One thought on “Medium Rare”

  1. Moderately fun read about one man's "life in the restaurant business" doing all the crap jobs and not getting paid well. Kevin Michael writes a handful of chapters about his life (15 years or so) bussing tables, doing dishes, delivering pizzas, etc with some semblance of intrigue as to what goes on behind the kitchen door.I did find it interesting to see him constantly refer to his dream of being a screenwriter while living in Los Angeles, yet his grammar, punctuation and spelling in this short [...]

  2. This is a great book to read if you have no idea what goes on behind the food industry. It includes the good, bad, and ugly. Medium Rare reminds me of a mix between "Loverboy" and " the movie "Waiting." It may just be me, but those came to mind. I worked at a place in which will remain nameless for several years and can remember seeing some of this stuff talked about.

  3. It is always nice to know what the "little people" go through to give a customer what they want. This short story shows just how hard and unrewarding life in the restaurant business can be. You bust your but for little money and no recognition. When you finally move us to a cushier position, it may be just as brain deadening as the grunge work.

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