Perdita Love won t let her go Marged Brice is years old She d be ready to go if it weren t for PerditaThe Georgian Bay lighthouse s single eye keeps watch over storm and calm and Marged grew up in its s

  • Title: Perdita
  • Author: Hilary Scharper
  • ISBN: 9781476700137
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love won t let her go.Marged Brice is 134 years old She d be ready to go, if it weren t for PerditaThe Georgian Bay lighthouse s single eye keeps watch over storm and calm, and Marged grew up in its shadow, learning the language of the wind and the trees There s blustery beauty there, where sea and sky incite each other to mischief or worse Garth Hellyer of the LongevLove won t let her go.Marged Brice is 134 years old She d be ready to go, if it weren t for PerditaThe Georgian Bay lighthouse s single eye keeps watch over storm and calm, and Marged grew up in its shadow, learning the language of the wind and the trees There s blustery beauty there, where sea and sky incite each other to mischief or worse Garth Hellyer of the Longevity Project doesn t believe Marged was a girl coming of age in the 1890s, but reading her diaries in the same wild and unpredictable location where she wrote them might be enough to cast doubt on his common sense.Everyone knows about death It s life that s much mysterious.

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    1. I loved this book - it wasn't just that it was by a Canadian author and had a Canadian setting - it has a truly Canadian feel (Americans and others, don't let that stop you, it's just a nice change for me).It was also my favorite sort of mystery and fiction - the sort of mystery where you have an idea of what might happen (as opposed to being completely lost), but are never fully sure; and the kind of fiction that feels like a historical re-enactment on paper.Wonderful! Highly recommended!

    2. Perdita is a well written and fascinating life story of a 134 year old woman and the secret of her longevity. Garth Hellyer is entrusted by the woman, Marged Brice with her diaries. Diaries which may hold the secret to her long life.This story has a love story, a hint of the supernatural, and an insight into the life of a young woman in the early 1900's.I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down, it resulted in late nights and it was worth every moment. Highly recommended!

    3. This is a beautifully written, moving, and compelling story. "Perdita" is engrossing literary fiction, written in the tradition of "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights."

    4. Praise for Perdita:• “Canadian author Scharper shines in this surprising and engaging gothic novel Impeccably researchedd beautifully told, this is a tale that will stay with readers long after the final page is turned.” —Publishers Weekly• “Scharper's prose in Marged's voice is just as measured, just as alluringly old-fasioned as many a Pulitzer or Orange Prize winner before her stuningly beautiful Scharper accomplishes first-rate historical fiction believable, charming and genuinel [...]

    5. How to review a book you are not sure you liked. I mean, I didn't not like Perdita By Hilary Scharper, but at the same time I can't decide how I feel about the book. It was odd. And in all honesty left me wanting more. Even though the book itself was rather lengthy at over 400 pages. I was fascinated by the premise of this book when I first looked into it. It sounded like gothic romance with a ghost story thrown in for fun. I initially thought it would sort of be like The Taker trilogy by Alma K [...]

    6. I received a copy of Perdita from Simon & Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review That was 4 years ago (oopsie), it's taken me that long to get around to reading this book. Partly because I was saving it for a vacation up to the Georgian Bay (the setting of the story) and because I just wasn't hooked.Marged Brice claims she is 134 yrs old although she does not look very old. Garth Hellyer, a local historian working on a longevity project, is on a mission to find out who Marged reall [...]

    7. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.Before I get too far ahead of myself, I'd like to give a shout out to Amanda Kain. Hilary Scharper's Perdita didn't work for me, but the cover art is just gorgeous. The ethereal design really captures what the author was going for and even though I wasn't a fan of the book, I concede a certain appreciation for the mysterious and provocative imagery of its jacket.To get straight to the point, Perdita is one of those pieces I wanted to like more [...]

    8. I won this book as a First Read from Good Reads and was very excited as I do not normally win contests.I really got into this book and was a bit sad when it ended. I do enjoy when a story weaves the past with the present and uses real places and history as a background like Ms. Scharper has, especially the Tobermory/Bruce Penninsula area. Romance, mystery, ghosts, family and Greek mythology blend to make a sad but lovely tale of love and loss, both past and present. Most of the story is told thr [...]

    9. this is an interesting book and i am wavering between 3 and 4-stars as a rating. parts were beautiful and evocative but there were also some clunky moments where the awkward flow of the writing was challenging my enjoyment of the story. at one point, i felt as though a section/paragraph was missing (need to check with the publisher on that). it is an ARC so there were some glitches with typos but that didn't impact my rating.we are given several different love stories in this story and quite a l [...]

    10. Mixing mystery, the supernatural, historical fiction, romance, nautical disaster, a sprinkle of Canadiana, and even a small dose of Greek mythology (wow!), Perdita is certainly made up of an unusual combination of elements – but it works!Set along Canada’s beautiful and wild Georgian Bay coast, the storyline follows a professor as he researches an elderly woman’s unlikely claim that she is 134 years old. Reading her diaries, we alternate between present day and the late 1800’s, where we [...]

    11. Perdita is a gripping tale of love, loss and rediscovery spanning three centuries, masterfully weaving narratives of intertwining lives and landscapes. Hilary Scharper's haunting and beautiful prose take us through journal entries and letters which compellingly document the coming of age of a young woman in the 1890s. In reading the pages, we get a rare glimpse into a young woman's inner struggles, her sacred relationship to the stunning tapestry of the Georgian Bay setting, and the timelessness [...]

    12. I received a free copy of the book thanks to Giveaway.I found it very well written and it was a pleasure to read it. I simply loved it! The description of Marged's feelings and reactions were always full of sensibility. It is quite hard to choose only one favourite part of the book, but every single time that Marged encountered captain Howarth, I found myself holding my breath and eager to know what was about to happen next. Besides that, I would love to know more about what happened to George, [...]

    13. I won this book for free from the Goodread's First Reads giveaway.This is the first book I've read by this author and I really liked it and really enjoyed the author's writing style (well written and well detailed). This book is set in two different times: in the 1890's and in present time. In present time, Professor Garth Hellyer is working on the Longevity Project (finding and interviewing the oldest living people). This is where he meets Marged Brice who claims she is 134 years old; she also [...]

    14. I so enjoyed this novel! Hilary Scharper's lovely prose evoked the natural beauty of Georgian Bay and provided a glimpse into the daily life and activities of a light keeper's family during the late 19th century near Tobermory, Ontario. Ms. Scharper's ability to weave both a memoir from the past with a modern day romance provided the reader with a cast of interesting historical and present-day characters comprised of lively, beautiful and strong women alongside kindly, compassionate, brooding (a [...]

    15. "Perdita" is what you would get if the love child of Charles Dickens and L.M. Montgomery wrote chick lit. Action and emotion are deliberately slow and understated, and though the middle drags somewhat, the last half of the book is as satisfying and interesting as the beginning. The verisimilitude of an epistolary narrative blends well with Montgomery's supernatural love and fear of place. It feels like reading genuine history, to the point where I've been tempted to look up the supporting charac [...]

    16. I can't say that I really enjoyed this book. The descriptions of the Georgian Bay area and the effect it had on Marged, the main character, were great, and the snippets of the love story made me want to know more. However, the whole allusion to Greek mythology and the ghostly little girl made the story murky for me. I felt the melding of all the threads, plus the modern-day scenes on top of the historical ones, was a little contrived. I did read to the end just to see how it was all pulled toget [...]

    17. Too much of a romance for my liking, although, the writing in the journal sections is quite lovely and the Greek mythology adds depth and interest. The book's take-away message: one's attachment to place can rival or even surpass the bonds one shares with family, friends and lovers. Perdita was an apt metaphor for the many loves connected to the novel's protagonist Marged Brice, but, I didn't like the way she was worked into the story. It struck me as contrived, like adding a basement to a finis [...]

    18. I loved the backdrop of Canadian history and geography mixed with the past and present love stories of this novel. Hilary Scharper uses the Gothic elements of the supernatural and romance to give vivid portraits of her historical and modern-day protagonists Marged and Garth as their lives intertwine. Add some references to Greek mythology and Classical literature, all coming together in the various writing styles of journal entries, letters and narratives, and you are left with an incredibly int [...]

    19. What an awesome debut novel from the author. Such a beautiful, emotional story with a mix of romance, historical fiction, adventure and supernatural. If you have ever been to the Georgian Bay area, you will really appreciate this book. This will be one I will re-read for sure.

    20. I can't decide what I loved most about this book, the historical setting, the written journals or just the whole concept of the book. The novel is beautifully written, very interesting and has great descriptions of Georgian Bay. Very refreshing to hit a great story.

    21. Nature. Myth. History. Love. Gothic undertones. All of my favourite story elements wrapped up in one book?! It’s almost as if Perdita was written for me! The story opens with Garth Hellyer, a professor who does work for the Longevity Project by interviewing some of the oldest living people on the planet. Unfortunately, nothing has prepared Garth for Marged Brice, who claims to be a stunningly youthful 134 years old. Convinced to read through Marged’s journals of her life in the late 1890s, G [...]

    22. This book had me engrossed by the end of the first page. Perdita is the story of a place, and a person. Marged Brice may be the oldest woman alive at 134 years old, or she may be a confused little old lady. As Garth Hellyer reads through her journals he learns that Marged has a history as rich as the landscape she belongs to, and a mysterious girl named Perdita is part of her legacy.Garth is working for the longevity project. He is trying to find the oldest person living. His claim needs proof i [...]

    23. I received a copy of Perdita by Hilary Shcarper, from the author in return for an honest review.Garth Hellyer, a historian and writer is doing research in an Ontario nursing home interviewing its residents for a “Longevity Project”, in search for the oldest person in the world. It is here that he is introduced to a woman by the name of Marged Brice, who claims she is 134 years old. The only document of her existence is a birth certificate stating that she was born on November 13, 1878 in Mon [...]

    24. How old is Marged Brice really? In search for the oldest person in the country for the Longevity Project Garth Hellyer is introduced to Marged Brice. This healthy looking woman claims she is 134 years old and she has her birth certificate to proof it. She also claims she does not mind to die but cannot as she is held back by Perdita Having the obvious doubts Garth promises her to read her journals in the hope to find out connections he can investigate to support her claim of her age. And who is [...]

    25. Although it is only the beginning of the year, Perdita is certain to be one of my favourite reads of 2015. It was a wonderful reading experience and I had an amazing time watching the mystery around Perdita unfold through Marged’s diaries. The novel had the perfect pace to create and keep a suspense that practically glued me to the book until I finished it. Concerning the interplay between the present-day and the diary parts, I was pleasantly surprised how well the novel kept them apart in ton [...]

    26. Review take II I wrote a great one on my iPhone, but accidentally deleted it when trying to correct my typos; now I struggleI received this book through a giveaway -- thank you -- and thoroughly enjoyed it! Garth Hellyer, a researcher for the Longevity Project discovers a woman, Marged Brice, who claims to be 134 years old. When he visits her, he finds that she has remarkable eyes and the appearance of someone much younger, but he is highly skeptical of her claim to be so old. Marged just want [...]

    27. ** This review was submitted to all respectful parties PRIOR to posting it to GoodReads. ** When I was personally invited by the publisher to review this novel I accepted it because judging by the synopsis of the novel I knew that the possibilities of where the adventure would lead me as the reader seemed endless and truthfully such things were. This book is a riveting, stirring tale that contained moments of mystery, romance and along the lines of twists that I was not expecting to uncover. For [...]

    28. Garth Hellyer is a historian in charge of the Longevity Project, which is collecting oral histories of the oldest people in Canada. A woman at a nursing home claims to be 134 years old and shows him her birth certificate to prove it. When he is obviously skeptical, she decides to give him her personal journals, which start in 1897 and document the life of Marged Brice. They tell the story of what life was like in the Georgian Bay of Ontario and the Cape Prius Lighthouse at the turn of the centur [...]

    29. I received this book for free through First Reads.3.5 stars. I enjoy Canadian writing, and Perdita by Hilary Scharper was no exception. You can tell from the vivid and detailed descriptions of the bay and landscape how much the author loves the land, and this really comes across in the language and the book. The story begins as Garth, tasked by the Longevity Project, attempts to unearth the mystery of how old the mysterious Marged is. The book was a little slow starting and you are quickly thru [...]

    30. This is a case where I am still not really sure how I feel about this book. If I had to sum up my feelings about the story in very few words, I would say there were a lot of ideas used but not all of them worked well together in my opinion. I kind of felt at times like I was reading two different books, both with complex plots. This story has some very beautifully written imagery in it. The descriptions of the bay in particular were wonderful, so well written that I could see myself standing rig [...]

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