You Come When I Call You

You Come When I Call You From the dark imagination of Douglas Clegg comes an epic tale of horror spanning twenty years in the lives of four friends witnesses to unearthly terror The high desert town of Palmetto California

  • Title: You Come When I Call You
  • Author: Douglas Clegg
  • ISBN: 9780843946956
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the dark imagination of Douglas Clegg comes an epic tale of horror, spanning twenty years in the lives of four friends witnesses to unearthly terror.The high desert town of Palmetto, California, has turned toxic after twenty years of nightmares In Los Angeles, a woman is tormented by visions from a chilling past, and a man steps into a house of torture On the steFrom the dark imagination of Douglas Clegg comes an epic tale of horror, spanning twenty years in the lives of four friends witnesses to unearthly terror.The high desert town of Palmetto, California, has turned toxic after twenty years of nightmares In Los Angeles, a woman is tormented by visions from a chilling past, and a man steps into a house of torture On the steps of a church, a young woman has been sacrificed in a ritual of darkness In New York, a cab driver dreams of demons while awake.And a man who calls himself the Desolation Angel has returned to draw his old friends back to their hometown a town where, two decades earlier, three boys committed the most brutal of rituals, an act of such intense savagery that it has ripped apart their minds And where, in a cavern in a place called No Man s Land, something has been waiting a long time for those who stole something precious than life itself.An epic tale of horror, spanning twenty years in the lives of four friends witnesses to unearthly terror.

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    1. By far my favorite Clegg book, and one of my favorite horror books of all time. I was kind of stunned to see how many people didn't like it here, but that's what personal taste is for I guess. It IS dark, very dark, and oh so harsh, but it doesn't put me off like "torture porn" movies or books do- the gore and violence came out of story and characters here for me, so I didn't see it as gratuitous. To each his own, but I recommend this book all the time, and am doing so again here.

    2. I can deal with a good amount of nasty guts and gore when I am interested in a story, or if a book is particularly imaginative and well written. Sometime during the first hundred pages I had guessed the ending, so there wasn't suspense to keep me interested. This is my first, and probably only Clegg novel, so I don't know how well written his other books are. In this book he seemed to employ a stream-of-consciousness writing style that I tire of very quickly and makes me think "Holy run-on sente [...]

    3. I started listening to this audiobook and got utterly lost on what was going on and who the characters were as some of them were unnamed. I restarted and made a little character list that was kind of entertaining to plug in the who's who of it all. Once I got this established and got my bearings it was a pretty good story. The storyline is quite involving and back and forth with past/present so it isn't the light read I was expecting upon selecting it. All in all if you like horror you will prob [...]

    4. Content-wise, this is a very fun horror story. Clegg mixes some old tropes with novel ideas and tells a compelling story.I do have some issues with how the Kindle version was put together. It's pretty clear that the original text was just scanned in with little proofreading, because there are numerous errors that no proofreader worth their salt would allow to slip through. While I can forgive the occasional typo or grammatical error, the frequency with which they occur here, and the fact that th [...]

    5. Too longI found myself losing interest in this book rapidly. I became quite bored with the whole thing. I just kept on looking at how much I had left to read. I've been reading and watching horror movies for 40 some years and this wasn't horror to me. If I would have been frightened from it I could tell you why it frightened me, since I was so bored by it it's hard to explain why. I guess too much "drooling" was going on. Somebody somewhere was drooling, then there were the lizards, here there a [...]

    6. This book was one of the most unique, individual, and bizarre things I've ever read. You don't find the typical vampires, werewolves, or ghosts in this one, nor do you find the average demon or demonic-possession. The first time I read it, I went through fast, and I thought, "Hm was okay." But I went through it again recently, and it really took me by surprise of how deep it is. The pain the four main characters endured, how reality, dreams and insanity blended into one, and the craziness of hum [...]

    7. Clegg is a good writer, great at atmosphere. While I enjoyed what he did with this book, the themes he played with, I imagine many readers never finished it. This book started out very confusingly, slipping between various characters who weren't always named and jumping time periods. Honestly, I had no idea what was going on until about halfway through the book; but then I was hooked. If you tried to read this and gave up, give it another go.

    8. It was a horror novel alrightActually it was a horror OF a novel. I must not be bright enough to follow books about spirits and demons and death.(although I have read Koontz, Crouch, King, and many, MANY others) maybe I should adapt what my AMAZING grandmother taught me and if I can't say something nice, not to say anything at all. But she would have hated this book too.

    9. I hated this book, but finished it to the end, had to see how it wrapped up. Had this been the first Clegg book I read, I would have never picked up another by this author. I guess we all have good days and bad days.

    10. I forced myself to finish this book. Too many characters, none of which I liked, and a back-and-forth plot that just dragged on and on. And enough with the green goo; it wasn't scary.

    11. Quite gruesome Douglas Clegg is a terrific author. He is very imaginative, and his way with words is absolutely beautiful, even when describing hideous things. I am a great fan of his. However, this particular book I did not really care for. I thought is was rather drawn out, and I did not really care for the plot. Also for an extremely talented author, I thought there were far too many typos.

    12. Not a fan. Difficult to follow.Much of the narration was intended to be the thoughts and observations of the characters whose minds are being infiltrated by demonic forces. However, it was done in such a way that it was a challenge to follow what was going on. I had to read slowly and often re-read to stay on track and sometimes I was still lost.

    13. Was excited about this book because I have liked cleggs other books but it didn't pass my 10% rule (if I don't care about any of these people and/or don't know what is going on by 10% through, I'm out). I just couldn't get into it.

    14. I admire what this book was trying to do. It wanted to be a grand work of generational evil. It got close but things just didn't quite jell. Still creepy, gory, and fun!

    15. Fairly Formulaic HorrorI'm had a hard time finishing this one, and I'm normally a fan of Clegg's work. Overlong, and a bit cliched, this is one of his least enjoyable novels.

    16. Straight Up Terrifying!!! Palmetto, California. 1980. It’s the last summer friends will spend in the desert town, but it’s one they’ll never forget. What happens is so horrifying, so cataclysmic, that it haunts them to this day. But the soul-shattering nightmares aren’t the only result there are murders. Gruesome, gory, and disturbing, somehow the past comes alive in the form of inexplicable crimes. But can the present really be blamed on the past? It’s the fear they must face. Let me [...]

    17. Douglas Clegg, You Come When I Call You (Leisure, 2003)There's something about horror novels (or movies or anything else) set in the desert that just plain works. I've never been quite sure why this is-- perhaps my obsessive reading and re-reading of Robb White's Deathwatch when I was in fourth and fifth grade-- but take a horror story and stick it in a place where there's a lot of sand and very little water and I'm sold from the get-go. Such was the case with Douglas Clegg's awkwardly-named You [...]

    18. Amazingly original story set in a desert town. It is a paranormal horror but not set with the usual suspects of vampires, werewolves, etc. Instead, you have people and an ancient god or demon (different perspectives call it different things). The story is a bit of a coming of age in a small desert town tale with this ancient horror that creeps in and steals away any semblance of innocence. An ancient thing once thought destroyed yet was only regaining strength until the time was right. There are [...]

    19. Better than I expected. The novel's flaws turned out to be mostly the result of poor copy editing and typesetting (many, many typos throughout in the paperback edition I read). Clegg sprinkles the story with lots of pop-culture references preceding chapters, and in many other ways Stephen King's influence shines through, but when you get down to the actual story, it's pretty good. This is a horror novel through and through; there is very little page space given to any aspect of the characters' l [...]

    20. You Come When I Call You in my opinion, is not quite as good as other Douglas Clegg novels I have read. There were too many characters and the plot line was somewhat confusing at the beginning of the book. I more or less slogged through it and was left with a disappointing finish. There are no twists to look forward to and the characters seemed shallow and unlikeable. I wish I could give this book a better rating, but it is just not what I expected from the author. I hope he will make his next n [...]

    21. I love horror, but this book fell flat for me. I enjoyed the story Douglas Clegg created and the characters, but the ending was a let down. I expected something a little more fanatastical and it fell flat, however that being said I plan on reading another of his books. His has a rich imagination that reminds me of Richard Laymond and Edward Lee and he really does know how to create a great story. I think i'll be reading The Halloween Man the next time I reach for Douglas Clegg.

    22. Strange book, but decent. Pulled me in to read more although it starts part way through the story, so I was confused for a bit. Throughout the book are flashbacks that left me understanding. Then I went back and read the beginning again. Not at all believeable but are many horror books believable? If you like books about demons you may like this, or if you like horror books.

    23. I was confused the entire way through this book. I continued to read it because I don't believe in not finishing what I start (unless it is really bad) I would think I had it figured out and NOPE I was wrong! So I thought at the end of the book it would clear everything up and I could wash my hands of it. It didn't. Sorry Mr Clegg but this is not one of your better reads!!

    24. This is definitely a classic horror novel, with echoes of Stephen King and Peter Straub at their best. Not one for readers with short attention spans, as the narrative jumps back and forward and the suspense is slowly and intricately woven. I would recommend it to horror fans, esp. those who like a bit of gore mixed with the creepiness.

    25. Once again Clegg does not disappoint offering up another horrific thrill ride. This one is epic in scope and feels like a distant cousin of King or McCammon. I found it a little difficult to get a foot hold on the story at first but this wasn't an issue with longer reading and once the story kicked in and began to take shape. Relentless pace and imagery.

    26. I've known of Douglas Clegg's books for some time, just hadn't had the opportunity to read a full one until now. I found this to be very well-written. I'm looking forward to being able to read the other books he has written.

    27. When i read it my senior year of highschool, i LOVED IT!!! made every single one of my friends read it because it was so twisted. I will need to re-read it again because its been a long time lol

    28. It's the best thing I think I have read by Mr. Clegg. The novel is a bit different from his other works, in that it takes place mostly on the west coast. The first third reminded me of Faulkner, with the constantly changing perspectives. Nicely done

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