The Very Inappropriate Word

The Very Inappropriate Word Michael loves interesting words hard words like ELASTIC little words like VAST and big words like SMITHEREENS and is always on the lookout for words to collect Then one day he picks up a new word A

  • Title: The Very Inappropriate Word
  • Author: Jim Tobin Dave Coverly
  • ISBN: 9780805094749
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Michael loves interesting words hard words like ELASTIC, little words like VAST, and big words like SMITHEREENS and is always on the lookout for words to collect Then one day, he picks up a new word A bad word An inappropriate word At least, that s what his friend says But Michael kind of likes the word He thinks he might try it out.At school.Bad idea.

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    1. Richie's Picks: THE VERY INAPPROPRIATE WORD by Jim Tobin and Dave Coverly, ill Henry Holt, August 2013, 40p ISBN: 978-0-8050-9474-9"To fight over something is absurdSo, for pete's sake, use a word"-- Red GrammarRichie picks ten great classic tunes that use a word (the F- word):The Fish Cheer by Country Joe and the FishWe Can Be Together by Jefferson AirplaneMother People by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionWharf Rat by The Grateful DeadWorking Class Hero by John LennonWho Are You by The W [...]

    2. Word-lover Michael collects interesting words such as vast and elastic, but one day, he hears a word that others consider inappropriate and becomes fascinated by it. After sharing it with some classmates and using it on the playground, he gets in trouble. His wise teacher doesn't make a big deal about it, though, and sets him to finding new words for the spelling test. He becomes so intrigued by these new words such as chortle, aerodynamic, and kindling that he forgets about the other one. Impre [...]

    3. Personal Response - This book was kind of pleasurable because it was written more for humor than for true lessons, although I believe a lesson can come from this work. The illustrations by Dave Coverly were very colorful and aesthetically pleasing. I really enjoyed how each word, when depicted in an illustration, it took the form of the word's meaning. Purposes:-Independent Reading for second grade-This book is more of a humor/entertainment book, so any student could read it to themselves during [...]

    4. I liked the concept of this book, the story line & the illustrations! The story is how the protagonist, Micheal loves learning new vocabulary, until one day he picks up aninappropriate word,(which is a bad word). Now, he just cannot forget it. He keeps repeating it. The only solution, his teacher thought, was to engage him in learning more new words, so that he forgets THAT word altogether. This strategy works out in the end. He does forgets it. Now, my concern is I do like this idea of maki [...]

    5. Michael collects words. He sees how a word somehow doesn't fit - (e.g the word is small but describes something large). One days he picks up a very inappropriate word. While there are consequences but his teacher honors his love of words. This book is the perfect introduction for a parent-child discussion about inappropriate words (a situation that almost every parent will face!) Teachers will also enjoy this book as it celebrates language. Teachers, too, will appreciate the opening it provides [...]

    6. This book is SO GOOD. The young man collects favorite words like 'kerfuffle' and 'spelunking.' He puts them (in their speech bubbles or with little sort of onomatopoeic drawings (can you have visual onomatopoeia? I bet you know what I mean anyway) in his pockets or under his bed to savor later. One day he hears a WORD on the bus. It's jaggedy and crazy looking, and he doesn't like it but it fascinates him none the less. He senses that it's powerful! He puts it in his back pocket and later on at [...]

    7. A wonderful book about words, both appropriate AND inappropriate! Michael loves words and collects them everywhere he goes. One day he discovers a "bad" word and after hearing it repeated by various people, he decides to share it with friends at school. Fortunately, he has a wise teacher who knows just how to remedy this situation. A great picture book for word lovers!

    8. This was a really creative story with good art.What I loved most was how the small children in the reading group would share their stories of how parents would teach them about what was a “bad” word.Because it encouraged a conversation and a sharing of stories, I say this was a great book.Rating 5 out of 5 Read@Book

    9. boy enjoys spelling and "collects" word. Even a not so gd word gets saved. Teacher shows him there are better cooler words. Liked it since there are many words young ones hear, that even thou said doesn't mean they should repeat. The pictures give each word a hint to defintion and creativeNess behind it.

    10. I enjoyed the idea that there were many other interesting words and they all are different. However there was not statement that the word shouldn't be used. Disappointing.

    11. Summary:Micheal is a school boy, who always learns and picks-up words. Every night he stores the new words with the ones he already knows. One day, Micheal learns a new word, and every time he said it, someone would say that was inappropriate. Even though he knew this was not a good word, he liked to use it, so he showed the word to his friends at school. For punishment, the teacher asks Micheal to find new words in the library, where he picked-up a variety of new words. He took all these new wo [...]

    12. This is a really cool book. Lots of creative illustrations and the story itself is unique. I love the idea that the reason a person uses inappropriate words is that he/she doesn't have enough other words to use.

    13. Michael is a word collector. He hears a new word on the school bus, a very inappropriate word, which he becomes obsessed with and uses repeatedly even though he is told repeatedly that it is inappropriate. The word spreads among his classmates and finally reaches the ears of his teacher; when she hears who started spreading this word she handles it by having Michael look up some new spelling words for her. Because of this Michael forgets about the inappropriate word. But someone else digs it up. [...]

    14. Michael likes learning new words. He loves to learn new definitions and takes them home with him. One day, he hears a new word at the school bus, but this new word is a very inappropriate one. He starts to hear it everywhere and shares it with friends. One day at school his teacher punishes him for saying the word. During his time out he read books and finds new words that help him forget all about the inappropriate word.I think this is a good book. I thought it was very funny and relatable. Kid [...]

    15. Michael loves words. "He picked up new words at practice and downtown and even in school. where Mrs. Dixon gave the kids one new spelling word every day." He collects them, savours them and digests them. He is a true word-freak. (and I say that in the kindest sense of the word.) One day Michael bumps into a word that is "inappropriate', and "Michael could see there was something kind of bad about it. But there was also something about it that he kind of liked." He takes the word, tucks it in his [...]

    16. The Very Inappropriate Word, written by Jim Tobin and illustrated by Dave Coverly, is a nominee for the 2015-16 South Carolina Picture Book Award.Michael is a word collector. Whenever he comes across interesting words, he admires them and puts them under his bed. One day on the bus, though, he hears an inappropriate word. It's a word that, even though it's bad, is interesting, so Michael collects it. He hears others use the word, too. Other kids, people on the radio, and even his mom say this in [...]

    17. The Very Inappropriate Word, with words by Jim Tobin, and illustrations by Dave Coverly, offers adults a lesson in how to gently redirect their attention away from the use of the mysterious and fascinating "inappropriate word."Michael is a young boy who enjoys collecting new words. He is curious and enthusiastic, and when he encounters an unfamiliar word on the school bus, he immediately adds it to his collection (and vocabulary). When he learns it is "very inappropriate" that only fires his ima [...]

    18. Michael loves and collects words. One day, however, he collects a bad word from the bus. He shares it with friends and classmates, and his teacher finds that he has spread around this word and sends him to the library to find new words to use for spelling in class. Michael finds so many words that he sort of forgets about the inappropriate word, and the book ends with the dogs picking up the bad word.While Tobin spins a great storyline and is certainly entertaining, I did not feel that I was sat [...]

    19. Books that help teach kids those lessons that are real challenges for parents, but are entertaining to boot are to my mind a fairly rare thing. The Very Inappropriate Word, written by Jim Tobin and illustrated by Dave Coverly, does both things in a terrific way. Unlike Little Bird's Bad Word which also accomplishes this two-fisted task, The Very Inappropriate Word centers the story on a boy named Michael who overhears a curse word while on the bus to school. He claims the word and uses it throug [...]

    20. This book is about a boy named Michael that likes to collect interesting words. He has collected hundreds and hundreds of words but one day, he hears a word that he has never heard before. It's a bad word. Michael kind of likes the word and he hears it all over the place, so he decides that he wants to try and use the word, at school. Not such a good idea. He teachers tells him to not use the word and then the book ends. This book starts out strong and I thought it was going to have a good moral [...]

    21. When vocab-loving Michael hears a naughty word on the school bus, he can't help sharing it with a few friends. But after spending a little time in the library at his teacher's urging, Michael learns so many exciting new words that he forgets all about the naughty one.I wanted to like this more than I did. It's a great concept, and one that parents will find useful--but I think a lot of kids won't find it so easy to "forget" the words they aren't supposed to say, and the ending (which may certain [...]

    22. This book is about a little boy who collects words. He finds all kinds of words on a billboard, tv, baseball practice, hot dog stand and even in school. I have to say I like the illustrations and how the words appear in a bubble. The first page shows him standing in a dicitonary page. One day while on the bus he picks up a new word he had never heard before. His sister informs him that is a very inappropriate word. He asks his friend what "inappropriate" mean. So, he hides the word in his pocket [...]

    23. You would expect this book to deal with what happens when you say an inappropriate word, and it does that wonderfully. What I was not expecting, but found with this book, was the other marvelous vocabulary and word work ideas that came from it. Michael doesn't say his inappropriate word because he wants to make trouble, he says it because he loves words and it is simply one he collects. Each great word in the story is given life by a visual that helps Michael, and the reader, decipher what the w [...]

    24. In this book, Michael is a boy who loves to "collect" words. After collecting many great words, Michael picks up a very bad word one day. Michael spreads the words around until his teacher hears him and has Michael find many different words in the library for her. Michael then forgets the bad word, but his dog remembers it. This book could be used in the curriculum to expand students vocabulary and in units on adjectives. Also, if inappropriate words are finding their way into the classroom it w [...]

    25. Michael loves to collect words so, inevitably, one day he ends up collecting a bad word! When his friends repeat the word, Michael lands in a heap of hot water and sitting in a library collecting new spelling words for his teacher. Luckily, Michael ends up collecting so many new words, he loses track of the bad one.While re-shelving new books at work, I ran across this title. The cover pulled me in (doesn’t the cover always do that? Yay marketing people!) but Michael’s love of words held me [...]

    26. Oh how I love thee, let me count the waysSo first of all, this is a lovely book because it's both written and illustrated well. It's funny, interesting, and pretty.Our main character likes words (and therefore libraries, always a good thing in a book). He likes little words that describe big things (vast) and big words that describe little things (smithereens).Vast illustrated wonderfully with Dad and boy looking at the starry sky. Smithereens illustrated with Mom and boy at diner when person br [...]

    27. Michael collects words from any and every source he can find. One day on the school bus he picks up a word he had never heard before and it turns out to be very inappropriate. Cleverly, the word is shown as a graphic of symbols in a 'dirty' messy word bubble. But that doesn't stop Michael from trying the word out which leads to him being in trouble with his teacher, Mrs. Dixon. She sends him to the library with the task of digging up a few new spelling words for her. Michael found a lot of new w [...]

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