Gabe's Alpha

Gabe s Alpha Gabe is a typical young college student until the night he and his mother are attacked by a beast who kills his mother and leaves Gabe for dead When Gabe discovers the beast who bit him was a werewolf

  • Title: Gabe's Alpha
  • Author: Shannon West
  • ISBN: 9781618853974
  • Page: 359
  • Format: ebook
  • Gabe is a typical young college student until the night he and his mother are attacked by a beast who kills his mother and leaves Gabe for dead When Gabe discovers the beast who bit him was a werewolf, and shifts into a beast like creature at the full moon, he leaves his home and descends into a nightmare of drugs, alcohol and one night stands As he s camping in the woodGabe is a typical young college student until the night he and his mother are attacked by a beast who kills his mother and leaves Gabe for dead When Gabe discovers the beast who bit him was a werewolf, and shifts into a beast like creature at the full moon, he leaves his home and descends into a nightmare of drugs, alcohol and one night stands As he s camping in the woods, preparing for the painful shift to come, he meets a the gorgeous alpha of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack who tells Gabe he s trespassing on his territory Before Gabe knows it, he s been trussed up, thrown over the man s shoulder and taken as the mate of the alpha Gabe embraces his new role as mate to the handsome Zack, but if the alpha thinks the wild young man will settle down, he s got another think coming.

    One thought on “Gabe's Alpha”

    1. Not for me. This formulaic style with dumbed down characters and an annoying D/s scenario just puts me off.

    2. With another involuntary change of a human into werekin, this one via a brutal attack of an unsuspecting young man by a rogue, the story kicks off with a battle for the changed human. Gabe does pretty well for a whole year, and that may explain not only his reluctance to be dominated once his mate, Alpha Zack, finds him, but also his success at evading those attempts pretty successfully. It made me grin to see one of those macho dominants really struggle with a far more equal partner than was th [...]

    3. Romance and Fantasy for Cosmopolitan GirlsGabriel – Gabe – Sullivan ha più o meno vent’anni ed una vita già segnata dalle tragedie. Rimasto orfano di padre quando frequentava la seconda liceo, ha aiutato la madre nella gestione della loro fattoria, decidendo di frequentare la facoltà di Agronomia per poterle un giorno subentrare. Tuttavia, l’anno precedente, aveva visto infrangersi i suoi sogni: una bestia, uscita dal nulla, ha aggredito lui e la madre lasciandolo come morto a terra e [...]

    4. I actually really am enjoying this series. I like the non-con type feel to it - and I enjoy the way the pack is structured and all the politics and Hunters associated with it. While each couple usually shares a similar beginning it does morph a bit and each "pet" has had his own personality. Some I'm more fond of than others. Here I thought Zack, unlike Marco, was more forward thinking and I could see greater potential for his part of the pack to be different than Marco's. At times this is campy [...]

    5. I'm getting tired of the same thing happening Dom mate gets non sub mate, tries to make him submit, doesn't work out exactly they fight In the end Dom mate still treats is pet as a child. Marco and Nicky's starting to annoy me because of the way Marco treats his mate. For once I'd love to see the point of view from one of the rogues mentioned in book 1.

    6. Voto: 2,5 stelline che arrotondo a 3Finalmente dopo giorni sono riuscita a concludere la lettura di questo racconto e mi ritengo delusalto delusa. Sarà che questo si colloca dopo il terzo (e al momento migliore) libro della serie, sarà che si colloca dopo un volume pieno di azione e ben sviluppato nella trama e nel rapporto tra i due personaggi, sarà che era difficile emulare il successo del precedente capitolo fatto sta che con questo racconto si ritorna ai livelli "disastrosi" del primo vol [...]

    7. Me super encanto!! El personaje "mascota" del Alfa me encanto con su personalidad explosiva, pervertida e independiente xD. Si, no cuenta con las mejores tramas, pero conforme avanza la serie se vuelve mas entretenida.

    8. LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI: thereadingslove/2Una storia dolcissima, piena di colpi di scena ed erotismo. Zack è il compagno che tutti vorrebbero, Gabe un ragazzo confuso e cocciuto. I momenti difficili ci sono, come è ovvio che sia, ma i due ragazzi saranno pronti e pieni di voglia di viversi, che va oltre qualunque ostacolo. La scrittura è semplice e scorrevole. Anche questi lupi mi hanno conquistata. Gabe era un ragazzo normale, fino a quando, una sera, un lupo non l’ha morso e lui si è [...]

    9. This is not a series I recommend for some reason, but I can't seem to be able to stop reading more. Guilty pleasure, I suppose. Surprisingly, I actually liked this book very much. Probably because the Pet has more control of the Alpha than the Alpha of the Pet. Still, the Pet can be a real brat sometimes, but hey, I guess I could understand - he wants to hold his attention and whatnot. That's really just it. He wants to be with Zack all the time. Honestly, I did not see that twist at the end, wh [...]

    10. This was book four of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack. I would give it a 3.0-3.5. Not as good as prior books in series.Gabe was attacked by a beasty animal that killed his mother who was coming to his rescue. The bite that Gabe received was enough to change him into a beast. He would change into a wild creature on a full moon. To protect other people, he would go and camp in the woods around a full moon. On one trip, he is found by Zack who is the alpha of one of the packs of Dark Hollow. The rest is [...]

    11. It had potential as a whole, but fell way short. The editing was a huge issue for me. It also felt like I was reading all of the thoughts the author was thinking when gathering ideas for the story and not the final draft. The flow really wasn't there. Things moved in a strange order. I'm disappointed.

    12. Recensione:Mi sono tuffata su questo libro piena di curiosità perché non ho mai letto un m/m e non capivo assolutamente come mai molte lettrici ne fossero attratte in maniera così spasmodica da leggerne a bizzeffe un segno evidente è quanti ne vengono scritti e pubblicati oltre oceano da averne creato un vero e proprio genere. Io sono una lettrice onnivora ma devo essere sincera non mi sono mai particolarmente interessata ad approcciarmi a questo genere, ora che mi è capitata l'occasione di [...]

    13. nonostante qualche perplessità su alcuni aspetti della serie,continuo a seguirla con piacere.lettura piacevole e sexy

    14. At first, Gabe’s Alpha seemed yet another topping from the bottom, omega versus Alpha plot. The main difference was the viciousness that was Gabe’s turning into a shifter, being raped and witnessing his mother’s murder. But as soon as Gabe met Zack, there was the comfort feeling of knowing what was happening, omega meets Alpha and they live happily ever after. Only that, instead of doing it out of love, to Gabe was more a way to avoid yet another painful shifting into a feral half man-half [...]

    15. Gabe’s Alpha is the fourth book in the Dark Hollow Wolf pack series by author Shannon West. This installment is full of heartache and drama from the very start. Gabe has a brutal initiation into becoming a werewolf. He almost dies from a vicious attack, and his mother is murdered right in front of him, pushing Gabe to the darkest place imaginable. When we first meet him, he is drowning in alcoholism, using booze to numb the pain. He really needs someone to help him and get him back to some sem [...]

    16. Now, I thought it started great. Gabe be all "yea" and "give no f*ck" then Zack enters the picture with all his alpha male and then Gabe opens his mouth and the story drops down to hell. When I read what's it about, I was like;Then Gabe starts being childish, idiotic, and dumb. Zack is weak, no alpha male, and stupid. He has no fighting spirit. The book is weak. I don't like the characters are idiotic, lazy.It's written in a childish way that makes it all worse. So I recommend to you who has not [...]

    17. Yet another great instalment of an increasingly good series. Sure it's the same formula as almost any shifter romance but as with the earlier books, it's told with a twist. Some of the differences are very subtle and seem to be contributing to an overall story arc that hasn't been revealed yet. I liked the fact that Zack accepted Gabe for who he was a lot more easily than the wolves from earlier books. His concerns were also of a more practical nature (stability of pack dynamics) rather than pur [...]

    18. This is the fourth book in the series and at first I didn't like it because Gabe and Zack come together to quickly and easily for my liking. Based on the world that the author has built however I was able to give her writers license for this and start enjoying the book. Gabe is a little more cocky then some of the other characters in previous books but eventually you can warm up to him. Zach is your typical alpha wolf all muscles and gorgeous. As the plot develops the storyline is pretty good an [...]

    19. Personally, I think this series just gets better and better. This time we are with another branch of the pack so we get to met a new set of characters. Gabe is attacked and his mother killed. He is confused about what his happening to his body but he is smart enough to protect others. Zack is immediately drawn to him and helps him to figure out what is happening and what can be done to help. This time the danger to the pack turns out to be from within instead of from the outside. Also, we again [...]

    20. 3.5 starsI liked this book. I disliked the other books in this series and gave up on reading them. I finally decided to give this one a chance, and I'm glad I did. This is what I was imaging when I read the blurbs for this series. While there were parts I didn't like, such as the alpha being too overbearing and controlling at times, I did like this book. I would definitely recommend this book I wouldn't really recommend the rest of the series. Not my cup of tea.

    21. The Dark Hollow Wolf Pack series gets better with each book.The character development of Gabe and Zack doesn't seem to have the same darkness as the previous novels, although there is still much angst for them to get to their HEA. Submission is still a theme in this book but doesn't seem to be as humiliating as some of the previous titles.I love Shannon West's writing and can't wait to read the next book.

    22. My opinion on this whole series can be found in the first book's review. That opinion applies to this book and I saw no point in saying the same thing over and over for the next 6 books.Summary: Enjoyable story but disturbing themes that is potentially offensive to some readers. This story was a bit odd to me. The whole ending and truth behind Gabe's traumatic turning experience came out of nowhere and was just plainweird.

    23. again i think there is some kind of spoiler here:I like how the story unfolds in this series. New things appear, which in matter of fact the shifters should know about them. But they are clueless because of the strict old fashioned traditions they are still going by. But i can sense lots of things are about to change in this world

    24. better than most of her dark hollow wolf pack books surprisingly, I actually made it through this one without wanting to throw up. I don't know why I keep reading these, I really should not read any more. I think I will focus on the love slaves series. It seems to be shaping up MUCH better than this series has.

    25. I expected more, something was missing. I didn't feel any emotional connection between the two main MCs. Gabe gave in too easily for my taste (even though he did give Zack a hard time). It wasn't bad, just an unchallenging read.

    26. Good plot & story line but seems thrown together. Story needed more development & the characters seemed to bounce around emotionally. With the author would have spent more time with it so this could have been an awesome series.

    27. I can't really think of anything bad to say. I love this series and this author she almost never disappoints. It was actually nice to get away from Marco and his clan just to meet new people. Great addition to the series.

    28. DNF and skimmed. Gabe was beyond irritating. He was a drama queen and an attention whore. The author made his character bratty to create conflict and a reason for kinky dominating sex with alpha Zack. Unfortunately, it backfired because Gabe was just too shallow and manipulative to be romantic.

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