Swimming With Penguins

Swimming With Penguins Yuma Batacan didn t mean to reveal that he was a penguin shifter to the human Hunter Driscoll But between the pain caused by a gunshot wound the disorientation of waking in a strange place and the

How to Swim with Penguins at Boulders Beach, Cape Town The Boulders Beach colony was established in by a single breeding pair Their success attracted other African penguins from offshore colonies and so the nest site grew. Penguin Travel Places Besides Antarctica to See and Swim See, Swim With Penguins Not in Antarctica SPOT MORE COOL STUFF Animal Travel The rand park entrance fee will give you access to both a platform viewing area and to a swimming beach Though the penguins, unaware of the park s boundaries, wander freely around Simons Town You ll likely find some at the public eg free beach Boulders Beach Swim with penguins in Cape Town The Fun Facts about Boulders Beach I also wanted to give you a few interesting facts about Boulders Beach and its penguins The colony on Boulders Beach was started by two penguins in The penguins you will find there are African Penguins and Boulders Beach is in fact the only place in the world where you can get up close to them. Once in a lifetime experience Swimming with penguins Swimming with penguins It s a Kansas thing And it s awesome I swam with penguins Sunday And it s awesome Mark it down as one of the ironies of life that after decades of living near the Snorkelling in Galapagos, swimming with penguins was the Jul , Mesmerized by the experience we continued to swim in the bay and found another two penguins that actually stay with us for a little while It was an amazing opportunity to get to swim with such a graceful creature and we were all able to contemplate all its beauty making this particular snorkelling in Galapagos adventure a very special one. Swimming With Penguins by Charlie Richards Swimming With Penguins has ratings and reviews Mandy reads obsessively said . I like this series, I like the shifters, sure there are lions Swimming with Penguins is a surreal experience Review of Nov , The Penguin reserve is a very interesting wander down the wooden walkways, but nothing beats squeezing through the gap in the rocks at the end of the beach to find the secluded part no one seems to know about where you can swim in the warm ocean with the Penguins.

  • Title: Swimming With Penguins
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: 978177111345
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook
  • Yuma Batacan didn t mean to reveal that he was a penguin shifter to the human, Hunter Driscoll But between the pain caused by a gunshot wound, the disorientation of waking in a strange place, and the thrilling scent that told him the human was his mate, Yuma couldn t find it in him to stop the change Now he has to convince the abused and injured human that he isn t someYuma Batacan didn t mean to reveal that he was a penguin shifter to the human, Hunter Driscoll But between the pain caused by a gunshot wound, the disorientation of waking in a strange place, and the thrilling scent that told him the human was his mate, Yuma couldn t find it in him to stop the change Now he has to convince the abused and injured human that he isn t some kind of monster And Yuma has to do it quick, before Hunter s attackers come back to finish him off.

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    1. 3.25*I like this series, I like the shifters, sure there are lions, but there are spiders and long horn bulls and hyenas and even a boa and a buffalo! This one is about Yuma the penguin, I've been wanting a penguin book, although I have to mention I would love one paired with a skunk shifter, but that's not what happened here.Nope,Yuma the sweet little penguin shifter gets a big strong slightly battered human.Hunter is a vet tech and helps give a penguin first aid after his father accidentally s [...]

    2. I am always amazed each time I get to read a story from Kontra's Menagerie Series just how true the 'menagerie' part is and how it makes for a fun story.This time the hero is Yuma, the penguin shifter who had small bit roles in the other stories, but now its his turn to find his mate. Yuma and some of the gang are in Minnesota renting a lake cabin for a month of R&R. Yuma, being a penguin, decides to enjoy the benefits of the lake, but next thing he knows he's been shot twice and at the merc [...]

    3. Charlie Richards writes unique, sexy stories that I really enjoy. Ms. Richards has become one of those authors whose books I am starting to actively seek out when I’m in the mood for a sweet and romantic tale.I loved both of these heroes and thought they were a great match together. Sweet and sexy Yuma was my favorite of the two. Even though he is older than he seems, he still has an innocence about him that I really enjoyed reading. I’ve never read a story about a penguin shifter before, an [...]

    4. It could have been longer as the story was too short and pretty abrupt. I have been looking forward to Yuma's story though and it was pretty cute!

    5. I love this series, and I really like this author.Although, I must be honest, this sequel for me was a little bit dull and it's my least favorite from this series.A real pity as I was looking forward to read about Yuma.Never mind,this won't stop me for reading the next sequels or any new releases by this Author.

    6. Cute penguin shifter who gets to help him mate by catching the abusive ex-boyfriend and his crew. Loved the human mate's dad in this one - pretty much took everything in stride :)

    7. First time I've heard an affectionate mention of squirrel stewYuma gets to meet his mate Hunter under some pretty unfortunate circumstances. Hunter is hiding out from his psychotic ex who beat him up, and his father is staying with him. Hunter's dad shoots what he thinks is the ex's dog (a black and white dog admittedly, also he has poor eyesight) but is actually Yuma in penguin form. As a vet Hunter takes Yuma in and nurses him, but to havea the penguin transform in front of him and say they ar [...]

    8. Past and present loversHunter was recouping at his dad's house. Yuma was enjoying a swim in the cold lake in penguin form. Yuma get shot and ends up recouping with hunter. They are mates and the gang handles hunters ex

    9. Cute and sweetReally liked this book. Same criticisms as always, but Yuma and Hunter were well written and interesting. I am at a point where I wish the author had a public character chart someplace, as it's getting a little difficult to keep track of so many.

    10. Well, that was about as daft as I expected it to be. I probably shouldn't have read this book. I find the idea of erotic fiction about shape shifters frankly ridiculous. If you like this kind of thing (and fair play to you), best look away from this review now. Man/penguin finds his Mate, sex and true love follow. Very quickly. This is a short book and the "plot" moves as fast as these two lovers take to orgasm (hint, that's not long, which I think is supposed to show how lustful they're both fe [...]

    11. TRICK OR TREAT PENGUINI was finally glad to read this story about the Emperor Penguin Yuma. He was often mentioned by never discussed. It's nice when mate's are not perfect people and/or can really need the help of their shifter & friends. In Yuma's case he himself was injured and nursed back to health by his wheelchair bound mate, Hunter.Yuma was very angry to learn about how his mate's twinky Ex along with a couple of friends armed with baseball bats, had badly hurt Hunter; a story the whe [...]

    12. 3.5 starsI do enjoy shifter stories and I really like following a good series. Sometimes with these series the stories can become rather predictable but not so with Charlie Richards' Wolves of Stoneridge Mountains and Kontra's Menagerie series.This story is from the Kontra's Menagerie series and focuses on penguin shifter Yuma and his human mate Hunter. Of course there is the usual instant attraction and the challenge of introducing a human to the shifter world but in this story there are also e [...]

    13. This one felt even shorter but it was a cute little book. Yuma especially was a sweetie.Also, points for creativity. “Bazaar” for “bizarre” is one misspelling I hadn’t come across yet. Too lazy to catalogue the others, though.Now that I think about it, though, this could have made a really nice full book. Put some time into developments and issues instead of having everything instantly working out and it could have been really good.

    14. If this one had been longer, I might have given it a five. Still, it's the best one of Kontra's Menagerie so far. I love Yuma, the penguin, with his sweet yet spunky personality. And the description of what he would look like had me intrigued. The accidental way the two meet is cute, plus Hunter, the human had great potential as a vet tech. His father is awesome too, wish my dad was like him. It's a short, sweet read if that's what you're looking for.

    15. OMG I loved this book, I am a massive fan of this series oh who am I kidding I am a huge fan of Charlie Richards full stop. I have to say I was a really looking forward to Yuma's story and I was not disappointed. Yuma is sweet and a little fragile and I love Hunter was incapacitated so we assume he will be weaker but find he is strong and capable. I am really looking forward to the next one I am hoping it is Kontra's story.

    16. There are only so many mate/shifter books an author can write before they become repetitive and unfortunately Charlie Richards seems to have fallen into that trap. There was no depth whatsoever to this story and the characters were one dimensional, which is a shame because I was looking forward to Yuma’s story.

    17. even though, to me there are somethings still missing,I just can't stop reading this series.(-o0)o is kind of addictiveis story was very short but cute the start is understandable yet once more I felt like they slept together too fast, even if it was for the sake of healing hunterbut it was an ok read(-o-)0

    18. I've said it before, and I'll say it again; Charlie Richards is a bad writer. Her understanding of commas is laughable, she often gets words confused ('bazaar' instead of 'bizarre', 'viral' instead of 'virile', etc.), her characters are simplistic, and her formula never deviates But damn if I don't enjoy finding out what happens to all these hunky, gay shifters.

    19. 3.5 starsAs much as I love this series, I found this one pretty bland and way too short. I was looking forward to Yuma's story (almost as much as I'm looking forward to Kontra's) and even though the premise was good, it came across too hurried Publisher's fixed word count in force maybe?

    20. Awesome.Wow.This was mild, none too slow none too fast.Perfect. Loved it.I'll definitely be reading this again. ;)

    21. Would have liked this to be longer, but it had a satisfactory ending. Better than the other one I read with Adam.

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