful [...]

    11. I was a First Reads lucky winner! I received a free copy of Pingo and the Playground Bully. I can't wait to read itWell when the book came I opened the package and the kids screamed "PINGO! we love Pingo!" I have to say I had never heard of the Pingo books, but my kids have read some and LOVED them! They wanted it read right then. So, with the UPS truck still in our driveway I sat on the porch and read them the book. It was very well written and I enjoyed it as much as the kids. I love when some [...]

    12. Chad has a wonderful imaginary friend named Pingo. In fact all of Chad's friends have an imaginary friend and together they have wonderful adventures. Unfortunately, the playground bully also has an imaginary friend and they terrorize the others. When faced with an unfriendly situation, Pingo saves the day!This book is well illustrated and full of imagination. I love that it deals with the problem of bullying. This book shows a non-confrontational way of dealing with the bully and would be a gre [...]

    13. What a delightful little story about "imaginary friends" with super-powers. Where was this last summer when I needed it for my "super-heroes" story time???? *Spoiler -- little Pingo comes in 2nd in all the competitions, but he's first at negotiation when a bully comes on board. A little lesson in diffusion and inclusion served up with rollicking illustrations. Do I see a movie in my crystal ball?

    14. I received a complimentary copy of Mull's latest picture book illustrated by the talented Brandon Dorman and my kids loved it!You know what? I loved it too, because there are several books out about bullying, but Brandon put a new spin on this age-old problem. PINGO helps even very young kids see how important it is to recognize talents and abilities in ALL of us and that we are all different and it's OKAY!And I have to add that I love how Pingo looks a bit like Brandon Mull!

    15. Pingo and Playground Bully is another fabulous story of Chad and his imaginary friend Pingo. Chad and Pingo have wonderful adventures with Gary, Tiffany, Dustin and their imaginary friends at recess until Jeremy, the playground bully, and Grunt, his imaginary friend put a damper on their fun. Pingo wields his creativity and imagination to show what true friendship is as he saves the day and his friends.

    16. Playground Challenges…Our younger children and grandchildren are facing new conflicts everyday. Pingo is a fictionalized story that has been replayed time and time again in the real world.Imaginary friends are just part of make believe, but competition to find out who is the “best” in certain areas happens all the time. Pingo combines the two into an enjoyable story with an honest look at feelings, friendship and fun.

    17. I can't even get into "OMG such a great lesson about bullying!" because of THIS:Wait, what's that? Let's zoom in, shall we?OH OKAY. Racism is LEARNED. I'm getting this book as far away from my kids as possible. A special side eye goes out to all those who think this shit is cute.

    18. So I was just expecting this to be a fun read aloud to my children, which it certainly is, but I was more suprized at the depth this book contains. It addresses themes of bullying, peer pressure, standing up for what you think, and friendship. But it's all done in a fun manner so the little readers will stay engrossed in the story. The artwork by Brandon Dorman is delightful as always. I love the expressions on the faces, it helps sell the emotions in the book.

    19. Chad is playing with his friends and all of the imaginary friends have joined in.They are having wonderful adventures until the bully and his imaginary friend threaten to destroy all of them!Chad, in his wisdom, simply invites the bully to join them instead of fight them.Love and Kindness conquer all!And they continue to forge the wild imaginations of children

    20. I liked the first Pingo book and I think I liked this one a bit better. Actually, my co-worker said she like the first one bettern't opinions interesting. I like the idea of imaginary friends and having a contest with imaginary friendsbut how does anyone else see you imaginary friend. It also touches on how to make bullies into friends which is always good!

    21. Wow. The pictures are absolutely amazing and beautiful. The art really makes the kids' rich imaginations come to life. I also love the plot. As you would expect, we learn about how to deal with a playground bully. But we also learn about not needing competitions between friends. Well done!

    22. A wonderful tale about dealing 'realistically' with a bully. You can't just run and tell a teacher, sometimes you have to deal with it yourself. And Pingo did a fantastic job.I would read for story times about friendship or bullying or conflict resolution or playground fun.

    23. The story is alright, but I LOVE the illustrations in both Pingo books. They are SO great. Lovelovelove. That is all.

    24. LOVED the artwork! Everything about this book is sooo creative. It tackles a hard topic of bullying, but does so very smoothly! Liked it!

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