Lexie Goes Shopping

Lexie Goes Shopping Lexie leaves Luthor Thorne s mansion confused and agitated than ever Her next professional organizing assignment is helping a rich lady with her shopping The lady has brought her husband along and L

  • Title: Lexie Goes Shopping
  • Author: Mimi Strong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lexie leaves Luthor Thorne s mansion, confused and agitated than ever.Her next professional organizing assignment is helping a rich lady with her shopping The lady has brought her husband along, and Lexie tries to get her mind off Mr Thorne by having some fun with a sexy silver fox of a man, inside the changing room at a luxury boutique.A phone call from Mr ThornLexie leaves Luthor Thorne s mansion, confused and agitated than ever.Her next professional organizing assignment is helping a rich lady with her shopping The lady has brought her husband along, and Lexie tries to get her mind off Mr Thorne by having some fun with a sexy silver fox of a man, inside the changing room at a luxury boutique.A phone call from Mr Thorne changes everything Contains erotic sex scenes with two hot characters M F doing wicked things to each other 18 Adult eyes only Note this is an erotic short story, one episode within a larger story arc.

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    1. Book 2 of 5 Great Series following Lexi Ross an organizer and lover of sex! Lexi Ross is atracted to Billionaire Luthor Thorne. The Walk-In - Lexi is hire to organize Mr. Thorne's closet but not to open to door he can not know she is there but he senses her. Lexi is hire organize Mr Thorne's home office she hides under his desk to keep her presence secret. She organizes his bedroom and meets the "Gardener". Luthor has a bet with his housekeeper that he could go 3 months with out sex but Lexi is [...]

    2. I loved it. 4.5 stars. erotica, fun This is the second short-story in the story arc and it just keeps getting better and better.SummaryLexie was a bit confused after her work for Mr. Thorne's house.This time around she goes shopping with a couple and they have some fun together.Mr. Thorne decides on calling Lexie also for some fun.And Lexie has a very steamy great scene with her friend-the-fireman.Impressions and opinionIt just gets better! Lexie is really a bad bad bad girl! :)~Magickal Graphic [...]

    3. This is #2 in the Borrowed Billionaire little quickie Erotica stories. As you can see by my stars, I liked it more than #1. Lexie is funny and up for some interesting sex games. She is young but not afraid of her sexuality. The situations she finds herself, or maybe I should say puts herself into, are hot, steamy and funny.Both part #1 & #2 is only about 37 pages each. Regardless, the author, Mimi Strong manages quite well to create a very interesting story that concentrates on Lexie. You ca [...]

    4. In my review of the last installment of Borrowed Billionaire I had many complaints and doubts about continuing on with the series. Unfortunately Lexie Goes Shopping solidified those feelings for me. I will not be continuing on with the continuing stories, although I am planning on reading Strong's Peaches Monroe series at some point. I have high hopes that it will be a more enjoyable read than I found this to be. Like last time, this was not the worst story I have ever read, but it was far from [...]

    5. OMG! For those of you who loved WALLBANGER you will just fall in love with this book. Lexie is a smart, sexually adventurous day dreamer. Her creative approach to life will make you laugh. Suzanne's relationship with Lexie is endearing. Mr Thorne is definitely a contender for boyfriend of the month. HOT scenes warning!Mimi Strong's characters are alive and totally believable. Great book, totally recommend you start reading this series early in the day, You will not be able to put it down!

    6. Lexie Goes Shopping takes Lexie on a shopping trip with a rich woman and her husband. It turns out it is Lexie's job to keep the husband happy while the wife has her fun in the dressing rooms with another women. The silver fox shows Lexie a great time and gives her two new dresses too as a bonus as she dreams of the mysterious Mr. Throne. This part of the story is full of sexy details while Lexie dreams of the man she thinks she wants.

    7. Lexie lexie lexie.Just coming down from her high with Luthor, now she attacks an unsuspecting man at a shopping mall. Just kidding. He totally wanted it. And he's a silver fox. And he has a wife. But it's totally fine because she encourages this so she can hook up in the next changing room with some other girl. Wasn't sure whether to laugh or be horrendously horrified that she went down on him while he wore a sock like a condom. She does know that thing was just on his foot

    8. For the full review of the series, go to Miss Boxy Frown!This erotica series was a Kindle freebie that I decided to give a read, since I have read some erotica by Mimi Strong before. I decided to review them all as a whole body of work, and I'm glad that I did. The heat is turned up to 10 here, and if you are looking for a kinkalicious diversion, this serial is it.

    9. Heh. Socks. Argyle socks, no less. Gotta love Lexie's can-do attitude when it comes to getting what she wants! Highly entertaining overall (#BecauseSocks!), but I kept waiting for Mr. Thorne to put in an appearance. I guess I'm going to have to read book 3 to get my fix!-Kelly @ Reading the ParanormalLexie Goes Shopping was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 12/24/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

    10. Okay so this got a little odd & interesting. I was hoping to get a return visit from Mr. Thorne (which I got). But the dressing room scene and the phone sex/ actual sex was different and hot. I am not sure if I am more interested in who the fuck Mr. Thorne is or what his deal is - or the story itself. Which is fine with me since I am enjoying this fun read.

    11. It was a short but fun and sexy read. Something good to read while passing the rime in the car on a long ride. Lexie is a woman who loves sex. I don't want to give anything away in my review. If you like reading about sex and having a laugh or two, you will enjoy this book. I know I am going to finish the series

    12. This part just didn't do it for me, maybe because Luthor wasn't in only one sceneI'm not sure. But what I do know is Lexie is a little slut, she has no morals at all. I am inturigued to see if Luthor has what it takes to tame her, and not the other way around. Either way they are both little horn dogs.

    13. I liked this book, but I didn't loved it. It was hot but a bit over the top. I think this book has a few differences with the other book that I've read. I liked it, but the one thing I really likede in the other book was the voyeurism. I kind of missed that, but I think there is one important thing missing and that's love, maybe that she'll start liking Mr. Thorne. Fingers crossed.

    14. I read this as a complete book (all the different parts of this series but the series was part of a larger collection) I really like reading stories by Mimi Strong. This section of the Lexi story gives her permission to play with a married man while his wife goes shopping and has some fun on her own.

    15. Great part! I thought this part of the short story was well written, erotic and story, overall.For it to be a short read it's harder to rate, but for this writing specifically I feel as though this part deserved the five stars given. It was hot, but it still followed a story and that is important, for me at least

    16. I don't think I'll finish this series of novellas they're not my thing. I enjoy a steamy story but this was a little far fetched for my liking. Lexi's coming across as a sex addict rather than a woman with a healthy appetite for sex.

    17. This series is just so amazing! I just wished that Mr. Thorne was more involved in this one. I wasn't a fan of the silver fox and the interactions but still those scenes were pretty hot. I was excited with the ending and can't wait for the next installment.

    18. Holy shopping experience! I will never look at changing rooms the same way again! This book was WAY hot! I wish that mister billionaire was in there, but MAN, Old Grey Fox made up for it. Absolutely amazing.

    19. In the beginning I didn't like the series since you got a small story and didn't get to know the character. But then I bought the whole series in a box set and loved it. I have read it twice now. Can't wait to read more from Mimi strong.

    20. Loved it. It was the perfect fit for my busy schedule. Mimi Strong is an amazing author and you will fall in love with her writing.

    21. Lexi and Mr Thorne are like in maze trying to find each other they are to good to be true I loved reading this book

    22. These are my two favorite phrases now: Bare naked Wickerbiscuit & Lady Cave!More hot steaminess with more men than just Mr. Thornead more on my blog iloveladyporn

    23. Mimi out did herself with writing this erotic book. The characters were fun to read about as their relationship playing out for us. The story continues to be exciting and sexy.

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