Behind Palace Doors

Behind Palace Doors I have a proposition for you Their marriage has all the makings of a great romantic movie a beautiful Mediterranean setting a handsome prince and fantastic sex Too bad it s not real When Prince Stefa

  • Title: Behind Palace Doors
  • Author: Jules Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780373732326
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Paperback
  • I have a proposition for you Their marriage has all the makings of a great romantic movie a beautiful Mediterranean setting, a handsome prince and fantastic sex Too bad it s not real When Prince Stefan Alexander weds Victoria Dane, the agreement between friends is supposed to be in name only to secure his crown But it doesn t take long for buried passion to erupt.Vi I have a proposition for you Their marriage has all the makings of a great romantic movie a beautiful Mediterranean setting, a handsome prince and fantastic sex Too bad it s not real When Prince Stefan Alexander weds Victoria Dane, the agreement between friends is supposed to be in name only to secure his crown But it doesn t take long for buried passion to erupt.Victoria gave up a lot for this seemingly fairy tale life with Stefan, but all too soon she discovers she s fallen in love with the Playboy Prince Now Victoria must fight for what really matters Because the one thing she can t give up is him.

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    1. Having a sexier than sin, hotter than hell badboy Greek Prince as your best friend is not something every woman dreams of, instead you dream of marring a Prince and having the fairy tale life. But by the off chance that your best friend is indeed a Prince and suddenly proposes to you, giving you the fairy tale wedding with all the trimmings and hype that goes with it, I am willing to bet you would not say no.In Behind Palace Doors this is exactly what lands in the lap of Victoria, her best frien [...]

    2. Very good book. I really liked both Victoria and Stefan. They have been friends since they were teenagers. When Stefan found out that he had to be married in order to retain the crown for his small country he went to Victoria for help. They felt that they could handle six months of a marriage of convenience and still maintain their friendship. Victoria was a really strong heroine. She had recently broken off her engagement to a man who had betrayed her on several levels. She was tired of being l [...]

    3. 4.5 Star RatingBehind Palace Doors (Hollywood #3) by Jules Bennett is exactly the kind of read I want to loose myself in at the end of a busy day.Victoria and Stefan have been friend since their teens and their friendship has only gotten stronger as the years passed. When Prince Stefan is faced with the dilemma of having to marry to secure the crown the only person that’s forefront in his mind is Victoria Dane. Tori and Stefan are the best of friends and they would pretty much do anything for [...]

    4. 4.5 stars.When Prince Stefan Alexander learns that he must be married to become king and save his beloved country from being returned to Greece, he knows the solution is the most important woman in his life, his best friend Victoria Dane. They've been friends since they were teens and while there has always been an attraction, neither have commented or acted on it because their friendship is too important to risk. Now Stefan needs Victoria and Victoria would never let him down.Soon, the marriage [...]

    5. review copy from author2.5 stars, rounded up. This one releases on March 1 in print but you can buy it at eHarlequin from February 1. While it didn't work for me that well, YMMV, for example, Lillie loved it. I liked the sound of this one; friends to lovers, marriage of convenience, handsome Greek(ish) prince with TATTOOS (*swoon*), etc. - but the execution fell a bit flat for me. I think I don't mesh very well with this author's writing style. Words like "mysteriousness" and "uncomfortableness" [...]

    6. Romance at it's best. With alluring characters and an addictive storyline, you can't go wrong with Behind Palace Doors. Although the storyline is somewhat predictable, I still found myself glued to the pages, wanting to learn the outcome. The relationship between Stefan and Victoria is quite intense yet confusing, which I loved. Best friends turned married couple that don't want to fall in love and risk their friendship. I felt like smacking their heads together! It was so frustrating, but in a [...]

    7. Review: Behind Palace Doors by Jules BennettHarlequin DesireContemporaryOne of my favorite things about reviewing is getting to read books before anyone else. BEHIND PALACE DOORS is a perfect reason why I have the best gig on the planet. Victoria Dane and Stefan Alexander have been best friends for most of their lives. Stefan is next in line to become king of Galini Isle but he has to be married. He asks Victoria she agrees to help him with the promise that after six months she has the choice of [...]

    8. This was a really enjoyable story about Stefan and Victoria they have known each other since their teens, and they’ve been best friends since then. In order for Stefan to become King he needs to be married and the only person he can think of is Victoria. Stefan try's to convince Victoria that this would be good for both of them and he tells her they only have to be married for six months. Victoria is trying to get over a break up with her ex-finance and Stefan doesn’t want love he just wants [...]

    9. Love, love, love this one. If you haven't already done so, read it. It's worth it. Great friends to lovers theme with excellent characterization.

    10. Again it was easy and quick read. It's very sexy story and because I often read in the bus when going to and off to work I feel a little bit embarrased if anybody notice what I'm really reading. In the end of reading I'd a thought that this book reminded me "Gossip Girl". I mean Chuck Bass and Blair love story.

    11. Un principe che sposa la sua migliore amica per non perdere il regno. L’amicizia si trasforma e iniziano i problemi. A tratti banale e a tratti profondo, insomma, carino: si può leggere.

    12. Fast paced sexy story that i didn't want it to end!First most important point to mention above and beyond all other points - Prince Stefan - H.O.T! Bring forth the fan! Where to begin with the likes I have for Behind Palace Doors? Lets start with how refreshing it is that the main characters are best friends. There's no conflict forcing them together which means we can cut straight to the good stuff you know like the fairy tale world Tori is about to enter when Stefan calls upon her, his best fr [...]

    13. Posted on What I'm ReadingFirst off, I absolutely fell in love with the cover of Jules Bennett's Behind Palace Doors. I mean the cover is gorgeous. I love the dress and the hero is dashing. The great cover is the perfect fit for the fantastic story. Seriously, I thought it was awesome. Here's why:Well, you have Victoria Dane who comes from this great Hollywood family who is best friend with a prince. Now Stefan Alexander is the Prince of Galini Isle, but he needs to marry in order to secure the [...]

    14. Stefan and Victoria have known each other since their teens, and they’ve been best friends for all that time. Stefan is a prince of Galini Isle and in order to become king, he needs to be married. The only person he can think of to ask this is Victoria, since he doesn’t want a clingy wife.Victoria is a strong woman who has been burned by love before. I really liked her and her loyalty to Stefan. She dropped everything to help him with his problems and even agreed to marry Stefan in order for [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsI really enjoyed this story between long time best friends Prince Stefan & Victoria. There was only one thing that I think took away from the story. And it is repeating how The Prince was a playboy and was not in love with Victoria. Felt that it was not needed. Please do not let this stop you from reading the book though. It is worth the read. Prince Stefan must marry and stay married for 6 months to take the thrown and become King after his father has passed away or his kingdom wil [...]

    16. It 's a wonderful story. One in which i could relate too. What i read through this story captured my heart fully. It also spoke of the experiences which i am going througho best friends, whom had a bond like no other. A friendship which was and is unique. The chemistry is so true and pure, a relationship that outshone other relationship and marriages. prince Stefan relied on the person whom he knew he could trust and who always had his back. the person who was there for him no matter what. She s [...]

    17. Behind Palace Doors is the third book in Jules Bennett’s Hollywood Series. Victoria Dane is a member of the infamous Dane family. Her brothers are filmmakers while her mother is an actress. Stefan Alexander is Prince of Galini Isle and is soon to be its King. Victoria and Stefan have known one another since they were teenagers. They are best of friends. And what does a best friend do when asked the unthinkable? She agrees to be his wife in name only so he can secure the crown. But can they rem [...]

    18. What little girl has not dreamed of being a princess? This book takes you there in such a fun way. Best friends Victoria Lane and Prince Stefan (love the name btw) are in for a real surprise. She agrees to help him keep his kingdom and she gets to keep her prince. I think that's a sound deal. Neither realized their love went beyond friendship. When they figured it out, neither exactly embraced it. And that's where the roller coaster ride begins. Hold on tight for this "good read". LOVED, LOVED, [...]

    19. This author brings us a short, but sweet romance. I enjoyed both the characters and the plot. This is the third book in a series, but I had not read the previous books. It's a stand alone story. It consists of elements of humor and romance. I would recommend it to anyone. I received this book from the author for a honest review.

    20. I loved this book! But I love all of Jules Bennet's books! A lot of times, authors take too long to get the point of the story, but I can't say the same for this one. It was done without skipping any of the good or important things that make this book an excellent read. The characters were believable & very likable!

    21. This was just a so-so read for me. When I dislike one of the MCs it's hard for me to give more than a three star rating. I simply did not care for the guy. The heroine I did like though but it's hard for one character to carry a book.

    22. Very food.Fast pace, interesting plot and gorgeous dress.Some things are easy to guess, the mmf didn't suffer enough and there could have been more interaction with the ex's. But it not cheesy and has a good background in the childhood crush part.

    23. I really enjoyed this book, it definitely sits at the top of my Jules Bennett fav list ! 'Twas emotional, sweet and definitely sexy. Great read.

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