Tales of Wonder (Classics Series)

Tales of Wonder Classics Series With introduction by Frank Wells

  • Title: Tales of Wonder (Classics Series)
  • Author: H.G. Wells
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With introduction by Frank Wells

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    1. I found myself a few days ago in a bookshop the likes of which you rarely see anymore. Dusty, ill-lit, full of old polished bookcases that extend from the wooden floor to the twelve-foot ceiling; it even had a wall with a sliding ladder you might climb to reach the upper shelves. While browsing I overheard a young woman complimenting the odor of the place to the crusty old fellow at the desk. It was, she said, just what an old bookshop ought to smell like.This girl (she must have been about twen [...]

    2. Tales of Wonder is a collection of short stories written by Wells for magazine publication, around the same time that he wrote his landmark scientific romance novels. Subjects include strange beasts of land and sea, uncanny tribal curses, cataclysmic cosmic events and a droll depiction of 'The Day of Judgment'. Most of the wonders are old hat now, but would have been novel for the Victorian readership, no doubt quivering a few stiff upper lips. They still work today, largely due to Well's abilit [...]

    3. Some classic stories in here, my favourites including 'The Magic Shop', 'Valley of the Spiders', 'The Country of the Blind' and 'The Empire of the Ants'.

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