Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit

Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit No one would believe them That s why Nick and Summer took the dinosaur egg back with them through the time portal But they forgot that the egg has parents and they re not stopping until they find it

  • Title: Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit
  • Author: Johnathan Rand
  • ISBN: 9781893699144
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • No one would believe them That s why Nick and Summer took the dinosaur egg back with them through the time portal But they forgot that the egg has parents and they re not stopping until they find it

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    1. Horror in the Wolverine State takes the form of time-traveling dinosaurs this time, as we enter the big city of Detroit. When Nick's grandfather lets him in on a huge family secret—that a window through time regularly opens up in an abandoned field in Detroit, but just once every fifty years and only for a period of one week—Nick has to check it out. If it's possible to hitch a ride to the distant past or future, what kid could turn down that opportunity and live with himself? To Nick's surp [...]

    2. I read this book a few years ago, so bare with me as I try to recount the story. Two kids (I don't remember the names) find a "window" into another time period. This time period happens to be a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth with an iron fist, or claw. Anyways, the two kids, being the bright kids that they are, decide to bring a dinosaur egg back to the present. Then, the egg hatches into a baby T-Rex. The T-Rex runs away into Detroit, where it's two parents (big T-Rex's) come and try to fi [...]

    3. Nick's grandfather told him about a window through time that opens up every 50 years. Nick decides to wait for the day his grandfather told him it would open up and waits. To his surprise, a window opens up and he pass through. He finds himself in the time of the dinosaurs and he picks up a dinosaur egg and takes it back home. A few days later the egg hatches and the baby dinosaur ruins Nick's neighborhood. Nick and his friend Summer have to find a way to stop the baby dinosaur from destroying D [...]

    4. Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit is written by Johnathan Rand. Nick the main character found a portal to the past and went to the past and thought that it would be cool to bring a dinosaur egg back. When the egg hatched Nick later found out that bringing that egg back was not cool at all. Read to find out were and what that dinosaurs all does. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes dinosaurs and adventure.

    5. Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit was my book for January. The authors name was Jonathan Rand it was a good book. I did like the book a lot it was interesting. The main setting in the book was in Detroit Michigan the main characters were Nick Summer. The main conflict was the dinosaurs destroying Detroit but I would recommend the book to others because it was a good book. I would recommend the book to kids my age. Because they might like it like I did.

    6. Nick and summer go through portal that leads them to the year dinosaurs were living. Nick takes a egg back with him to rember the trip. The dinosaur egg soon hatches and the soon more and more dinosaurs come to detriot and start destroying the city.It's up to Nick and Summer to defeat the dino's and all they all cheeseburgers and quick wits. Will the survie?

    7. Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit is by Jonathan Rand. Nick and Summer discover a secret window through time. They both know that no one will believe them so they bring back proof… A dinosaur's egg. No big deal right?? Yes big deal! The Big Mom and Dad Dinosaurs come to get the egg back. I bet you can’t guess what type of Dino they are….A Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    8. Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit by Johnathan Rand Is about two kids Nick and Summer who travel back in time 65 million years. Nick thinks that when he gets back that no one will believe them so he brought a dinosaur egg back with them. Soon Nick finds out not to take a dinosaurs egg. Can they stop the dinosaur? I would recommend this book to people who like adventurous books.

    9. This was a good book. It is about how two friends find a dinosaur egg in a time warp that only shows up once every few years but they forget that the egg has parents and the parents follow them back to Detroit.

    10. Kids go back into the future in the dinosaur age and come back almost getting eaten by a T Rex. They come back to discover that dinosaurs invaded Detroit, Michigan and that they destroyed the time machine. This book is for people who like horror, and adventure.

    11. I read this with the child I tutored for ENG 308 because his interests lied in science fiction. I love how these books are based in Michigan because it provides a connection for our students who read them.

    12. I read this for my february book. It was was a pretty good book it was bases off of detroit michigan. The main character was nick. it was about how dinosaurs go around and destroy detroit. I would like to keep reading this series of book.

    13. Dinosaurs Destroy Detroit is a suspenseful book with many events, it really sets the mood for all age groups.

    14. its about how they travel back in time and find an egg and bring it back and it is a t-rex and they have 7 days to put it back in the past as long with the t-rex's parents.

    15. This is a short chapter book for people who likes keeping the reader in suspense and waiting just to see what comes in the future.

    16. If you like dinos and desrtuction you better read this. It is a nother great edition to the chillers saga.

    17. This book is about these kids go back in time to dinosaurs and they are i detroit they are detroying detroit how will they get back home

    18. The books in this series were pretty fun to read back in elementary school. This one was one of my favorites.

    19. This is one of my favorite book's not only was it what got me reading the series but it was made to have very good cliffhangers which is what hooked me I would definable

    20. This was a great book because it has a lot of suspenseful moments and is extremely intense. recommended to all age groups.

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