Lives of the Modern Poets

Lives of the Modern Poets William H Pritchard s study of Hardy Yeats Edwin Arlington Robinson Frost Pound Eliot Stevens Hart Crane and William Carlos Williams has been considered a classic ever since original publicati

  • Title: Lives of the Modern Poets
  • Author: William H. Pritchard
  • ISBN: 9780874517873
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • William H Pritchard s study of Hardy, Yeats, Edwin Arlington Robinson, Frost, Pound, Eliot, Stevens, Hart Crane, and William Carlos Williams has been considered a classic ever since original publication in 1980 Readable, accessible, and focused on poems, it is criticism at its best, unaffected by particular theoretical trends.

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    1. I read this when it first appeared, but I recall a substantial impression, that Pritchard had achieved what his title announces--a kind of Johnsonian exercise in biography and critique. Pritchard does this through his fine ear for voice and tone of voice. It's amazing how commonly these are ignored by modern aloudreaders--such as Obama's First Inaugural poet, a Yale prof, for heaven's sake, who had no idea how to read her own poem. She was the victim of poetry instruction over the past few decad [...]

    2. Two books together -- this one and Lives of the Poets by Michael Schmidt. Enjoying this one a lot, loved the other.Schmidt -- a brief but satisfying critical bio of every significant English language poet, showing an understanding of all of them. I found myself especially loving his accounts of the very early poets that I'd never heard of, like Rolle and Henryson. How can one not love this story of Henryson's death?being very old he dyed of a diarrhea or fluxe, of whome there goes this merry, th [...]

    3. Pritchard at his best. I read this about ten years ago or so and am re-reading it now. What amazes me is the fact I really disagree with Pritchard's preferences amongst the moderns, but he is so reasonable in his picks that I can do nothing but agree to disagree with his opinions (do you realize how rare this is?) Here's part of an email I sent my friend Al about this book:Pritchard is one of the most level-headed sensible critics of the past 30 years or so. And yet my taste is almost completely [...]

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