Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross Sometimes you have to forget who you are to become who you should be A stranger arrives on the Donovan ranch one breath away from dead Matt Donovan doesn t hesitate to help despite the risk that the

  • Title: Celtic Cross
  • Author: Tammy Doherty
  • ISBN: 9781301086726
  • Page: 398
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes you have to forget who you are to become who you should be A stranger arrives on the Donovan ranch one breath away from dead Matt Donovan doesn t hesitate to help, despite the risk that the man who shot her may come riding down the trail, shattering peaceful Glenpark, Colorado.When Cristeen wakes, one thought haunts her trust no one Matt fears Cristeen s fieSometimes you have to forget who you are to become who you should be A stranger arrives on the Donovan ranch one breath away from dead Matt Donovan doesn t hesitate to help, despite the risk that the man who shot her may come riding down the trail, shattering peaceful Glenpark, Colorado.When Cristeen wakes, one thought haunts her trust no one Matt fears Cristeen s fierce independence will lead to tragedy Can he help Cristeen see the need to trust the Lord before it is too late Can Cristeen overcome her belief that loving can only bring heartache Then a madman bent on revenge tracks her down Matt cannot rescue Cristeen this time Only the Lord can save her now if she has enough faith to trust.

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    1. It has been a while, but I remember liking this book enough to re-read parts of it. A good Christian novel. But I docked it a few stars because of content. *Does Contain some content not suitable for younger people. Recommended for ages 16+ because of (view spoiler)[ some sexual content. No details, but someone tried to rape someone, and there was discussion with the Doctor about it (hide spoiler)]

    2. It isn't very often that I read a self-published book and find the story so good that I wonder why the author chose that route, but that is exactly what I thought with Celtic Cross by Tammy Doherty.This is a book worthy of Bethany House and if they don't snatch this author up soon they will be missing out on an incredible talent. The only thing this book could have used was better formatting. Something a publishing house would have caught.The story centers around Cristeen Latham, who arrives on [...]

    3. Beautiful story! Kidnapping, dangerous outlaws and a beautiful love story unfolds in this well written and spellbinding story. Matt and Christeen meet under very difficult circumstances when she shoes up on his ranch having been shot. A definite must read for anyone who craves a beautiful clean love story.

    4. In Celtic Cross by author Tammy Doherty, Cristeen Latham arrives at the Donovan ranch just barely alive. Suffering from multiple gun shot wounds, a broken leg and other injuries, she also suffers from temporary amnesia brought on by the trauma. She is nursed back to health by Matt Donovan and his sister Katie and gradually learns to trust again - in both God and man. Love also begins to grow, but evil forces from the past are not quite ready to let Cristeen go. This historical novel has plenty o [...]

    5. Really good book!!I bought the book because I was interested in the link to the Celtic Cross and though it wasn't what I thought it would be it was an underlying link that created the timeline and the history of the character and added depth to the characters. I was not disappointed in the book and in fact really liked it. I loved the combination of western, Celtic, and the story of faith in God that creates a great and easy read that draws you in and keeps you entangled to the very end. Will de [...]

    6. Determination to Overcome Fear I really enjoyed this story. Cristeen had a lot of secrets she kept hidden deep within her heart. I thought it very frustrating for Matt, but his faith in God certainly helped him to bring Cristeen to finally trust in God to deliver her from her perils. Their love finally came to fruition. God is good! I look forward to reading more of your work.

    7. This book is very good. Highly entertaining. Some religion but not so much as to take away from the plot. Just the right amount and adds to the intrigue. Very well done. I seldom give this many stars and read quite avidly. Impressive writing.

    8. I haven't read this author before, but I will again. This was a such a pure, simple but deep, love story. I fell in love with the relationship between Matt and Christeen. I adored all the other characters as well. I was sad when the book ended because I really enjoyed it.

    9. Celtic crossWell written author captors your attention in the first pages. I enjoyed this book and will certainly recommend it. With each twist and turn you will not be able to put it down.

    10. Celtic Cross by Tammy DohertyExcellent ebook and I would recommend this ebook to one all. I look forward to reading more from this author

    11. Deb’s Dozen: Wounded Woman Rides onto Donovan Ranch. Amnesia. Only Memory? Trust No One.Matt Donovan is surveying his ranch when he sees a stranger on a horse riding toward him. Whistling the horse to him, he is started to see the rider is a woman, gravely wounded. Summoning help, never once considering not coming to her aid, Matt starts a trail that will lead from the ranch to Glenpark, Colorado, and its sheriff to murder and a family.They call her Cristeen, a name they find in a letter stuff [...]

    12. A nice clean western romance set in the mountains of Colorado. Parts of the book were a little long winded and full of angst for me, but overall, a fairly entertaining story. I should mention that this book does contain some rather graphic violence which some readers may be turned off by.

    13. There are three books (so far) in this seriesl are related to some degree, but are stand alone books.I soooooo wanted to really like these books, especially with the titles sounding so Celtic, hoping for more of an old Irish theme. You can totally ignore the titles. The only thing "Celtic" about any of them is that, in this book, Cristeen speaks to horses in Celtic. Horse whisperer. But it's not much of a focus and you only see her do it once. Like a quick addition to make the title credible. Th [...]

    14. I must confess I was reluctant to pick up this book because of the title, but I needn't have hesitated. Cristeen rarely speaks Celtic, just a couple occasions, but the title comes from her constant fiddling of a Celtic cross, a gift from her mother. Fiercely independent but lacking self-esteem, she grew up trying to be the son her father wanted and is more comfortable in the barn hanging out with the horses than inside a kitchen. Matt Donovan watched his mother wilt and die on the ranch and vowe [...]

    15. This book started out with gripping detail and excellent writing. The drama of the opening chapters was presented in a concise and readable chronology. However, there were a few distracting elements later in the story that dropped my rating to 3 stars. At one point, Cristeen struggles with admitting to her saviors that she is a horse whisperer. This fact is presented as something that could cause people to reject her and that has colored much of her life. With the exception of explaining part of [...]

    16. This story had an incredibly strong start, but still needs a bit of editing in the second half. Many times when reading a book I find myself loosing interest and I will put the book down and never pick it up again. Reading and reviewing this book made me examine why that is. If a writer uses passive sentences and doesn't keep their prose tight and lean the reader will grow tire and move on. That is how I started to feel at the 50% mark. I contacted the author and she assures me that she will be [...]

    17. I liked this books the time frame I most enjoy and the writing was very well done.I'll try another of Tammy Doherty's books. What was most frustrating was the grammatical errors in the kindle edition (I don't know if they are in the printed book). Some words were missing or totally wrong if the "spell check" had been allowed to rewrite words. I have never been one to say things like this.but it was evident (clearly) that who ever was to proof read, did not do a very good job. That being saidis w [...]

    18. Good read, butI did enjoy the book but, like others have mentioned, I had expected (based on the book's title) to be reading a tale set in Ireland. Yes, there were references to Cristeen's mother being Irish and the Celtic Cross necklace she handed down to Cristeen, but the story was fully based in and about ranchers in the "wild west" - a good read, but not what I expected. Still, I enjoyed the book and will read the other 2 in the seriesd NEXT time I will read the reviews before clicking "buy" [...]

    19. It wasn't quite what I expected as I thought it would be set in Ireland. Instead it turned out to be a western romance. Cristeen has a mysterious past. She arrives on Matt's ranch half dead and remembers nothing. Eventually her memories resurface of the trauma she faced and has to deal with the pain. Of course she and Matt fall in love and she has to learn to trust him and God. Another typical romance but I enjoyed it anyway. The characters were likeable and curiosity concerning Cristeen kept me [...]

    20. Yikes, I'm not sure if I have any positive comments on this book. First off, the title is confusing. I understand why it was chosen, but when you have the word "Celtic" in the title, I wouldn't expect the story to be set in the American west.Secondly, the editing on this book is terrible. As someone with an English degree, I found it very hard to read.Finally, I just didn't connect to the story and found the characters too cliche. This book is just not for me. (Grade: C-).

    21. Interesting clean romanceGreat story line. It kept me entertained and intrigued. The characters were likable if sometimes confusing. For example, the hero's sister, Katie, was supposed to nurse Cristeen back to health. Yet at times she seemed almost childlike when interacting with her brother. On the whole I enjoyed this book. I loved the clean, gentle romance that was woven between two great people, strengthened by their faith. Recommended.

    22. The Celtic cross was a good Christian Fiction. A great storyline, a woman is shot and loses her memory, then is nursed back to health by a brother and sister. Clean romance, a bit of a mystery all good. It did drag on a bit. The story was pretty slow moving, but not boring. It isn't life changing or real deep just easy reading, though I tend to like my easy reading romance to be a bit shorter. I liked it. I give it three stars and can recommend for ages teen and up.

    23. Just could not get intoThe story started out pretty well, but then it got bogged down with all the psychological inward turmoil. The story dragged out too long for me. I just skimmed through the last third of the book to get to the end. Also, their were several grammatical errors.

    24. OkayTo me the story dragged a little. Cristeen shows up at Matt Donovan's ranch barely alive with no memory of who she is. This story has mystery,suspense,and love. Cristeen learned that no matter how bad the situation is she can always trust God.

    25. Very goodThis was a really good story. The author said she loved bonanza and big valley, I could definitely see the evidence of that in her writing. The love story was predictable, but the life story that got them there was anything but predictable! It was a very good read.

    26. Beautiful Irish tailMystery takes you along in the adventuresrong woman story. enjoyed the whole tail. Will certainly read again. And will enjoy the next story of Tammy Doherty.

    27. Beautiful Story of the WestThis story kept my interest because there were so many twist and turns to the plot of Christeen and Matt! I hope you will enjoy it too!

    28. I liked this book but it was a little slow starting out. Hang in there it gets better about halfway through. A good Christian Historical western.I would read this author again.

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