Sharks Fly Guy is buzzzzing on over to the nonfiction genre Award winning author illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life with the help of his very popular main character Fly Guy This engaging nonf

  • Title: Sharks
  • Author: Tedd Arnold
  • ISBN: 9780545507714
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fly Guy is buzzzzing on over to the nonfiction genre Award winning author illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life with the help of his very popular main character, Fly Guy This engaging nonfiction reader combines the kid friendly humor of Fly Guy with the high interest topic of sharks Fly Guy and Buzz introduce young readers to sharks with straightforward fun fFly Guy is buzzzzing on over to the nonfiction genre Award winning author illustrator Tedd Arnold brings nonfiction to life with the help of his very popular main character, Fly Guy This engaging nonfiction reader combines the kid friendly humor of Fly Guy with the high interest topic of sharks Fly Guy and Buzz introduce young readers to sharks with straightforward fun facts, humorous asides, and full bleed photographs throughout FOIL ON THE COVER

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    1. My children love the fly guy series. We've read a couple now and they never fail to excite my 6 yr old and my twin 3 yr olds. I find him somewhat disgusting, but then again, I have boys, so they are still asking for more fly guy. It's also a nice break because sometimes these are on audio and I get those for them to listen to while I'm making lunch. I still read other books as well to them, but lately, these are their favorites. Also, some of them are now topic based and very educational which i [...]

    2. 1. Clark the Shark by Bruce Hale. 2013. HarperCollins Publishers.2. I chose Clark the Shark as my twin text because the story portrays Clark as being much larger than the rest of the fish. The nonfiction book also talks about the teeth of a shark and how they quickly rip through and swallow their food. In Clark the Shark, he is also seen devouring food without even chewing. The fiction books brings an actual shark to life and goes through some of it's habits and behaviors. 3. Description4. With [...]

    3. Buzz and Fly Guy, two hugely popular characters for beginning readers, visit their local aquarium and learn all about sharks. Kids love the combination of cartoon characters and dialog with clear nonfiction facts and color photographs. When the text explains that sharks don’t have any bones, and their cartilage helps them turn quickly, Fly Guy wonders, “NO BONEZ?”--adding just the right humor for young kids.

    4. Buzz and his pet fly, Fly Guy, demystify the ever-fascinating topic of sharks. Some of the more than 400 types of sharks are introduced, and readers can view great photographs of sharks, their teeth, their denticles, and some of the food they eat. This is a fine introduction to sharks sure to have high reader appeal since there is not a lot of text, and the photos are nifty.

    5. I liked this book better than some other shark books out there. It was simple and contained enough information in it about sharks. It never goes way in depth about any shark but it does give a good intro to sharks in general.

    6. It is very funny at the beginning - well at the beginning it starts of with Flyguy and Buzz and as you get deeper in to the book, it more talks about sharks, and they have real pictures of the aquarium and sharks. They have close up pictures and on some of the pages it is like a journal.

    7. Educational easy reader about sharks, with the Fly Guy character to add even more kid appeal. I don't know why every book about sharks has to have that same scary Great White picture on the cover. Sharks do a lot more than just leap out of the water at pieces of steak suspended on cameras.

    8. Nice easy read about information on sharks very interesting for the younger grade levels that they will be able to read themselves to learn more on sharks!

    9. If this kind of book were around when I was a kid, I would have read a lot more non-fiction and learned a ton! Really enjoyable read packed with facts.

    10. Reading Level: 2.8Book Level/ Guided Reading Level: LFly Guy Presents: Sharks is an Informational Text book for children that follows a young boy named Buzz (who ”hosts” quite a few other informational texts on an assortment of topics) and his pet fly, Fly Guy, on their explanation of the aquarium, providing simplistic yet interesting facts and high-quality photographs on a wide variety of shark breeds. This book would understandably be an ideal read aloud for any level of elementary grade d [...]

    11. Sharks discusses all the different things involved in a shark's world. What a shark eats, what it does, all without giving the sharks a bad reputation for being scary. This book shows a lot of up close pictures that kids will love to look at. It really just gives a general rundown of the habitat of a shark and some basic facts about different types. This was a good book to show the life of a shark without showing the scary side they tend to have at some points. This would be good to have in a cl [...]

    12. Nonfiction, informationalTarget audience: primary (preK-3)Paired fiction text: “Clark the Shark” by Bruce HaleIn the fiction text, Clark loves life and gets excited very easily. However, his enthusiasm becomes too much for his friends and soon everyone stops wanting to spend time with him. Clark has to learn that there is a time and a place for everything and how to ‘stay cool’. The nonfiction text takes a look at all of the different types of sharks there are, what they look like, and w [...]

    13. I thought the book was a fun way to present information about sharks. It resonated with me as the Fly encouraged Fly Guy to go see the sharks. I was most drawn into the story as each shark's abilities were reviewed. My transaction with the text was the most powerful when Fly Guy and Buzz were talking about the different types of sharks. I will carry with me from this book how the author incorporated a cartoon type character into a book with real pictures of sharks. This created a nice combinatio [...]

    14. Fly Guy Presents: Sharks- by Tedd Arnold (or any Fly Guy Presents books, kids love them!) (Preschool-3, 540L, Grade 1).Genre – Informational Text, Science [sharks]Conventions: Labels, Photographs, Labels, Types of Print, Close-upsWhat a neat book and the students really seem to respond to this series. This book specifically does a great job of teaching students about many different aspects of sharks. The authors include everything from types of sharks, to the different teeth sets sharks can ha [...]

    15. What: This book takes Fly Guy and Buzz through the aquarium to learn about sharks. The pages look as though they are pages in a journal with information written in it and pictures taped to it. When introducing new words it shows the pronunciation such as carnivores- KAR-nih-vorz which is really great for early readers. So What: Students must be able to use contextual information in order to understand meanings of new words. Now What: Students can go through this book and find any new words such [...]

    16. Buzz and Fly Guy take a trip to the aquarium and learn about sharks! Packed full of facts and photos, Buzz and Fly Guy still appear in an illustrated format.I LOVED the way Fly Guy found a way to turn what he was learning into humorous ZZZZZ-filled responses. This is a great book for classroom use to introduce children to the topic and incite interest, especially if an aquarium field trip is in the near future. Recommended for PreK-2.

    17. This is a non-fiction picture book regarding sharks. Although the book cover reveals typical sharks with teeth, I think contents and illustrations are carried without biased perspectives to Sharks such as scary and fearful animals. As the aim of the book is to deliver the facts to readers, it describes sharks as one of the many animal with various pictures of them. It includes different types of sharks, habitats, something to eat, general features of sharks, as well as baby pups.

    18. Fly Guy Presents Sharks is all about the basics of sharks. This includes their habitats, what they eat, what their teeth are like, and more. There are several real pictures of sharks that kids would enjoy looking at. There are also several little fun facts for the kids and it makes it fun to read nonfiction with fly guy.I had never read this series until recently, but I enjoy them and think kids do, too.I think this would be good when doing a unit on the ocean or on sharks in particular.

    19. In my experience, Fly Guy books attract 2nd-3rd grade boys who aren't big readers. How perfect that Arnold is venturing into NF.Also - sharks can't swim backwards and 2/3 of their brain is used for smelling!

    20. My 5 year old really likes sharks and this was the first Fly Guy book that I have read to him. He really liked it and learned some fun, cool things about sharks that he didn't know, too. Great introduction to non-fiction with this book.

    21. 3.5 StarsFly Guy and Buzz visit and aquariam and learn about sharks. The book is set up to mostly look like a scrapbook that Buzz is making, an engaging format. The information is intriguing without being too high level.

    22. An informative look into the wide variety of sharks that make up our planet. Exquisite photographs and interesting factoids will delight readers and inspire them to learn more about these amazing creatures.

    23. I love Fly Guy and am so impressed with this non-fiction and the use of photographs (all credited) combined with Tedd Arnold's destinctive cartoons. I can see using it to teach pronunciation keys and other non-fiction text features to first graders.

    24. It was a busy morning of reading for Xander and I. He is at the end of grade 1 and really likes Fly Guy books. This one has a third reading level and is more non-fiction in nature. Great book for introducing information to children. I loved it and so did Xander.

    25. This is a good book for learning facts about sharks. This is a great science book that discusses the environment best for shark survival and other fun facts about sharks. This is also a good book for teaching the features of books, such as, table of contents, index, captions, and more.

    26. A great book for the first grader who prefers non fiction! Fly guy introduces the reader to sharks we are all familiar with and the Gremlin Shark that is now our personal favorite. The illustrations are Marvelous and the facts are very easy to understand.

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