HDU Amanda Nathan just lost everything her first real boyfriend to her lifelong best friend her half of their shared apartment in St Louis and her first post grad job as a receptionist Forced back under

  • Title: HDU
  • Author: India Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Amanda Nathan just lost everything her first real boyfriend to her lifelong best friend, her half of their shared apartment in St Louis and her first post grad job as a receptionist Forced back under her parents roof in Merit, Missouri, the gossipy town she d spent her life trying to escape, Amanda has but one saving grace being an anonymous moderator on HDU, the InAmanda Nathan just lost everything her first real boyfriend to her lifelong best friend, her half of their shared apartment in St Louis and her first post grad job as a receptionist Forced back under her parents roof in Merit, Missouri, the gossipy town she d spent her life trying to escape, Amanda has but one saving grace being an anonymous moderator on HDU, the Internet s largest celebrity gossip community Unemployed and alone, Amanda relishes in the one thing she has control over Hollywood gossip Now, her idea of fun is getting lost in the glamorous lives of others and posting nasty rumors about her former bestie s favorite actor, Liam Brody, a playboy notorious for dumping his model girlfriends on a monthly basis.So who would ve thought that Liam Brody would be Amanda s answer to escaping Merit When the controversial womanizer needs an image boost to land a new role, he turns to none other than HDU for some good press As it turns out, Liam is as eager to shed his playboy image as Amanda is desperate to move out of Merit The solution to both problems Fake a romance in which Hollywood s biggest playboy falls for an unknown, sweet and shockingly plain Jane.With the help of Ian, a fellow HDU moderator and self developed expert on stardom, Amanda packs her bags for her new life in New York, where the overnight fame and glamour of being a celebrity girlfriend awaits But Amanda soon discovers that their little ploy is a lot emotionally complicated than she imagined And while she finds that life works a thousand times better in her Hollywood circle, so does manipulation.

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    1. OH NO THEY DIDN’T: THE NOVELHDU (aka How Dare You) came to my attention thanks to the website Oh No They Didn’t, a celebrity gossip community with a penchant for blistering commentary. No, I am not going to tell you who I am on there. Don’t ask. Ms. Lee was kind enough to reveal that HDU is inspired by ONTD, so I was immediately hyped to read. Who can say no to blistering celeb commentary that is more about the commentary than the celebs?HDU is about an anonymous gossip community moderator [...]

    2. I kind of feel like this book proves my point on how utterly stupid the "new adult" sub-genre is. If I'm not mistaken this was out or at least written before people started trying to make that ridiculous category happen. This is a story about adults of a younger age (although in the Hollywood microcosm that mirrors high school so well), written as an adult book. It's not an obvious marketing ploy like all the books written since NA became a thing (not previously released books reclassified from [...]

    3. FREE TODAY in the Kindle store!Uh-oh. I think I may add India Lee to my list of favorite authors. It could be just the sheer amount of bad books I've read lately, but I liked this so much I feel it worthy of five stars!If you've ever lost yourself for hours on ONTD (I know I sure did), you will love this. See, Amanda is one of us. And even though her story is unbelievable beyond the pages of a book or a rom-com movie, it's really engaging and wonderful, with a Cinderella-but-not-quite feel. Beca [...]

    4. 'Dear PrettyKitty29,Hi, my name is Liam Brody. From the looks of your charming website, you've heard of me. Believe it or not, I've heard of you too. I was recently tipped off about your little gossip community. I probably shouldn't call it little. You are one of the busiest gossip communities on the Internet. Congratulations. I'm always impressed with people who manage to stay indoors so much. You must have a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.'Looking for a book that puts A Cinderella Story, Gossi [...]

    5. Loved this I have to say! So much drama and I sapped it up. This book made me laugh so many times, Liam and Amanda's relationship buckled me! I loved them together. I would have loved to have seen what Amanda had planned for Casey always knew she was a manipulative biatch who could only ever think of herself, what a cow! Megan, eugh, she got off lightly to say the least. I would have also liked to have seen a happy ending for Ian he didn't deserve what happened to him! HONESTLY? I'd like a seque [...]

    6. I'm not sure what to make of this book. I didn't love it. But I didn't hate it either. I was mildly annoyed by it with a frequency that, were it not for my read-52-books-in-a-year-what-were-you-thinking pledge in January and the irresistible appeal of a surely trainwrecky romance novel about ONTD of all things, would have made me put it down much sooner. But I didn't hate it, and I think I'm kind of reeling from that because I have read a lot of really shitty romance novels in the past few month [...]

    7. Yum! I ate that up like a tub of delicious vanilla frosting!I feel like this excited Liz Lemon right now.The story begins with a post on HDU about Liam Brody, 25 year old actor who I learn is a sleazebag that dates and dumps models on practically a daily basis. He's nothing but a womanizer. So, of course, I hate him. Then enters our MC, Amanda Nathan. She's a 22 year old, small town girl in Missouri without a clue as to what she wants to do with her life. Thus she spends her days indoors on her [...]

    8. Read more reviews on my blog | Like me on FacebookHDU by India Lee was such an entertaining read and took a unique turn on the whole “dating a celebrity” novels that have been written lately. HDU is about 23 year-old Amanda, who is back home living with her parents after her childhood best friend and roommate stole her boyfriend. After feeling like a complete failure in her small Missouri town, not letting others know the truth about the town’s “perfect girl” who is really a backstabbi [...]

    9. I never peek ahead when I'm reading, I usually just trust the author to give me what I want at the end of the story, a HEA. Only been burned once (that book will live on in infamy!) But this book came this close (holds fingers a scant bit apart.) I found myself looking at how much was left to go in the story - 97%, 98%.99%! Surely, I was not going to left hanging??? Whew! Close, but she delivered. And delivered well.I read this book with an unconscious smile on my face. I love books like that; s [...]

    10. A bit of background- heard about this book on via twitter who linked the post to ONTD- someone had written a book about the website! I downloaded it, expecting it to be not like it was. It was actually, a rather enjoyable and gripping read. After reading loads of dick lit, it's strangely nice to read a book where I actually liked and rooted for the characters!Summary: Amanda Nathan is the moderator for HDU (How Dare You), an aggregate gossip site. Meaning; she's the one who shifts through the qu [...]

    11. (First review, please bear with me.)As a full time fan-girl the premise for this book is pretty much my ultimate fantasy, but I've been disappointed every time I pick one up - until now! (I'm not going to summarise the plot since it's right there ^)First of all, the writing is actually good (I didn't feel like I was reading mediocre fanfiction) and while the plot isn't entirely original (or believable - but isn't that the point?), the humour and easy wit made up for it.What really drew me in is [...]

    12. Unexpectedly charming? I'm surprised because I really want to read more, but I don't know why that is - that's partly the charm of the main character, sure, but I'm wondering if I think that because it feels distinctly like a series that's - unfinished? There were reasonable resolutions, and I liked that there were so many things happening and that there was as messy as it was, but at the same time I didn't get into it, and everything that was happening felt so transitory - nothing settled, noth [...]

    13. This is basically wish fulfillment fic but it was pretty fun! I mean, this is ONTD: the Novel, so really what else could it be? Plus, fake dating is one of my favorite tropes. ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES. And fun references like LJ's Diner!What I really think this needed was a better editor (or, you know, beta reader, because really). The first half of this was REALLY GREAT, and then it just became a little messy towards the end. The romance, in particular, needed a little bit more detail. Ther [...]

    14. I like this book. Ms. Lee has a good flow and can really write chemistry. Amanda has a lot to learn and I enjoyed seeing her character develop. She really takes on a new personality, yet remains herself. Amanda and Liam's relationship kicked ass. “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings before, Amanda.” “You didn’t hurt my feelings. I’m not five.”I loved that Amanda genuinely did not swoon over every little thing Liam did. This was such a massive relief to me. Their relationship progress [...]

    15. Sooooo, this is fun. Actually, the first half is fun, the second is a little too dramatic and depressing, but yet enjoyable. Wish I liked Amanda more, though.

    16. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFHDU was the perfect book for young adults who want to get lost in an exciting, dramatic world full of celebrities, fame, drama, secrets, romance and more.If you enjoyed the Hidden Gem series by India Lee then you'll enjoy this series. If you thought the Hidden Gem series was cute but a little young, then you'll really love this new series because it caters to a slighter older crowd.I really enjoyed the ups and the [...]

    17. let me gush first, then I'll start the review.OH MY GOD!!! I, like Amanda, thought Liam was a womanizing doucelord. but as soon as they meet, I'm rooting for Liam and I didn't even realize it. when I did, I stopped and thought, WTF? (view spoiler)[ because I thought she would meet her hero, hardy and fall in love and Liam will be the villain who wouldn't let her go.(hide spoiler)] but then hardy comes and I am like, Hell, yeah!!! I found somebody to hate! And poor Ian! I do hope he recovers and [...]

    18. Sounds amazing! Literally cannot wait!edit: Yep, couldn't wait for this book because I knew it'd be awesoOooome (read in singsong), and it was. I was in love with the Hollywood/glam/entertainment elements in India Lee's Hidden Gem series so HDU essentially slayed me. It goes deeper into the drama of the industry and is for an older set as our lead, Amanda Nathan, is in her twenties - specifically the early, post-grad twenties where you feel a lot of pressure to do shit with your life (hi, Amanda [...]

    19. Short verdict: 3.5 Stars. Addictive. I'm not even sure what was so good about it, but I couldn't stop.Honestly, found the Amanda too normal and too upbeat/polite for my liking, despite her more assertive online persona. Overall, Amanda was quite the pushover. While her self-consciousness was understandable, I dunno, something about it rubbed me the wrong way. To me, it felt like she was looking down on the "glamorous" world. Was a little miffed her outright rejection of Liam's advice. Like, even [...]

    20. HDU by India Lee, won me over as soon as I read, “This douchelord makes hating easy! And borderline fun. Okay, just plain fun.” Did I mention that was at 0% read according to my Kindle? Yeah, I’d say it was pretty much insta-love. So, we start off with a miserable Amanda Nathan who just lost her boyfriend, best friend, job, home, and I’d say basically all her self-worth by the time she retreated back to her parents’ home in small town Missouri. She found her only solace, while holed-up [...]

    21. Overall, a solid 3.5 stars for me, maybe even 3.75. This book was like fictional crack to me, haha. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. But let's be real, I was never not going to love what was essentially OC fic about ONTD. That said, I liked the first half of the book a lot more than I did the second. The first half, I laughed out loud in glee constantly and couldn't stop reading, the second half got a little too dramatic for me at times and utterly ridiculous at other times, and the end felt really lackluste [...]

    22. Okay, I loved this book. And considering it was a freebie on , I wasn't expecting more than a couple laughs and maybe an eye roll or two. But alas, the wit and likeability of these characters, even douchelords, makes you really root for them. There were so many lines that made me LOL or just left a perpetual smile on my face that even my husband commented on it. ("Why is it that every time I look at you while you're reading that book, you've got this stupid grin on your face?"). First, there's A [...]

    23. I really liked this book! I'm surprised that I liked this book because I'm generally not a fan of young adult books, but I thought, what the heck, I'll give this a try cause I'm tired of reading books about virgins and people with broken pasts to excuse their crummy behavior. While the premise of this book isn't original or realistic(ordinary girl starting a relationship with a gorgeous celebrity), what made it different was the humor and wit in this book. I enjoyed the celebrity forum posts/com [...]

    24. So this was fun! It kind of reminded me of The Ivy books. It's that same kind of addicting book that maybe you nitpick along the way, but, when you're done, you just want MORE.And yeah. HDU is ONTD. The book uses the word "stan"!!!Anyway, for the interest of posterity or something, here are some of the nitpicks:The character of Megan was way over the top. Which is a problem itself, but, also made it incredibly unbelievable that Amanda would be best friends with her for so long.The romance wasn't [...]

    25. This book was ridiculous, and not necessarily in a good way?Basically, Amanda Nathan writes for a thinly-veiled ONTD (HDU in the book). Through a series of scathing articles about movie star Liam Brody, she finds herself being messaged by said star. Shenanigans ensue -- Amanda is contracted to be Liam's fake girlfriend.We all know where this less wholesome version of Win a Date With Tad Hamilton is going, of course, I don't have to spell that out. That wasn't the problem. The problem is that Ama [...]

    26. I lowered my rating to 2 stars after a few days. My original rating of 3 actually grated on me all that time for a simple reason. I did enjoy the story a lot. I agree with my fellow reviewers that this is an interesting twist on the celebrity-dating premise. I accept that complications in romantic fiction are a necessity, I can live with that. A girl with a heart so big she can't for the life of her decide on one guy and stick the frack to him isn't. I hate the concept. It was tired and old 50 y [...]

    27. Oh man, I had so much fun reading this, it was total catnip for me. I stayed up way too late just because I could not put it down. I kept feeling half-euphoria because what an exciting, dreamy adventure! and also, fake dating! aaaand half-dread at the inevitable second-hand embarassment that would come with the "new celebrity forgets her friends/gets into drugs/does really stupid things/reveals everything about her fake dating". (view spoiler)[Thank GOD it didn't happen. I was so glad that Amand [...]

    28. This was actually pretty cute. Definitely the book equivalent of a chick flick, where I go into it thinking of how silly it will be, prepared to roll my eyes the whole time. Then I leave and have to go, "Aww that was kinda cute." I mean, parts were still kinda silly. Like all the HDU commenters. Pfff. Girl, I have been around ONTD long enough to know that there are haters and stans for every celebrity. I don't care how far a character!celebrity fell in the shame spiral, there would still be stan [...]

    29. There's so much about this bookWhile reading itI had so many feelings ranging from sweet to irritating to frustrating to loving and then all over againLiam and Amanda might not be the "ideal" protagonists but they were real. A fact that I loved like hell.A complain??? I want more between the two of them. Want to see more of their connection.Though whenever I got to see their chemistry was absolutely lovelyd just plain awesomeI want to see more of Ian.at guy has so much going for himI just can't [...]

    30. There is something special about India Lee's writing voice, I LOVE everything she writes. Every character is unique and exciting and real. She also has a way of taking fame and celebrity status and showing the good and the bad, in a very real way. I have loved everything that she has written and can't wait for her next book. In HDU, Amanda Nathan has had it rough. Her best friend slept with and stole her boyfriend. So she's back at home being a moderator for the site HDU- when she is approached [...]

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