Seed With nothing but the clothes on his back and something horrific snapping at his heels Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucke

  • Title: Seed
  • Author: Ania Ahlborn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • With nothing but the clothes on his back and something horrific snapping at his heels Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker s rearview mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever But years later, the bright new future he s built suddenly turns pitch black, as sometWith nothing but the clothes on his back and something horrific snapping at his heels Jack Winter fled his rural Georgia home when he was still just a boy Watching the world he knew vanish in a trucker s rearview mirror, he thought he was leaving an unspeakable nightmare behind forever But years later, the bright new future he s built suddenly turns pitch black, as something fiendishly familiar looms dead ahead.When Jack, his wife Aimee, and their two small children survive a violent car crash, it seems like a miracle But Jack knows what he saw on the road that night, and it wasn t divine intervention The profound evil from his past won t let them die at least not quickly It s back, and it s hungry ready to make Jack pay for running, to work its malignant magic on his angelic youngest daughter, and to whisper a chilling promise I ve always been here, and I ll never leave.Country comfort is no match for spine tingling Southern gothic suspense in Ania Ahlborn s tale of an ordinary man with a demon on his back Seed plants its page turning terror deep in your soul, and lets it grow wild.

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    1. *Buddy Read with Latasha and some peeps over at Horror Aficionados*Well, that was creepy right from the get go and then it sort of fizzled out for me and then picked back up. The creepy little Charlie girl freaked me right out! Jack and his family, wife Aimee and daughters, Charlie and Abby get in a wreck one night on the way home. Jack thought he saw something in the road and so did Charlie. From then on out it's crazeville. This book is about possession, but some of it wasn't explained good en [...]

    2. Seed is a story about a cute little girl and her somewhat feckless father and a bad case of possible demonic possession. it is less about a Bad Apple and more about Does a Bad Apple Fall from a Bad Tree? it features a possible supernatural presence known as Mr. Scratch. it includes a great little scene that simply has a mom tying her child's shoes. i was really creeped out by that one. good scene!i have an open mind when i read horror. it is one of my favorite genres so i like a lot of different [...]

    3. There is something terribly wrong in the Winter household. It begins with the subtle sound of scratching, then skittering noises, soon turning into a lurking shadow, a glint of teeth. The insidious darkness is creeping in, pooling like blood. Sleep becomes impossible, you don't dare close your eyes for fear of it drawing closer. Keep a lookout for a bearded man who cruises the back roads in a rusty red pickup truck late at night. He almost seems familiar, but you can't quite place him . . . is h [...]

    4. Seed by Ania Ahlborn has been patiently sitting on my kindle waiting to be remembered until recently I came across the audiobook and at just over 6 hours immediately thought, yep that’s easily doable in a day, perfect.Seed is an almost perfect slow building horror, it plans and executes a clinical attack on your emotions as the screw gradually turns and the tension ratchets to unbearable levels. It all starts with a car crash, as the protagonist and driver of the car Jack, sees something at th [...]

    5. I didn't know what to expect from this book. It was recommended by several other readers I trust, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was very different from anything else I've read recently. The story was told through alternate chapters/sections going from the past to the present. I won't get into the story line as plenty of others already have. I will say that the ending of this book absolutely ROCKED! I originally thought that perhaps "Seed" was the first of a series because by approximat [...]

    6. Finally, a demonic possession novel other than The Exorcist that is not only worth reading but is outstanding in its own right.Read 2012 and 2015.

    7. The second greatest pleasure in reading is opening a favorite author's new book. But the greatest, for me at least, is discovering a new voice. It's deciding to give that sample a shot, getting through those first few pages, and becoming awestruck with the mounting feeling that you're reading something different and new and masterfully created.It doesn't happen often. There's so much to read, and life is simply too short to slog through bad, or even mediocre books.Such was my attitude as I began [...]

    8. Here's the thing.I've been busy lately. I haven't had a lot of free time to write my reviews because I was recently promoted at my job and unfortunately that means I have to actually work at my job instead of killing a few hours a day on with my fellow book junkies. Now I have to read and then try to hammer out my reviews when I can. Normally this wouldn't be a problem. But normally I don't forget that I read a book.In fact- I don't even remember the last time I forgot that I read a book.But th [...]

    9. Driving home from a family outing, Jack sees glowing eyes in his path. He swerves to avoid whatever it is that might be in the road and flips his car. Everyone is okay; at first . . . Soon after the accident? Well let’s just say things are very far from ok. Jack’s youngest daughter develops a high fever and begins acting very strangely. It’s later revealed that she also “saw the eyes” and things spiral out of control from thereafter. It turns out Jack has been suppressing memories of t [...]

    10. Initial thoughts: Well fuck me sidewaysat was a scary ass book!!!! Review to comeActual rating: 4.5 stars. No spoilers!Review:I started this book all smiles and happy, like this lil guyThen BAM!!! The craziness kicked in and I was scuuuurrrrred!!!!So everyone who knows me knows how much I love scary anything, and horror books. I have been reading more and more of them lately. I often do pay a little attention to the average star rating when choosing a book, so I was hesitant with this one being [...]

    11. Jack Winter grew up in a trailer off an isolated road in Rosewood, Georgia. As a child he explored the land around his home, and one day he sat down to rest in a cemetery, where he spied a shadow with two black eyes and it followed him home--for years crouching at the end of his bed; keeping him up at night; smiling its crooked, razor-toothed smile; making him do things to animals and his parents.One night he ran away from home and kept running, and his memory was suppressed long enough for him [...]

    12. A solid 5 star read.I love cerebral horror stories. Seed definitely falls into this category. It is the story of Jack Winter, husband, father and rocker. The Winter's are hanging on by a slender thread financially, their immediate goal is a modest one: buy a new car before their old Saturn gives up the ghost and leaves them stranded.Shortly into the story, things go from bad to worse when a freakish car accident sends the car to an early grave and the cause of the accident forces Jack to face a [...]

    13. What a gem this turned out to be! Whilst looking on for kindle reads I discovered Seed by Ania Ahlborn and with a bunch of really good reviews and a price tag of $0.99 I decided to give it a whirl and I must say I am really glad I did. Demonic possession in fiction and cinema is well trodden ground, but for some reason I am always drawn to these types of stories (Don’t ask me why as they scare the shit out of me!) and Anina Ahlborn does not disappoint. The prose is wonderful and the use of im [...]

    14. Seed is a creepy, scary story with a monster from hell.terally. (no spoiler here)Imagine driving along on a pitch black road when suddenly your headlights go out, and the last thing you remember is a pair of soulless, empty eyes reflecting bright silveryikes! After miraculously surviving the violent car crash, Jack's memory of his terrifying childhood slowly begins to return along with an evil presence that endangers his family and threatens his world.Not Stephen King quality, but spine-chilling [...]

    15. *CONTAINS SPOILER* Where do I begin? I was gifted this book and the first few chapters seemed really interesting. However, after the accident and Charlie started becoming "sick" the book for me rapidly went down hill. I felt a sense of anger towards Jack as he sat quietly and watched Charlie unravel knowing what was going on with her. He never at any point told his wife, said something, or acted in some form to protect her. Even when there was no shadow of a doubt what was plaguing his daughter [...]

    16. This is the book that started it all for Ania Ahlborn. I can see why this launched her into her successful horror writing career. There is some great mood building here where the reader is very nervous for our story's characters: The Winters family, but the family themselves are not nervous enough which creates yummy tension.We, the reader, get insight into what's going on through the main character, Jack. We're in his head most of the time and he's pretty unreliable. We're not sure about Jack t [...]

    17. 5 Stars“It was you, it was me, it was us, it was we.” Seed has everything that makes a great horror novel and more. It has a great story that moves along quickly. It is filled with tension and dread, which makes for an awesome atmosphere. The story about a young girl and her father and a grim past. Like all great horror reads there are jumps and scares. This book holds no punches and can be quite brutal at times. The icing on the cake is the fantastic ending.This was the first time that I ha [...]

    18. This is, without question, one of the best books I have read in a long time. I absolutely loved it. It is very well-written with a lot of emotional impact, something not often found in a horror story such as this. The charecterizations were strong and the plot was well-paced and gripping. The ending was right on and fit perfectly in with the rest of the story. A creepy, frightening story in the vein of The Omen. If you like that kind of thing, this book is for you. Highly recommended.

    19. BRAVO!!!! this book is fantastic. I haven't read a book this scary since reading Adam Neville's the ritual years ago. the characters are great & realistic. the story is great, scary & keeps you hooked. i just loved it! you should read it too! <3 (view spoiler)[ calling the demon /devil mr. scratch is great! i love that! (hide spoiler)]

    20. What the crap was that? I think Brit Brit's face says it best. I have no idea how I feel about this one. No, scratch that, I do. See me? I'm a bee, doing my part to keep the world pollinated.Hey.what's that I see over there? Something shining just beyond the grassMaybe I should go check it out.Thwack!That's how I feel.Let me just say this: the book title is brilliant. There's so many layers in that one word. This book also had some genuinely creepy moments, and a few "Oh my God, no!" parts too. [...]

    21. Well paced horrorThe author develops the characters effectively throughout the story adding to the element of tension that helps make this a compelling read. This is a story of possession with a unique view and deftly wrought revelations and character shifts that make the story believable. The author has a good sense of when to ratchet up tension and when to back off a bit, allowing her characters to speak for themselves. Too often, I find new authors in this genre writing a non stop pace of eve [...]

    22. Even two hundred pages are too much for this shallow story that offers nothing but tropey horror movie shenanigans that probably wouldn't even be scary in the environment that they're shamelessly cribbed from, and are even less impressive when just described. Seed is an incredibly generic haunted house/possession movie copy+pasted into book form, except without any of the depth of character, plot, or atmosphere that that change in medium might allow for. No unique or interesting mythology to get [...]

    23. There are some genuinely creepy scenes in this book. Well written, fast paced, great characters.I thoroughly enjoyed it.Upgraded from three to four stars because I can't get it out of my head.

    24. Seed is the perfect name for this novella, a kernel of evil that attaches itself to Jack Winter, a seeming innocent kid who likes to hang out at the old cemetery during the warm Georgia summer days. Something comes back with him from those trips, an essence of darkness that takes hold and manages to embed in him, change him forever and change his future. Fast-forward into the adulthood and Jack is a married guy with two daughters. Cozy weekend mornings over family breakfast, waffles with powder [...]

    25. This is a new author discovery for me. I read this book and there is simply one word to describe it: AWESOME! I am immediately going out to find more books by this author. She took me totally by surprise! It was such a new experience for me. I must say, I will read each and every one of her books. Another fantastic author to add to my collection!!

    26. I am hugely critical when it comes to horror stories. I don't typically find a lot of them scary. That goes for this book as well. I realize there are many 4 and 5 star ratings, but it didn't get me there. It had all the perfect elements, demons, possessions, gothic south, scary children, mystery but fell just a bit flat. For me Jack was the most frustrating character in the book. Once his daughter was changing, he knew what was happening yet he kept not doing anything about it. They all just ke [...]

    27. I have had Seed sitting on my Kindle for over a year now begging me to read it. I am so glad I didn't wait any longer. Seed is a great scary novel to read this October (or any time!).I don't get the creeps very often. I wish I did, but it's pretty hard to freak me out. Seed gave me the creeps. I actually wrote "aaaaaahh" and "don't go!" in my notes. (Yes, notes, whatever.) I don't want to spoil anything so I won't go into specifics - like why I really, really wanted my dog to stop scratching on [...]

    28. 3.5 Stars Well written horror novel that played with the concept of nature vs. nurture. Unfortunately, I personally just didn't connect with the narrative, which ultimately affected my enjoyment of the story.

    29. I listened to the audio book of this. It was interesting and spooky, but I feel like the story has been done too many times. The beginning was eerie and I wanted to know more. The middle got a little slow, and the ending was interesting enough. I was just kind of hoping for something new and more original in a horror story. It's not super scary (to me at least) but spooky and good for getting in the Halloween spirit.

    30. Seed was an interesting novel. It’s the second book I’ve read by Ania Ahlborn (first one being The Devil Crept In). I didn’t really have any intentions on reading it. Just sort of grabbed it on the fly when I saw it was on Kindle Unlimited and one of the groups I’m in was having a buddy read. When I saw that it also had the free accompanying audio as well, I gave it a shot. I ended up reading/listening about 50/50.In regards to the narration of Seed, this was my first time listening to [...]

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