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  1. Anonymous. (2007). The new encyclopaedia britannica (15th ed.). Chicago: Encyclopaedia Brittanica.Citation created by: Tom ShawCall Number: ReferenceDescription: With over 240 years of expertise, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is a benchmark for general knowledge reference.Content/Scope: 4,000 contributors and 65,000 articles on subjects such as art, geography, science, sports, and more are detailed with full color images, charts, diagrams, and informative entries.Accuracy/Authority: This book has [...]

  2. Encyclopaedia Brittanica Inc. (2010) The encyclopaedia britannicaISBN-10: 1593398379. $3,550Content/Scope: One cannot get much broader a scope than this set of encyclopaedia’s, and its scope includes all historical times, up to 2010. The company has ceased to print volumes, they will only be digital copies from now on.Accuracy/Authority: Encyclopaedia Britannica is a world-renowned publisher of encyclopaedias and, as such, is consistently accurate and very authoritative.Arrangement/Presentatio [...]

  3. My dad bought a set of these when I was 14 or 15, and I often got jacked up on caffeine and read some of the 'macropedia' (long version article half of the set). [The micropedia is pretty mcuh your standard enclyclopedia- short entries on everythings from Aardvarks to Zymurgy] The macropedia has some great articles on just about anything. There is also an index to learning in the front that puts everything in a comprehensive manner--Essentially, if you can't get into a fancy private university o [...]

  4. NOTE: This entry is for the online version of Encyclopaedia Britannica.Description: The online version is accessible through our provincial databases. The information is searchable through elementary, middle years, and high school levels and is accessible through print and audio. Reaction: Students find this database easy to search and understand. The varying levels are ideal i a K-12 setting. One feature we particularly like is the suggested links for more information. Recommended Level: All le [...]

  5. A set of these plus some other related books appeared in our house some time in the mid-fifties and stayed with the family until the 90's. They didn't get much use after the 60's but I used them a lot in my schoolwork. Mostly I just copied reports verbatim. Didn't seem to bother the teachers any. "Cobalt" and "John Cabot" come to mind. There must have been others. Date read is approximate.

  6. Huhu.algiaku! Gw inget nih pas akhir2 SD ampe awal2 SMP doyan banget baca nih ensiklopedia. Tapi ini sih koleksi Babe gw sih dan edisinya juga udah jadulkalo ngga salah edisi 1982. Waktu itu, gw paling suka baca tentan sejarah negara sama tentang tokoh. Iseng juga yak.

  7. I was so torn while reading this book. I couldn't tell if it was fiction or non-fiction. The drama was almost unbearable at times, riveting and engrossing. Then there were times when an Ambien would have kept me awake trying to turn the pages. Overalle ending really made the book.

  8. as a kid i would sit and read Encyclopaedia Britannica. I would pick an article and hop to another one mentioned in it and see how long a chain i could make from the original starting point!

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