They Call Me...Montey Greene

They Call Me Montey Greene A promising awkwardly executed thriller kirkus reviews Very enjoyable crime caper crossing Italy and France and ending back in the US A very refreshing central character and plenty of twists and turns

  • Title: They Call Me...Montey Greene
  • Author: A.R. Yoba
  • ISBN: 9780985440824
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A promising awkwardly executed thriller kirkus reviews Very enjoyable crime caper crossing Italy and France and ending back in the US A very refreshing central character and plenty of twists and turns A fun and pacy read with lots to like A very promising start to a new series thebookbag A straightforward thriller written for the everyday man A fun s A promising awkwardly executed thriller kirkus reviews Very enjoyable crime caper crossing Italy and France and ending back in the US A very refreshing central character and plenty of twists and turns A fun and pacy read with lots to like A very promising start to a new series thebookbag A straightforward thriller written for the everyday man A fun story not overly complex but enough to chew on bestsellersworld WHO IS MONTEY GREENE WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANT TO KNOW HIS NAME THEN WANT HIM DEAD You should have followed your first instincts, a voice echoed off the walls of his unconscious mind All I wanted was a pair of shoes, he told the spirit that he could feel struggling to free itself of its flesh and blood avatar stretched out on this piece of cold highway leading to Lake Como with four bullet holes in his back Montey didn t want to die Not here Not Now.Something told him not go, but he hopped on that plane anyway All expenses paid they said First class all the way on an open ended ticket You would have taken that flier too if you just got laid off for the third time in as many months and recently separated from your wife Did I forget to mention the kids An all expenses paid vacation 4000 miles across the Atlantic, to hang out with some old friends while you try to put the pieces of your crumbling life back together, seemed to be just the remedy for the once again unemployed security systems analyst, Montey Greene Up until the point he walked into that high end women s boutique on Via Della Spiga he was just a regular guy like you and me Him being a tourist he did what tourists do and that s why he found himself on one of the most touristy fashion corridors in all of Milan If only he had gone to Venice or Naples instead Maybe he wouldn t have inadvertently botched the kidnapping of a reputed drug kingpin s daughter If only it could have been just been that, but Montey Greene didn t have that type of luck His life as of late wasn t that black and white simple Now he found himself locked in the cross hairs of some unknown assailants gun sight and at the top of some unknown government agency s most wanted list questioning his name Life is rarely what it seems as perception is usually greater than ones reality Even a broke clock shows the right time two times a day so be careful what you wish for Be careful what you wish for when you take a person s name Be careful what you wish for if the person you want dead doesn t die Europe A pair of shoes A beautiful Colombian woman Pink pills A false passport Four bullets in the back The makings of EVERY LEGEND HAS TO BEGIN SOMEWHERE

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    1. I liked the story line of this book, European adventures, shoot outs, attempted kidnappings, blackmail, the twists and turns, the hypnosis of Montey Greene, Annette and Daniel really being FBI agents. Its all a good story.But I would have rated this book much higher IF IT HAD BEEN DECENTLY EDITED!This book seems to have been self edited, or not edited at all, which just doesn't work!.It is FULL of misspelt words, the wrong words (about instead of above), double spaces, sentences that don't make [...]

    2. I got this novel through GoodReads Giveaways section. A.R. Yoba was kind enough to send it in just a few days from US to me in India. I would like to thank him for that.Montey Greene is a relaxed paced novel. Even though its a thriller its not totally action packed and fast pace. This could be explainable because its just the first book of a Trilogy. And I think as far as being the first book is concerned it was quite a book, also it was the first book of the said author. First book of a series [...]

    3. Blurb:Every legend has a beginning. In the case of unemployed security systems analyst Montey Greene it was Europe. A pair of shoes. A beautiful Colombian woman. Pink pills. A false passport. Four bullets in the back.Something told him not to go, but he hopped on that plane anyway. All expenses paid they said. First class all the way on an open-ended ticket. Up until the point he walked into that high end women's boutique on Via Della Spiga he was just a regular guy from Brooklyn. Now he found h [...]

    4. Montey Greene is an uncomplicated man.His tastes are simple, from fashion to women to music. He's not a particularly good person, nor is he a complete jerk - like most people, he's a bit of both. He's riding the rail of a failing marriage, but not sure if he's ready to give it up yet. When he takes a trip to Milan, he's not looking for adventure - he's looking for a place to unwind and find himself again. And perhaps a nice pair of shoes for his wife to mend some fences.Which is where is gets a [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book as part of the Giveaway contest.What a story. Form Milan to Paris to Miami to New York. Never a dull momment. There is violence in the story. The story is very well paced. There are a few jumps in the timeline, but the author will tell the backstory so you are not lost. Very few scenes where there is not much action. The end of the book did have a twist I was not expecting. The main villian of the story was hidden til the very end. From the clues in the book, I wa [...]

    6. I've recently developed a love of thrillers and detective books enjoying James Patterson, Sophie Hannah and Nelson DeMille. I enjoyed Yoba's slightly different take on the hero, a flawed but likeable gritty black man from Brooklyn, New York.The pace of the book varies, which meant there were times I had to read just one more chapter, but thankfully times I felt able to put the book down for a bit (something I struggle with sometimes!). Yoba especially captured the atmosphere of Milan well, altho [...]

    7. Won this book from A.R.Yoba! Yes, my only Christmas present, I wish it come to my doorstep earlier. I can't wait to read it.-------------------------------------------------------------------------I had received this book on 5th of March after a few months I won the book. hehe It's came with a pen with the book cover printed on it. The first thing when I saw the book and said is "it's hard cover!Ooops my face!"Montey Greene had met with a sexy lady,Alejandra and he had made himself into trouble. [...]

    8. An intriguing read. The story was captivating The plot was surrounded with the air of mystery as the reader was given only the information needed at the time, nothing more so we can't easily speculate on what happens next.The ending was most surprising and put the whole book into perspective. I was intrigued enough to want to read the next book. The pace of the novel was a bit too slow for me at the beginning but it picked up and it was ok, as the book advanced. The characters were likable, alth [...]

    9. it kept me entertained all throughout . i liked it , and i really loved the Brooklyn slang . it's refreshing to see a african-american man from Brooklyn as the lead , and as a matter of fact i can't think of another such book was nicely paced , great action scenes , fun dialogue only remark is that i would have wanted a bit more depth in Alejandra's character cos i couldn't really get in her head and empathize with hern't know if any of you did, but whenever i read Monty's lines , Will Smith's [...]

    10. "They Call MeMontey Greene" starts with a cool man falling for a sexy woman, and you can just feel the trouble and intrigue building from there. Montey is a great leading character. You admire his smarts, forgive his sins and pray for his survival. The author, A.R. Yoba, spins a clever, exciting narrative. The pace keeps you hooked, and the twists keep you guessing. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

    11. I have to say, there were times were I had to force myself to read.Montey Greene. Well, he started as a fun and relaxing guy, with a different background and culture, which I enjoyed very much, but as he found himself in the middle of all of that, I started to get frustrated with him. He didn’t question anything, he didn’t investigate, and he just waited for something to happen! He was so passive. He wasn’t even sure if Juan Carlos had his family. Why not ask of some sort of proof that the [...]

    12. First of all I want to thank the author and for giving me the chance to win a free copy of the book through First Reads. The first chapters of the novel were really pleasant to read with the beautiful and sensual Alejandra Lasprilla, while the rest of the book is more focused on shootings, kidnapping attempts, homicides and drug dealing. The strong points of the novel are the original choice of an African-American main character and the exotic setting of Milan for the first part of the story. [...]

    13. I received this book as a first-reads giveaway.This book was enjoyable, but that's about it. There were a lot of things that I didn't like about it. First of all, there were a lot of spelling mistakes and printing errors, this is something that I really hate and I find it really disturbing (even though I'm not a native English-speaker). Secondly I have to say I didn't like when Montey was talking "gangsta". Personally I have never met anyone from Brooklyn. But it didn't feel really natural for s [...]

    14. Great book. Yoba deftly spins an intricate tale of intrigue and suspense blending real life current events and settings within a fictional story that will leave you second guessing yourself at the end. Evenly paced with a nice balance of action and back story Montey Greene is a refreshing character for the suspense thriller genre. He's got more swag then most of these run-of-the-mill action characters combined, but then again this is not a run-of-the-mill suspense thriller either. If ever there [...]

    15. I received this book from . What a great book. Plots and sub-plots that keep you reading right to the very last page when you want to start the next book! Mystery and suspense with common language from believable characters kept me wanting more.A book I am recommending to friends, a book I rate 5 out of 5 stars.

    16. I won this book though a giveaway and I really enjoyed reading this book I thought it was a very good read and it was also a very fast-paced read to and I thought montey is a great character and I thought the story had loads of twists and turns and I really thought it was a good read :)

    17. I quite enjoyed this book,lots of twists and turns . don't want to give anything awayIf you like espionage you will enjoyThey Call Me Montey Greene.

    18. *I won a free copy from ' First Reads.An interesting thriller. Kind of reminded me of an ALex Cross novel, but it wasn't as fastly paced.

    19. I got this book through the First Reads Giveaway.I liked it, it was an ok book. It entertained me, I liked the story and the pacing. 3 stars.

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