Scars Jace an injured ex soldier suffering from PTSD saves Nathaniel a nineteen year old street kid from a beating In doing so he has no way of knowing that he will find his own salvation Jace came hom

  • Title: Scars
  • Author: Lynley Wayne
  • ISBN: 9781608207619
  • Page: 114
  • Format: ebook
  • Jace, an injured ex soldier suffering from PTSD, saves Nathaniel, a nineteen year old street kid, from a beating In doing so, he has no way of knowing that he will find his own salvation.Jace came home from the war scarred in ways than one The physical scars that he carries are nothing compared to the mental ones Struggling with PTSD, he has closed himself off fromJace, an injured ex soldier suffering from PTSD, saves Nathaniel, a nineteen year old street kid, from a beating In doing so, he has no way of knowing that he will find his own salvation.Jace came home from the war scarred in ways than one The physical scars that he carries are nothing compared to the mental ones Struggling with PTSD, he has closed himself off from the rest of the world The last thing that he ever thought to do was fall in love Nathaniel has lived on the streets since he was thirteen When he wakes up in a strange apartment after being badly beaten, he has no idea how he got there Little does he know that his rescuer, the large man with scars crisscrossing his face, could hold the key to healing the scars that they both have.

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    1. Jace is an army-vet suffering from severe PTSD. On one of his lonely nightly walks he saves the life of street kid, 19 year old Nathaniel, and they fall in love. This book is a strange mix of realism and total romantic fantasy. The author doesn't pull any punches with Jace's symptoms. He has terrifying dreams and debilitating panic attacks. He is humiliated by people's reactions to his scars and has isolated himself from his family and friends. On the other hand Nathaniel is the ultimate Mary-Su [...]

    2. I'm not going to tell you what this book is about because the blurb it is very clear.What I would tell you though, is what a wonderful story this is, Jace is an ex army suffering from PTSD, carry his scars inside and out, the Author did a wonderful job with this part of the story, very realistic.Also, if you like stories about "Gay for you" you are going to love this, Jace didn't know he was attracted to men until he met Nathaniel, mind you, he is only attracted to Nathaniel. The only part that [...]

    3. I had some problems to get into the story, but at some point I just had to read on. I especially liked the way it dealt with the PTSD. It was very gripping later on in the book. Like MandyM pointed out, it was insta-love but I was in the mood for that:) and yes, there was lots of sex; overall I have to say, I'm waiting for Rocky's story.

    4. This was a sweet romance that I sat down and read in one sitting. Parts were a little unrealistic, but they didn't take my enjoyment away at all.Jace is a retuned soldier who has come home from war with scars, inside and out. He suffers from extreme PTSD, which causes him panic attacks that leave him curled up in a ball crying, unable to stop his tears, and nightmares that have him waking up in a cold sweat and a sore throat from screaming. With this happening to him, he still has the inner stre [...]

    5. DNF at 16%I was in the bad mood initially when I picked this up, since I experienced so-so stories one after another. The premise is interesting, but the story lost its appeal for me quick, when Nathaniel acted so mature (he was only 19 years old) and was able to 'sort-of-heal' Jace's issues and persuaded Jace to meet the family when Jace's best friend and brother couldn't even do it -- all within the first 50+ pages. When I rolled my eyes because Jace said to Nathaniel "Then you fall into my li [...]

    6. I dont even know where to start, I guess I will go with the good.The good points:* The author gave a graphic but I think well researched depiction of a man with chronic PTSD. I truly felt for him and his horror/sorrow.* I enjoyed the two as a couple.* The age gap was NEVER an issue for me (I usually hate them)* The sex was hot and there was epic amounts of it.* Its a long book so the author took time to develop Jace's character and to built a romance between the two MCs (even if I had issues)The [...]

    7. A good idea with a disappointing result. I so badly wanted to like this. Injured veteran with PTSD falls for young homeless man? It's like the m/m equivalent of catnip for me. Unfortunately, it suffers from a lack of subtlety. There's over-the-top instalove, endlessly flowery overanalysis from the main characters, and a plot device I really dislike, (view spoiler)[ex-girlfriend has a kid and Jace is the father (hide spoiler)]. I think the author's intentions were probably very heartfelt, and the [...]

    8. Sometimes I surprise myself.This book had tons of stuff that normally drives me bonkers, insta-love, a gfy guy that takes to it like a duck to water, a total sex-a-thon, an annoyingly nosy pokey family with no boundaries, then the super supportive turn of said family, even going so far as to offer the college fund of their children to the new lover of one month. And a (view spoiler)[ a surprise baby that the momma is willing to give full custody of to Jace and his male lover OF ONE MONTH Nathani [...]

    9. This is a tough one to review. I liked the characters and the story but I felt like it was an enjoyable flat line of a ride. There weren't any huge actions in the book. It was a lot of PTSD, sex, more PTSD, more sex, etc. I didn't believe that Nathaniel had been on the street for so long and hadn't had to compromise himself more to surviveI wanted to know more about him. Overall, though, I liked the characters and the story. It could have been shorter and more powerful I think.

    10. ***This review is absolutely a case of it was me, not you, dear author, as the reviews I've seen confirmed.So close, yet so far away. I love the tortured soul, the wounded soldier story, but I also need to have a little more realism in my books. Jace and Nathaniel were just a little too unbelievable to be true. The author did an amazing job of depicting the PTSD that Jace was suffering, and I was totally enraptured by this struggles. Knowing that such a big man could be so tormented is a weaknes [...]

    11. Scars is a story about a man who needs to learn how to deal with his internal and external scars and of the man who will help him doing so. This is the main focus of the novel and the target is completely achieved, the narration of Jace’s PTSD is good and realistic, with the right dose of emotion without trying to exploit the drama to make them more sensational. As the author says in the preface, she researched a lot and is near people who went through the same attacks, and you can say that fr [...]

    12. This story teaches a lot about soldiers suffering from PTSD, which is actually pretty awesome. But I have to admit, the main storyline here lost this intense pull as soon as Jase & Nathaniel started to mess around with each other. For starters, Nathaniel is homeless kid without anything, as such this Instant love between both MC's is definitely unrealistic. At the beginning I actually liked it a lot, but then all went down the drain. I don't get it, why so much sex, sex, sex. For my taste it [...]

    13. Was gifted this Trilogy by the very generous Lynley Wayne. What an awesome surprise! Thank you heaps :-)!!

    14. It was okay. But a bit too sweet, a bit too much and a bit too perfect. Although I loved Nathaniel and the way he helped Jace through his nightmares and episodes.

    15. ** Spoilers, I guess. **I wanted to like this one. But in truth the only part here that works is the depiction of PTSD. The story as such sadly does not. For me.Perspective in the first half belongs almost exclusively to Jace, with two half-page snippets of Nathaniel. In the middle this changes to a bit more from Nathaniel, but Jace clearly retains the main focus. In general, viewpoints also turn messy.I admire the description of Jace’s PTSD. It will be different for everyone, of course, but f [...]

    16. top2bottomreviews.wordpress/5+ Kisses!This is one of the first books I received to read for the MLR Press spotlight. Once I glanced over the blurb, I immediately had to read this book, and was swept up into Jace and Nathaniel’s lives. I ended up reading it in one sitting and once I finished it, I immediately read it again. Since then, when I’m in the mood for an emotional driven romance with heroes who I would be proud to call friends in my own life, I find myself reaching for this book time [...]

    17. I liked this story and I didn't. I think it could have been a third shorter with the same impact and also maybe not quite as many conflicts that kept coming up once Jace visited home.Nathaniel was sweet, but what 19 year old kid, who's been on the streets for six years, talks like that? I had to keep reminding myself that he wasn't like 30. He's perfect and knows exactly what to say to help Jace from the start. Right. And I hate to say it, but there was too much sex in thisI was skimming past ne [...]

    18. Without wanting to sound weird, I do like stories where the characters are having to deal with psycological issues as much as physical issues and I liked how the author dealt with Jace's nightmares and panic attacks. I had not thought before that such issues would get worse when the sufferer is in a safe environment but it does make sense that it would happen this way.I liked how Nathaniel was able to gentle Jace through his panic attacks and can see how having someone to help ground you through [...]

    19. ★★★ - Decent, if somewhat unremarkable.(view spoiler)[This started off strong with Jace dealing with crippling PTSD and finding Nathaniel, homeless and beaten in the streets. I wasn't sure where the author was going initially, but was definitely along for the ride. Then things started getting repetitive (shrink, sex, I love yous, repeat) and everyone seemed way too self-aware, saying and doing what they should instead of what real humans would. I wanted to see Jace continue to deal with hi [...]

    20. ** Books 60 - 2015 **this books is to accomplishNew Author Reading Challenge 20153,6 of 5 stars! Actually I have randomly picked up this M/M Novel and gambled whats the inside is but wow the story is interesting, sweet, lovely couples and maybe too good too be true LOL No one escapes this life without scars. Some of us have scars everyone can see, while others’ scars are hidden. The internal scars are easier to hide, but they are also oftentimes harder to heal and easier to reopen.The scars we [...]

    21. First, the ptsd and other traumatic issues described on the book, might be helpful to let us know how to recognize them.Second, why Nathaniel had to be Jace's lover?! I Was soooo rooting for Landom! Plus, whats their age difference?! It wasnt mentioned at all! Also, why Nathaniel was pictured so damn perfect?! (view spoiler)[ He was found with layers of bigger clothes and some cash, it was pretty obvious he had done some thieving! Ik it was his way to survive, but i cant imagine he scaped the st [...]

    22. I really liked this. It was a lot sappier than I thought it would be, but I didn't mind it. For me, this didn't gloss over PTSD at all. We got all the gritty details. We got the nightmares, the panic attacks, the emotions, the therapy, etc. I REALLY liked Jace and Nathaniel. However, I wanted more about Nathaniel. (view spoiler)[Wasn't anyone looking for him? The school? Was he a virgin? How did he survive on the streets? (hide spoiler)] I loved how Nathaniel was small, but fierce. He stood up f [...]

    23. this book deals with what it is like to heal. and how people heal in their own way. everyone has scars but how we use them to live and die is up to us. i really liked the fact that it shows the healing process of any scar isn't pretty it can open up again but with the help of those you love and who love you it makes the healing process better, no always easier but better. This was a love story I could get into I truly felt the pain of Jace our ex soldier and main character. This was his stpry. I [...]

    24. A very sweet and emotional read. I really loved the love story. And Jace and the PTSD is portrayed very real.Nathaniel is a little bit too good to be real especially with his own history. He is nothing but sweet, supportive, smart and nice.The end is a little bit rushed for me.But anyway a very nice read.

    25. Oh I wanted to love this. If you are looking for cavity sweet, perfectly unrealistic dialogue and plot, don't pass this up. It is good despite all that, just too much for me. Loved the characters, subject manner and story. Might be enough for me to pick up the next in series, when I need this type of comfort. Any issue is not the authors fault and my preferences alone.

    26. 4 fluffy stars - this starts out like a heart breaking romance with the PTSD, but it's really more fluffy warm fuzzies. An enjoyable read.

    27. I loved this book from begining to end. I wasn't ready for the story to end. A must read. I found another wonderful author to follow. Cant wait to find more books from Lynley Wayne.

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